Margaret on January 25th, 2016

Source: Dog dilemma DOGS ARE COMING OUT on the losing end as the economic sluggishness lingers in Barbados. As the price of dog food soars, owners are dumping their dogs on the streets, tying them in open lots or dropping them off at animal shelters. With the opening of the new year, reports from the […]

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I am seeing so many kind people trying to help the RSPCA, some with donations of food, some giving their time to help walk and care the dogs there. Belinda Castle and her husband Jim, arrived in Barbados for one of their repeat vacations to the island. They follow the RSPCA through its Facebook page […]

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Margaret on January 30th, 2014

It is early 2014. This is a tough economy, with a lot of people losing jobs especially from the Government departments in Barbados and this may be responsible for the people who rescue dogs on the island being very busy.  It is always kinder if a person can no longer afford to keep and care […]

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This was seen in yesterday’s issue of Barbados Free Press and I am one of many individuals who think that Barbados should have better animal rights legislation so I am glad to see a major blog like Barbados Free Press taking it up! I hope there would be an investigation to reveal the accuracy of […]

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Margaret on December 13th, 2012

This post did carry for over six months the widget which was a petition in support  for animal rights in Barbados. It is hard to imagine that animals would be forced to endure the suffering of some of the dogs shown. Dogs tied to trees for a whole day, hardly fed and with little fresh […]

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Margaret on October 3rd, 2010

We know that dogs might light up a park with their energy and playfulness but there is a park that is actually lit up by dogs’ waste. This park is in Cambridge, Mass., and the owners of dogs enjoying the Park, deposit their dogs’ feces into a biodegradable bag. The bag is then placed into […]

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