So this March on the 19th and 20th the Bahamas Kennel Club hosted its annual conformation dog show and obedience trials. This is the only conformation dog show for the entire year over here and yes, I know it sucks. So if you miss getting your Bahamian Championship on this weekend you are screwed until the following year.

However, the people in obedience and rally have it better because they have three events to look forward to annually. Also now the dog training clubs are trying on bringing agility into the mix as one club already holds sanction trials already.

Well before I get ahead of myself,  let me start several months before. So this past year I took Mrs. Barbara Demsey-Aldermans’ (AKC All Breed Judge) advice and placed my dogs on the coat supplement for a longer period. They were on it from the last week in October so that was a total of about 4 1/2 months they were on it. Last time it was 7 weeks. They got more coat. However, Krillan still didn’t fill out fully around the mane and topline near the tail. Afterwards I did some strenuous research on bathing, shampooing, the pH of water and shampoos, conditioners and how they affect the coat. Trust me, I went all out and broke the simplest of tasks down into chemistry and was amazed of after 9 years of owning dogs what I have found out.

Well, now the actual show. The conformation judges that were brought over were Mr. James Noe and Mr. James E. Frederickson both from Knoxville, Tennesse. For the obedience and rally, the judges were Mr. Jon and Mrs. Carol Mett came over from Savannah, Georgia, however there would be very little talk about obedience and rally because I am not a fan of it. Our shows are relatively small, and it doesn’t seems so competitive as at an AKC event. Although I did test a U.S. exhibitor to see if I could have picked their mouth on their grooming secrets, I did it to an extent but it was very difficult. I must say I am glad I did because I learned something useful, so I am very appreciative for that. It is a more relaxed enviroment and thankfully above all I didn’t have to wear a coat suit.

So Krillan turned 9 years on the 15th and Shadow is going to be 8 in July. This is Krillan’s 3rd year competing in the Veterans class and Shadow’s 1st. Now for the past previous years Krillan had never placed in Veterans at all. Or and for Veterans Class it is an unofficial class for locals on where dogs must be 7 years or over and are placed in a ring and the judges pick 1 – 4. So on that Saturday 7 dogs were entered Mr. Frederickson pulled out the Golden Retreiver, followed by a Potcake (local breed), followed by the Sheltie. Then he took a hard look down the line and asked for me to bring the Chow in fourth. However, he had pulled the Shih Tzu and a Yorkie infront of Shadow leaving him in last position.

Yorkshire Terrier at a dog show

Yorkshire Terrier at a Bahamas Dog Show

So I waited in the ring to ask Mr Frederickson about Krillan’s coat to see if it was up to par with Chows in the U.S. He said that he had Collies when he use to live in Florida and it was practically impossible to compete coat wise like those in the northern states even when keeping them in air condition day and night. However, he said for this weather his coat is in good condition. So when I was up to a booth getting something sorted out, Mr Frederickson came to me to told me about their temperments because he was able to go over them with ease. He was telling me one time on a judging assignment in China assessing Chows, about 70 of them and that most of them were untouchable and that my dogs have nice temperments. Or and I had my little brother (14, he did a pretty decent job for the first time) showing Shadow. Then onto breed again with Mr Frederickson, Krillan won the breed, now onto group. In the Non-Sporting there were only two dogs Mrs. Betty Umberto-Wells again with another American Eskimo Dog (this time a miniature). Well history repeated itself. She won the group and I came second.

 A Chow Chow at a dog show

A Chow Chow at a Bahamas Dog Show

Now for other results for the Herding Group there were only 2 entries a German Shepherd Dog came second and a Shetland Sheepdog came first both from the U.S. Then the Terrier Group winner was the Bedlington in first and the American Staffordshire Terrier in second both locally owned however the Bedlington was U.S bred. Sporting went to a U.S. owned striking black Labrador and second went to a locally owned Golden Retreiver. The winner of the Toy Group was the Yorkshire Terrier, followed by the Pomeranian both U.S. owned and the Shih Tzu came in third and fourth was the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel both locally owned. Working was the Doberman Pinscher a gorgeous one followed by a nice tailed european Rottweiler, the Great Dane and then Bullmastiff rounded out fourth which I handled (we won’t go there and it wasn’t my dog) all of which were locally owned. Hound went to the U.S. Afghan Hound puppy followed by a locally owned Bassett Hound. Then for Miscellanous (or and this group is official and dogs compete for championship points) the Shiloh Shepherd puppy first, Cane Corso second, Miniature Cattle Dog third and Pumi fourth all of which were locally owned. Now Local Best In Show (which I was qualified to go in) went to the U.S. bred Bedlington Terrier and it also snagged Best In Show.

A Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier wins Best in Show in Bahamas

Now day 2, on Sunday for Veterans under Mr. James Noe, after everyone went around for the final time, he called up Golden (what a suprise), then he looked at me for a second literally, he was then looking down the line hard (I was like crap now I have to fight for fourth), then all I saw was when he asked me to bring the Chow behind the Golden I was estatic, however I had to keep my mood in check because Krillan acts up if I am excited or stressed which he then pulls on the lead or sniffs the ground so I had to play it cool. Then he pulled the Potcake behind followed by the Sheltie. He asked Shadow and the others to follow behind For the group, Mrs Betty Umberto-Wells from the U.S. came in first again and yes I took a lovely red ribbon for second.

Other group results were (in order from 1 – 4):
Herding: Shetland Sheepdog, German Shepherd Dog
Terrier: Bedlington Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier
Toy:Shih Tzu, Yorshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Cavalier Kiing Charles Spaniel
Sporting: Labrador Retreiver, Golden Retreiver
Hound: Afghan Hound, Bassett Hound
Working: Doberman, Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, Great Dane
Miscellaneous: Miniature Cattle Dog, Shiloh Shepherd, Cane Corso, Pumi
Best In Show and Local Best In Show (again): Bedlington Terrier

So while I was in the Local Best In Show ring under Mr. Noe when he sent everyone around, he went and signed his book. He brought out the ribbon and said take them all around. I was like this man serious he want us to go around some more and he already made his mind up. Well anyway, as I was at the other end of the ring he said who the winner was, I turned around to see who it was. When I was going to make my way out of the ring he headed to me and told me that I was an excellent handler and that I need to teach these people a thing or two. So that swell my head abit. So while I waiting in for Best In Show to start (they were having an agility demo from the Puerto Rican Agility Team (PRAT), the club’s President came to me and said that Mr. Frederickson would like to have a word with me. So I went he told me that he just wanted to tell me that I am an excellent handler and that it seems as if I have a natural nack for it. So if I were to get a better quality dog (honestly both my dogs aren’t the greatest examples of the breed) I would be cleaning up at shows. So if I thought my head was swell from before, I was suprised that I could have fit my head in the car to go home.

So on the little obedience and rally I was going to talk about, the lady who brought 2 Shelties over, her female cleaned up in one or the 2 as it took High In Trial in something and Local High In Trial went to a Doberman owned by a dog trainer on Sunday.

Another year has come and gone and like this year depending on how Krillan and Shadow are we would be going back again. I have 2 veterans on my hands and they still act like chaotic puppies no sign of slowing down (and I hope they stay like this), so if everything is good in January, we’ll be going again.

Oh yeah, several days after the show the lady who won a Best In Show last year on her Siberian Husky said that she will be coming back next year as she has already hired to show 3 dogs to bring over here for our show next year. A Sheltand, Smooth Coat Chihuahua, and a Beagle. Also depending on how her new Siberian puppy turns out then she’ll bring him as well. So she said that she may need assistance showing. So do you see how things turn out happy :)

Links to some photos

So until next report, see you 2012.


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2 Comments to “The Bahamas Kennel Club 30th Dog Show”

  1. t-man says:

    How are Bahamian dogs made up to championship? and what was the totally number of entries of the show?

  2. Shane says:

    In order for a dog to earn their championship, they have to be in the judges clear opinion of whether the dog is of champion quality and then awarded a CC to the winners dog or winners bitch. If the judge is not in clear mind, then he must withhold the CC. There is a total of two required to make up your championship.

    as for the total entry, I have know idea exactly how many entrants there were. It was said on the last meeting that there would be 60, however, that changed as there were entrants on the day for Oedience and Juniour Showmanship. So when you add up the total entries for the breed, veterans, spayed and nuetered class (divided into three sections), juniours, obedience and rally, I have no idea.


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