Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show winners at October show in Barbados

Liz Dunhill judging Dogs in Barbados, October, 2018

This show was sponsored by the agents for Purina Dog Chow, Massy Distribution (B’dos.) Ltd.

The original scheduled judge for the show, Dr. Ron James, cancelled the appointment and he was replaced by Liz Dunhill.

I was looking forward to showing under Dr. Ron James again but did enjoy meeting and showing under Liz Dunhill.

Liz Dunhill is regarded as a specialist judge for Rottweilers, Shiba Inus and Japanese Akitas.

The highest number of entries in our shows are Rottweilers so I think this was a very good choice of a judge.

Of our breeds shown she is approved by The Kennel Club UK to award Challenge Certificates to the Akita, Shiba Inu, Bull Mastiff and Rottweiller and to judge the Utility Group at Championship level.

I think all of the exhibitors I talked with agreed that she is the friendliest judge we have seen here for a long time.  She was pleasant, polite and helpful to exhibitors.  She remained on the island for a while afterwards and quite a few exhibitors were happy to take her to various parts of the island.  She also met with exhibitors one evening after the show and answered any questions they had.

There were not a large number of entries at this show and as usual, most of the entries came from the Working Group and in particular, the Rottweillers. 33 dogs including the veteran class entered the show ring, of which 9 were Rottweillers.  I think at the time of the show, several exhibitors also had young puppy litters and so did not participate in the show.

Below is her critique:

Golden Retriever – Bitches

Limit – 1st (1) Isabella Golden Allie (Loc) – 2 yr old Bitch.  Athletic in type, Pleasing head, fitting body type which was a little narrow all through, correct bite, well placed ears, almond eye giving soft expression. Would like her a little stronger through skull and fore face.  Forward placed in shoulder, and a little east west in front. Good topline and well carried tail, moderate rear but high on hock, moved a little loose in front and rear, would like more reach in profile, in good coat and condition. BOB

Labrador Retriever – Dogs

Junior – 1st (2A) Linwaithe King Arthur Of Theberton (Imp) – Fabulous 17 month old yellow male, of excellent balance and type.  Masculine head, clean skull well placed ears, dark almond eye, good depth to muzzle, correct bite, good pigmentation.  Strong neck leading into well laid shoulder, good return of upper arm, straight well boned front, good depth of brisket , tight feet . Well sprung ribs and short in loin, good croup and set on of tail, well angulated quarters, short hocks, well bodied and muscled . Good footfall with ex reach and drive in profile, holding topline and well carried tail CC, BOB, Gundog Grp Winner.  He would have been my BIS 3. Well handled.

Open – 1st (2) Sh. Ch. Zinzara Midnight Magic CD (Loc) – Black male of ex type, pleasing head, well placed ears, dark almond eye, correct bite  would like more foreface.  Body a little narrow all through , little forward placed in shoulder and east west in front, good top line , tailset a little high on the move, moderate hindquarters, moved.  A little close in the rear, good moderate strides in profile, in good coat and condition. RCC

Labrador Retriever – Bitches

Open – 1st (3) Sh. Ch. Zinzara Darcy’s Delight CD (A.I.) (Loc) – Yellow female of ex type and balance.

Super feminine head, well placed ears, correct head proportions, dark almond eye , good bite  and pigment . Good neck, well laid shoulder.  Good front and tight feet, good depth to body.  Well ribbed back and short in loin. Good topline and tail set, moderate hindquarters, would like a little more angle for perfection and a little less weight, moved soundly with moderate strides. CC, RBOB, Reserve In Gundog Group, Best Locally Bred Group

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Bitches

Open – 1st (4) Crownridge Bubblicious (A.I.) CD (Loc) – 2 two-year-old bitch of good balance and outline pleasing head if a little narrow all through well-placed ears when she uses them, correct dentition, Almond eye, good neck leading into well laid shoulder, good depth to body excellent top line and well carried tail, moved on good legs and feet, excellent balanced profile action, good depth to body, excellent topline and well carried tail. CC. BOB, Hound Grp Winner, Best Locally Bred Grp

Akita – Dogs

Limit – 1st (5) Ch. Donkemre Thor (Loc) – Five-year-old male of good type and balance. Strong head is a little blocky. Well placed ears, good dark almond eye. Level bite. Good neck and shoulder good  top line, low tail set and moderate rear. Strong all male body with good depth to chest. In half a coat but of good texture. Condition could be better.  Good profile action but very loose in front and rear movement. BOB.

French Bulldog – Dogs

Novice – 1st (7) Nican Miracles Do Happen (Loc) – Super compact brindle male of ex type.  Super head, well placed ears, muzzle well set back, good nostrils and good formation to underjaw.  Good eye and pigment.  Good shoulders and front, good topline and moderate rear, moved soundly down and back, moved ex in profile action holding good shape and ex condition. RCC, BLB & BLB Group.

Limit – 1st (8) Mokaodc Zapegato for Nexgen N’ Strongwil (Imp)  – 17 month brindle male of ex type.  Beautiful head, with good open nostrils, well placed ears.  Good eye and muzzle well set back, good chin, and lip line. Strong shoulders and ultra-short body, broad front, good bone and condition, deep, good back line, moderate rear, moved soundly, feeling the heat.

Open – 1st (9) Jafrak Nut Brittle (Imp) – 23 month old fawn male of ex proportions and balance, with so much more to come.  Super head, well placed ears good stop, muzzle well set back, good well formed under jaw, black mask, good eye and pigmentation.  Ex shoulder, slight rise to topline, good front, ex hindquarters with good definition of hock, ex static balance, had no trouble breathing in the heat, moved soundly with style and super profile action.  Put in command performance to take CC, BOB, Utility Grp Winner and RBIS.  A true showman beautifully presented and handled.

French Bulldog – Bitches

Limit – 1st (10) Nican Happy Dragon Fly (Loc) – Fawn bitch of ex type.  Feminine head, well shaped bat ears, good skull, muzzle good with strong underjaw, strong open nostrils, well shaped eye, good pigment. Shoulder ok, straight front, ultra compact body, marked roach, would like more rear angulation . Moved soundly.  RCC, BL bred Bitch

Open – 1st (11) Ch. Jafrak Wowing The Crowds (Imp) – 3 year old bitch of great type and balance. Strong but feminine head, well placed ears, dark eye, moderate wrinkle to set back muzzle, wide open nostrils, strong upturned jaw, good lip line.  Ex shoulders and front, good length to leg, deep chest, good topline and croup well developed rear, moved soundly CC, RBOB, Res Utility Grp

Tibetan Terrier – Bitches

Open – 1st (13) Calliope Sea Breezes Lover (Loc) – 2 year old bitch of good proportions, very pretty head, good skull and ear set, dark almond eye, well filled foreface and correct bite. Somewhat upright in shoulder and wide in front, good topline, moderate rear, low tail set. Black and white coat, but sadly lost the length and condition. Moved ok.  Would benefit from training and coat recovery.   BOB

Bouvier Des Flandres – Bitches

Baby puppy – 1st (14) Calliope Connie (Loc) – 5 months compact baby with super happy disposition.  Super head, dark eye, small well set ears, good depth to muzzle, correct bite, short compact body, good legs and feet, super coat developing, moved well with well set on tail.

Open 1st – (15) Ch. Chepham Valentina At Calliope CD (Imp) – Good sized female, with super head and eye, well placed ears, correct bite, good front, would like her shorter coupled, good rear balancing the forehand, coat a little open and going through a coat change.  Level topline, tail carried well on the move, super sound free flowing action.  CC, BOB

Bullmastiff – Dogs

Limit – 1st (16) Ardhub How U’Like Me Now (Imp) – Rising 2 year old  substantial male of excellent balance and type and bone, masculine head, good clean top skull and pronounced stop, well placed ears, medium eye, strong foreface, a tad long through the muzzle, good bite, and tight flews, ex pigment.  Well laid shoulder and  return of upper arm, a little loose in pastern, ex topline when he pulls a shape, well ribbed back and short in loin, deep brisket, powerful muscled quarters, he’s a very square dog and was feeling the heat, but on the move wow, perfect foot fall. Strong powerful thrust from firm hocks, good action in front, in profile ate up the ground with harmonious reach and drive, he’s still maturing in good body and condition, and has much more to come in maturity and development, another year under his belt he will certainly look the part, he greatly impressed me to take working group (Grp 6) and BIS, where the handler got the best out of him.  CC, BOB, Working Group Winner, BIS

Open – 1st (18) Ch. Ardhub Black’s In The Name To Nexgen (Imp) – Square brindle male of ex type .

Super head, clean top skull. Good ears when he uses them, good dark eyes, good proportioned muzzle and large open nostrils, correct strong under jaw, good flews. High withers. Strong neck, straight front, compact body with well sprung ribs and short loin, would like more angulation to hindquarters, as he’s rather straight in rear. Lacked enthusiasm on the move due to heat. I really liked his type, see he is from the same stable as the winner . Moved soundly.  RCC

Open – 2nd (17) Samhaven Kaluca White In Woodney (Imp) – 2 yr old male rather long cast and soft in topline.  I found this male rather houndy in head,  and very wet  and wrinkled, narrow skull with not enough space between the high set ears, muzzle long and has a wry mouth.  Upright shoulder, long  in Loin.  Topline needs to firm and rear is cow hocked. He is narrow all through and needs lots of work and development. He needs bulk and work and  is poor in muscle.  Has a long stride in profile, but this dog really needs some work and time to mature.

Bullmastiff – Bitches

Baby puppy – (19) Castelation Of Milan For Nexgen Monbarallbull (Imp) – 5 month old delightful baby, well reared and super bone and body.  Pleasing head, correct mouth, well placed ears, muzzle good for age, super neck and good shoulder, good back line and good angulation for and aft.  Moved well for a baby with ex side gait and correct tail carriage.  Best Baby Puppy

Open – 1st (20) Nexgen Hold That Tiger (Loc) – Super square brindle female, beautiful head, clean skull, well set ears when she uses them. Good set on of muzzle, big nostrils, good mouth and under jaw. Strong neck, good front and shoulder, good depth of body bit a tad overweight and off at croup. Well carried tail, moved soundly, just looking quite matronly, needs to lose some weight, however, ex breed type.  CC, BLB, RBOB

Rottweiler – Dogs

Minor puppy – 1st (22) Elthor Dark Felix (Loc) – 8 month very promising puppy.  Excellent head correct for age, clean dry skull, good stop and well carried ears. Good muzzle ratio, well filled fore face for age, good under jaw, correct dentition, good pigment, dark almond eye, good shoulder with fore chest developing, good bone,  juvenile front, clean over the withers, ex topline well carried tail,  a little long in loin, well angulated quarters,  he’s very much a baby with super character, he has ex profile action once settled. Needs to tighten in front, super parallel action from well muscled hind quarters, in super condition, with rich tan markings.  RCC, Best locally bred Working Group, Best Puppy & Best Locally Bred Puppy in Working Group, Best Puppy In Show, Best Locally Bred In Show.

Minor Puppy – 2nd (23) Monifa Black Panther At Massima (Loc) – 8 month docked male of good type.  Strong masculine head, well set ears, deep stop, moderate wrinkle upon expression, good depth of muzzle, correct dentition, good pigment,  shoulder forward placed resulting in short neck, and steep through upper arm, inhibiting reach in front.  Long in coupling and loin, well angulated quarters. Good depth to body, on the move soft in topline and moves with moderate strides and close in rear. Good temperament with correct rich tan markings.

Puppy – 1st (26) Warlock Grimi (Loc) – 8 months, alert, upstanding large male of good head type.

Masculine strong with well set ears, clean skull deep stop eyes somewhat round, good proportioned muzzle correct dentition. Shoulders a little forward placed, juvenile front, he is quite a long dog  that needs to firm in back line.  Long in loin, good depth to chest for age, angulated quarters.  Would like more width to stifle, well carried tail, but ring to tip. He is loose in front.   Ex drive from hindquarters, he is young and needs to firm and tighten all through, good profile action. He’s a big dog and needs time to fill the frame.

Limit – 1st (28) Kamaro Vom Zecwald (Imp) – Large upstanding male of Eastern European type , imposing character  all male .  Strong head for his age, clean skull deep stop, needs to fill in foreface, complete dentition, tight bite, good pigment, round eyes.  Forward placed shoulder.  Medium pro sternum development, he is quite long through the back and loin, well angulated hindquarters, he needs to tighten in back line as is quite soft on the move.  Has long strides and lots of energy, not quite the type I was looking for but won the cc on the day.  His first show I’m told, so owner has lots of work to do, he’s work in progress. CC

Open – 1st (31) Elthor Dark Ace (Loc) – 5 year old small male, for me just a little too feminine, and quite skittish and unsettled with his handler. Pleasing head, dark almond eye, correct flat skull, moderate stop, decent muzzle to balance, tight lip line, correct dentition,  when I eventually saw it, forward placed shoulder, topline level, angulated. Quarters, well carried tail, tends to drop on the forehand and kick up high in the rear, giving an uneconomical gait, he wasn’t performing the best.

Rottweiler – Bitches

Novice – 1st (33) Richwood Evelyn (Loc) – 19 month old female, racy in type.  Light med bone .

Feminine head, a little long in muzzle, good clean skull well placed ears, dark eye, needs to fill in foreface. Forward placed in shoulder, good length to upper arm, juvenile front level topline, long in body and loin.   Well angulated quarters, well carried tail moved with good parallel action in rear, moved ok in profile but needs more reach in front. Good tan markings.

Limit – 1st (35) Kemorocks Khaleesi Vom Viscardi (Imp) – Ultra typey female, med sized with good balance and type, beautiful strong but feminine head, clean and dry, well placed ears, dark almond eye, well filled foreface, good depth to muzzle , strong under jaw and correct dentition.

Good shoulder decent upper arm, needing to fill more in front, compact body, ex topline and underline, well muscled quarters, a strong short hocks, good coat and condition, ex markings .

Moved steadily, a little close in rear, accurate in front. Gave good balanced action in profile, upped her game in BOB challenge and went up a gear. CC, BOB, Reserve in Working Group.

Open – 1st (38) Ch. Monifa Shades Of Pink (Loc) – Smaller framed docked female, feminine head, dark eye, bald eye rim, well placed ears, good bite.  Good shoulder and topline, found upper arm short, rear movement erratic.

Open – 2nd (37) Richwood Bea’s A Burning (Loc) – 5 years female of good type, incomplete dentition.  Good head with dark eye, needs more foreface, high set ears, good bite.  Shoulder somewhat forward placed, topline good and well set on tail.  Moved soundly.

German Shepherd Dogs – Bitches

Minor Puppy – 1st (39) Shireoaks Asia (Loc) – 7 months baby, small med bone.  Pleasing head, well carried ears, dark eye, correct dentition, needs to develop in head, forward placed shoulder, short in upperarm. Over line somewhat level, flat croup, well angulated quarters , quite untidy in movement , needs time to develop.  Best Puppy & BLB Puppy

Open – 1st (40) Skye Bella (Loc) – Substantial female of good type and balance.  Strong feminine head, ears ok when uses them, good skull to muzzle ratio. Complete dentition. Good shoulder and prosternum development . Good over line and croup, straight front good bone, ex hindquarters, moved well with strong hocks, ex profile action. CC, BOB & BLB .

Boxer – Dogs

Open – 1st (41) Sundial’s Thunder Bolt At Kaibo (Loc) – Red/white medium sized male of good type.  Decent head, gives good expression when his ears are used. Med eyes, clean skull, good bite would like more strength to under jaw. Decent shoulder.  Moderate prosternum development. Med boned straight front.  Good topline well sprung rib, good underline, well angulated quarters, moved with true balanced action, in good coat and condition. CC.

Boxer – Bitches

Open – 1st (42) Sundial’s Aurora Sunrise At Worthington (Loc) – 2 year old red female of good type. Feminine head well placed ears, super dark eye. Would like more power to muzzle and chin, correct bite, she is moderately angulated fore and aft.  Moved well holding level topline, giving good drive from strong hocks, gave great balanced action in profile to take CC, BOB & BLB


1st (43) Ch. Worthington’s Pretty N Peach (Loc) –

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