For several years, Joanne has been going to dog shows and provides an excellent service for the competitors who wish to buy pix. of their dogs at these shows.  It is not an easy task, as the camera does not always show us what we would like to see. (But it is like the mirror, it don’t lie!!!)

My opinion, a good dog with a  “good structure” can normally walk into a show pose.  The judges must watch with interest and maybe amusement at the handlers that have to constantly fiddle with the front feet and hindquarters.  A “good” dog gaiting does not cross its feet, and in most breeds is expected to keep a straight top line.

Joanne takes the pixs. of the dogs set up, standing naturally and in movement.  The movement part is always harder but, in my opinion, she does a great job.  She has also taken very good agiiity pix. where movement is very fast.

This is several years now, she has supported the show dog community.  It takes a lot of effort and patience to photograph animals.

She does a full range of photography services, which would include sports,  weddings, special events, families. especially pix. of children.

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