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Margaret on September 12th, 2018

Dog Agility in Barbados   Most dogs love agility. Dogs enjoy racing through and over obstacles like the walkway,  A-frame, the seesaw, and the weave poles. Tunnels are usually a favourite. And also having the fun of doing sequence jumping with their handlers as part of a team. There are, as yet, no titles to […]

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Margaret on July 27th, 2018

A member of the Barbados dog community and in particular, The Barbados Dog Training Club, is gone. I attended Lynda Husbands’ funeral service this week. She had filled many roles in the Barbados Dog Training Club of which I have been a member for a long time. Her roles included that of Treasurer, Vice President […]

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Margaret on June 26th, 2018

Congratulations to Linda Pearson for achieving the third and final leg required for the Utility dog title with her German Shepherd dog Elfi. Trials for obedience competitions are held by The Barbados Dog Training Club. These titles are approved and recognised by The Barbados Kennel Club. And letters representing the various dog titles may appear […]

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Aimee and Ken Kincaid –   American Kennel Club obedience dog judges, trainers, handlers visit Barbados Excellent job done by Jenni Wilson and her team of Sarah Hamilton, Linda Pearson and Linda Ridout of The Barbados Dog Training Club in inviting the American Kennel Club competitive obedience judges, trainers and handlers of Aimee and Ken  to […]

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In September, 2017, The Barbados Dog Training Club is hosting American Kennel Club Obedience judges, Aimee and Ken Kincaid. Aimee and Ken have many years experience as obedience handlers, trainers and judges. I think this is a very positive step for this club and persons interested in competitive obedience should take advantage of this opportunity. Their […]

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I am very pleased with Isabelle for achieving the first leg of the CDX title on April 12, 2017. The CDX exercises are all off leash: free heeling with turns, stops and different speeds, a figure 8 to show team co-ordination, a drop on recall, the retrieve of a dumb bell over the flat, and […]

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    Congratulations to Sue Blandford and her Papillon dog, Swift, on achieving the Utility dog title.   She is the second person in Barbados to have achieved this title. Congratulations also to Sarah Hamilton and her Rhodesian Ridgeback, BIS Ch. Celtic River Fizz  on achieving the CDX  title and Sandra Manning with her German […]

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Margaret on October 17th, 2015

Kybo Calypso Kid, a Tibetan Terrier and new to the island attended a puppy socialisation class on October 17th. The class, organised and held by The Barbados Dog Training Club was just for puppies to help them socialise with other dogs, people, the environment. This is so very important for puppies. Puppy breeds such as […]

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Achieving a CD title is not an easy task for most dog owners as it means training the dog above and beyond basic obedience. The classes attended for the CD are usually the group classes with The Barbados Dog Training Club although there are other dog training areas in Barbados. I believe that some members […]

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March 25, was the date for the first obedience dog trials in Barbados for 2015. A lot of very keen contestants. There were no passes in the Utility and CDX and only 2 dogs competing at each of these levels in the trials. There was keen competition for the CD title and 11 dogs were […]

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