Barbados Dog Obedience trials end for first half of 2015

Bouvier Des Flandres achieves the CD title

Ch. Chepam Valentina at Calliope achieves the C.D. title

There were 2 trials, one on June 25th and the other on July 8th.

On June 25th several dogs achieved various legs of the Novice (C.D.) Obedience.

Jenni Wilson with her Boxer Riley successfully completed the final leg and Riley now has the C.D. title.

At this trial Rosemary Coghlan with her Labrador Retriever, Tia, was first and high in trials with other participants passing legs of the CD.

The judge was Sarah Hamilton.

The Barbados Dog Training Club held trials again on July 8th. This is not usual to have trials so close together but most of the participants requested another trial and The Barbados Dog Training Club’s committee agreed to it.

Unfortunately for a few participants, their female dogs were in season and so they missed the trials.

But Isabelle had missed 2 trials because of her being in season, one last year and one earlier in the year, so I was glad of the opportunity to catch up.

Bouvier Des Flandres, Isabelle, was first with a score of 193.5 out of 200 and as this was her final C.D. leg, she also received the C.D. plaque and C.D. title as well as a small trophy for being high in trials and the ribbon for being first.

Bouvier Des Flandres and C.D. title

Bouvier Des Flandres Ch. Chepam Valentina at Calliope achieves the C.D. title

Isabelle is 18 months old.

I am pleased with Isabelle as this is 2 out of 3 Novice legs she passed that she has placed 1st and high in trials.

And the dogs that have been in the ring with her have mainly been German Shepherd dogs (from Working lines), Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. These are breeds that are known to do well with obedience trials.

Also achieving the C.D. title from these trials was Jennifer Fields with her Golden Retriever, Honey.

The judge was Jenni Wilson.

The trainer was Linda Pearson.

There is only so much training that can be done on a weekly one hour class, especially if it has a lot of dogs, and participants at this level help each other and work together outside of classes.

At the C.D.X. (open) level, Sue Blandford and her German Shepherd dog, Phantom, passed the final leg and so they have achieved the C.D.X. title. The judge was Jean Ray.

There were no formal CDX (open) classes.

Congrats. to all for their achievements, various legs and titles.

Dog training continues to be more interesting with the progress of going on to more advanced dog training and getting great results.

There is so much information that can be found on the internet, online courses, facebook resources or through books to improve the training of dogs as Barbados would not have the availability of the training resources available in large countries.

Again, I have found that the trainers/handlers who are interested in working with their dogs for titles such as the CD and CDX in Barbados are experienced trainers and handlers who enjoy competitive obedience training and are results oriented.

As they say, “see you next time”, as our next time will hopefully be the CDX trials as Isabelle easily does and enjoys those exercises.

Looking at her score sheet, she scored 44 out of 45 for off leash heeling and once she continues like this with heeling plus her ease in retrieving the dumb bell and her fast drops on the recall, she is certainly ready to progress and do very well in the CDX.

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