Tibetan Terrier

Margaret on December 20th, 2016

First ever Tibetan Terrier Pedigree Puppies born in Barbados.  There are 3 males and 1 female.     Tibetan Terriers are 1 of the oldest breeds known to civilisation and were called “Little People”, “the Good Luck Dog”, and the “Holy Dog of Tibet”. My Bouviers love my Tibetan Terrier. The Tibetan Terrier was used as […]

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Margaret on January 9th, 2016

Hope this will be a good, and happy year for dog owners/lovers in Barbados and around the world. In the photo are: Tibetan Terrier, Ch. Araki Miss Conduct at Calliope, C.D. “Tibby” and Ch. Chepam Valentina at Calliope C.D. “Isabella” who has also achieved the FCI BH working title.

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Margaret on December 25th, 2014

The dogs in the above photo are Chepam Valentina at Calliope (Isabella) at 11 months old and her closest playmate here, the Tibetan Terrier Ch. Araki Miss Conduct at Calliope C.D. (Tibby). Isabella plays with the other Bouviers here but loves the Tibetan Terrier, maybe because they were the same size when she arrived in […]

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My Tibetan Terrier puppy arrived here from the UK at approximately 12.5 weeks of age which was the earliest time she could be shipped. I prefer to get a puppy as early as possible as I enjoy training my dogs and puppies are definitely fun to train. She came from Ken Sinclair of Araki Kennels […]

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Margaret on March 30th, 2013

Both of these dogs are at Novice B level in obedience training with The B’dos. Dog Training Club. Because the grounds used by The Barbados Dog Training Club are enclosed, I usually let the Tibetan Terrier enjoy herself playing with other dogs after her Novice level obedience classes The dog she loves to play with […]

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Margaret on August 19th, 2012

Going on cruises is the “in” thing in today’s world. UK Bouvier friends, Farleycross kennel, visited Barbados for a day. I collected them from the Port and brought them to my home to see my Bouviers. I drove them around the island a bit and we had lunch on the East coast but they really […]

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Margaret on June 30th, 2012

“Tibby” is now made up as a Champion. She won 2 out of 2 Best Puppy in Show under Jeff Horswell and Robin Searle and also the Utility Group under Robin Searle. Her third Challenge Certificate came from Valerie Foss. She loves agility and we have been doing mainly obstacles as she is still young […]

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