Dog Agility in Barbados


Most dogs love agility.

Dogs enjoy racing through and over obstacles like the walkway,  A-frame, the seesaw, and the weave poles. Tunnels are usually a favourite.

And also having the fun of doing sequence jumping with their handlers as part of a team.

There are, as yet, no titles to be earned from this sport in Barbados but it is great exercise and fun for the handlers and dogs.

And there is only one location in Barbados with structured agility classes, trained instructors and the range of agility equipment. The place is Waterford with  The Barbados Dog Training Club.

A dog must have obedience training and  be reliable off leash and its owner also be a Barbados Dog Training Club member to enjoy the sport here.

Puppies and very young dogs can be introduced to the dog sport but would be just learning the obstacles and would not be doing any jumping except very low jumps until their growth plates would have closed.



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