Congratulations to Linda Pearson for achieving the third and final leg required for the Utility dog title with her German Shepherd dog Elfi.

Trials for obedience competitions are held by The Barbados Dog Training Club. These titles are approved and recognised by The Barbados Kennel Club. And letters representing the various dog titles may appear after the dog’s name.

For example, the first of the obedience titles is the C.D. which stands for Companion Dog.  Then comes the C.D.X. which stands for Companion Dog Excellent  and then the U.D. which stands for the Utility title.

This is now the third Utility title achieved in Barbados. This time with an approximately 6 year old German Shepherd Dog, Elfi.  Her other dog in the trials, an approximately  2 year old German Shepherd Dog, Thorn, achieved the CD title and will soon be competing for the C.D.X.


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