Greetings All.  Does anybody know of any available medium / large size dogs that would make a good guard dog but also child friendly?  We are looking for either a pup or fully grown dog (that has been around children) but haven’t had much luck



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  1. admin says:

    Kathryn: Re your above post. I think it might be a good idea to check vets’ notice boards and also talk to the vets you know. Sometimes a really nice adult family dog needs a new home and the vet would know the dog’s health history and also have a feel for its temperament. That way you could also be getting a dog already trained and it might have come from a home with children and love children. Some of the breeds which might be regarded as top guard dog breeds might not be the best choice as a family dog, especially if you have very young children. If you buy a puppy, of course, it grows up with the children but children, especially very young children should always be supervised when playing with dogs. I did a post on rescue dogs in Barbados and it might be worth a trip to one of those organisations to see whether there is anything there that interests you. Other than that, my suggestion would be that you could check the newspaper ads for puppies/dogs for sale. Again, you would know what breeds you are comfortable with for your family. If you do buy a puppy, hopefully you would see the temperament of the puppies’ mother and also be able to assess the puppy litter for temperament. And then socialise your puppy as early as possible and get it trained. Hope that helps you, I am not personally aware of any dogs/litters I could recommend to you at this present time. Regards. Margaret

  2. KWal says:

    Many thanks Margaret!

  3. kezia says:

    Hi Kathryn
    My husband and I own a company by the name of Alliance K9 Solutions (you can search for the page on facebook) and we currently have one female puppy left from a litter of Dogue de Bordeaux crossed puppies for sale. The father of the puppies is a pure breed Dogue de Bordeaux who has previously won best puppy in show and best locally breed puppy at the September 2011 BKC dog show. The Bordeaux is of the mastiff breed family which is excellent around children and they are also perfect guard dogs. The puppies are 13 weeks, If you are interested in purchasing one of the puppies you can contact us at 822-9786 / 425-4509 / 238-6143.

  4. kezia says:

    Correction the father of the puppies won Best Puppy in show and best locally breed puppy in the oct 2012 show

  5. KWal says:

    Thanks for your message Kezia.. the Bordeaux sounds just perfect but we purchased a Lab a couple of weeks ago. Thanks very much for your help

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