The above puppies are a cross between a German Shepherd dog and a Belgium Shepherd dog (Malinois). The puppies’ parents were on the Novice Obedience Class with one of my Bouviers and they both have achieved the CD title and are involved in Schutzhound training. As the above  puppies have found homes, the breeder’s contact […]

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Margaret on July 20th, 2010

Dogs have been man’s friend for a very long time and it is interesting to see how their usefulness has evolved from being a guard or watch dog, a companion type dog, a farm worker herding sheep and cattle to the more specialized training we are seeing today. For many years now, dogs have been […]

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Margaret on July 9th, 2010

I have Bouvier Des Flandres dogs. This is a breed noted for herding and guard dog abilities. It is a breed which is also fun loving and loves to be around its owner(s). It is a breed which is alert and intelligent. It is not a subservient breed and does seem to get bored with […]

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Margaret on July 1st, 2010

A disappointing night for several handlers. Highest mark in the CD trials went to a Golden Retriever who was handled by Jean Ray and this is the successful completion of the first leg of the trials. In second place was a Labrador Retriever handled by Zoe Marshall who has now also passed the first leg […]

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