This was Gavin Robertson’s first judging assignment to Barbados through an invitation by The Barbados Kennel Club. It was also the first All Breeds Championship Dog Show of the year

The bulk of the dogs were from the Working Group and most of these entries  were Rottweilers.

I think most exhibitors who follow the UK show scene were aware and very impressed that the judge is himself an excellent handler and a very well respected breeder of Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen dogs and also a Best in Show winner at Crufts. He is regarded as a hound specialist and is approved by The Kennel Club to judge the Hound, Utility and Best in Show at Championship level.

This show was sponsored by Roberts Manufacturing Co. Ltd. who have for a very long time supported dog shows and the dog community in Barbados.  They are the manufacturers of  Roberts Chicken and Rice Dog Food, Vitapet Dog Food and Vitapet Puppy Food besides a wide range of animal feeds and cooking products.

Below is his critique of the dogs he judged. All photo credits: Tramaine Worrell.

Best in Show, and Reserve Best in Show, March 2019

Best Puppy in show at BKC;s Championship Dog Show, March, 2019


West Highland White Terrier

Novice Dog

1st (#1) Zonibas Best Boy (Imp) – Mr. A. G. P. & Mrs. A. Evelyn – Young male with dark pigment, rounded skull, neat ears, compact feet. Ideally like a firmer topline, short hocks, high set thick short tail. Places his feet well. Just needs more confidence on the move. RBOB,

Novice Bitch

1st (#2) Sunbeam Diamond Gem (Imp) – Mr. A. G. P. & Mrs. A. Evelyn – Feminine head with kind expression, has good strength of muzzle, arched neck with deep chest, tight feet. Body could be shorter with a firmer topline, thick tail, positive mover, would prefer a harsher coat. BOB, Terrier Grp Winner

Golden Retriever

Open Dog

1st (#3) Thatcher’s Dance With Wolves (Loc)  – Mrs. D. Marshall – Nicely balanced dog, broad skull, neat ears. Almond eye, tight lips, muscular neck with well laid shoulders. Deep chest, ribs extending well back, firm topline, tail carried off the back. Sound mover. Nice type and condition. CC, BOB, BLB Grp

Open Bitch

1st (#4) Isabella Golden Allie (Loc) – Sarah & Sonia Armstrong – Feminine head and expression. Medium size with moderate bone, compact feet, lean neck, ribs of fair length just prefer more spring of rib. Level backline. Outgoing mover, hocks could be stronger and would prefer more width in rear. RBOB

Labrador Retriever

Open Dog

1st (#5) Linthwaite King Arthur Of Theberton (Imp) – Mrs. S. Leacock – Lovely masculine head with broad skull, dark eyes, lovely arched muscular neck, deep chest with ribs well sprung, neat feet. Symmetrical outline, dense coat with thick otter like tail. Nice width in rear quarters, steady mover, nice type. CC, BOB, Gundog Grp Winner

Flat Coated Retriever

Open Dog

1st (#6) Sh. Ch. Blacfriar Monopoly In Paradise (Imp) – Mrs. B. Greenidge – Flat skull of good length, deep well set eye. Neat ears. Clean outline with straight forelegs. Ribs ok, level topline with good strength in rear, strong hocks, drops off in croup a little but where he scores is in his movement with a good side gait. CC, BOB, Reserve Grp

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Open Bitch

1st (#7) Crownridge Bubblicious (A.I.) C.D. (Loc) – Mrs. S. B. Hamilton-Outcalt – Balanced bitch, moderate angles all through, skull of equal length, defined stop, dark eye, high set ears, long muscular neck, very nice front assembly, well sprung ribs, defined ridge, steady rear, lovely profile movement. Good type, not overdone. CC, BOB, Hound Grp Winner, BLB Grp, RBIS, BLBIS

French Bulldog

Open Dog

1st (#9) Ch. Jafrak Nut Brittle (Imp)  – Mrs. S. Jordan – Broad strong skull with lovely dark eyes, open nostrils with slight turn up, defined stop, developed cheeks, moderate wrinkle, ears well placed and slightly rounded at top.   Still needs to develop in chest, arched thick neck, well sprung ribs, gentle topline, very sound mover, could be a fraction shorter in back but lots to like. CC, BOB, Utility Grp Winner

Shiba Inu

Open Dog

1st (#10) Ch. Massima No One Greater (Loc) – Mr. A. Taylor – Wedge shaped skull, shallow furrow, neat triangular ears, well developed cheeks, strong neck, well proportioned body/legs with tucked up belly, super topline,  moderate rear , high set thick tail of good length, harsh coat but a little out of coat, agile positive mover, nice type. CC, BOB, Reserve Grp, BLB Group

Shiba Inu and Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier

Open Dog

1st (#11) Ch. Kybo Calypso Kid (Imp) – Dr. J. Crump – Really nice shape, good legs with square outline, slightly domed skull, moderate stop. Straight forelegs with nice big feet, level topline, high set tail. Short loin, low set hocks. Positive mover, a little out of coat but has a nice type. CC, BOB

Standard Poodle

Open Bitch

1st (#12) Princess Elsa (Loc) – Miss R. D’Andrade – Long lean skull, good chin, ears set level with eye, dark almond shaped eye. Ideally like more body to her. Level topline, neat feet. Moderate rear, high set short tail, steady mover, prefer more leg length and just like more carriage on the move, a little out of coat but what she has a harsh texture. BOB

Bouvier Des Flandres


1st (#13) Calliope Connie (A.I.) (Loc) – Ms. M. Ashby – Broad skull with good depth of muzzle, pronounced stop, high set ears, flat skull. Lovely bone and substance for age, well balanced compact body, slightly higher at the withers, deep chest, short loin, has power on the move with lovely foot placement, coarse dense coat well presented, didn’t start the day with huge confidence but by the end was covering ground with head and tail held high, has lots to like. CC, BOB, BP & BLBP Grp, BPIS, BLBPIS.


Minor Puppy Dog – Absent

Puppy – Dog

1st (#15) Woodney Lakarta White (Loc) – Mr. R. Wood – Upstanding dog with good proportions, pronounced stop, nice width of muzzle, tight lips. Dark eyes. Needs to develop in rib and body, strong compact feet, short dense coat, holds topline well.  Needs time to mature in body,

Junior – Dog

1st (#17) Gran Torino Is Dvariskiu (Imp) – Mr. B. Lowe – Masculine dog with strong bone and substance all through, large square skull, short blunt muzzle, a little thick in cheek. Muscular neck, has a super body to him with a compact loin, well sprung ribs, deep chest, thick short tail. Powerful mover, sound from all angles nice type, eye catching dog with lots to like, CC, BOB, Reserve Grp

Limit – Dog

1st (#18) Ardhub How U’Like Me Now To Nexgen (Imp) – Mr. B. A. Bascombe – Strongly built dog all through, square in outline. Defined stop. Broad skull, deep muzzle with good width, prefer little less wrinkle, deep chest, well sprung ribs. A little heavy for ideal but that said he can cover the ground. RCC, RBOB

Open – Dog

1st (#19) Ch. Ardhub Black’s In The Name To Nexgen (Imp) – Mr. B. A. Bascombe – masculine build, balanced head piece, prefer a darker eye, moderate stop. Good bone, prefer more width in rear, he didn’t really cope well in the heat so was a little sluggish on the move.

Minor Puppy Bitch – Absent

Puppy Bitch – 3 – 1 absent

1st (#22) Castelation Of Milan For Nexgen Monbarallbull (Imp) – Mr. B. A. Bascombe – Well proportioned bitch, good bone and feet. Dark eye, broad skull, deep chest for age. Needs to settle in topline, ribs well extended.

2nd (#23) Woodney Miami White (Loc) – Mr. R. Wood – Very immature and needs to develop all through, she has a feminine head with defined stop, nicely balanced. Ok proportions, needs to strengthen and widen in the rear, lacks power on the move.


Open Bitch

1st (#24) Arisa Baltic Residence (Imp) – Mr. M. Forde – typey bitch, long lean skull, level heads planes with slight stop. Clean cheeks, well proportioned, ribs extending well back. Moderate angles, ideally like more fill in front. Covers the ground well on the move holding topline, high set tail. CC, BOB


Baby Puppy Dog

1st (#25) Elica’s Apollo (Loc) – Mr. T. & Mrs. N. Juman – 4mth old collected puppy, defined stop, broad skull, good bone and substance, coat of dense texture , defined tan markings, well constructed front assembly, needs to develop in front.

Puppy Dog

1st (#29) Elthor Dark Gordon (Loc) – Dr. W. Welch – Masculine dog, powerful with good substance. Clean outline with good proportions, defined stop, muscular neck with deep chest, well sprung ribs, level topline,  strong loin, needs to strengthen in rear.  Good profile movement.

2nd (#30) Elthor Dark Gustav (Loc) – Mr. S. Bryan – Finer boned than winner, developed cheeks, high set ears with flat broad skull. Prominent forechest, a little loose in topline and also needs to strengthen in rear.

3rd (#31) Elthor Dark Grit (Loc) – Mr. R. T. Alleyne – Pleasing head and expression, needs to body up and mature all through, defined tan markings, ribs need to develop, very immature, not as relaxed on the move as he should be.

Junior Dog

1st (#33) Warlock Grim (Loc) – Mr. Shawn Clarke – Strongly built dog, broad and deep muzzle, defined stop, good fill in front, a little steep in shoulder, ribs extending well back, angular rear, just needs to come up on leg a little. RCC

2nd (#32) Elthor Dark Felix (Loc) – Mr. L. Lavine – Finer built than winner. Pleasing head with a nice expression, dark eyes, needs to develop in rib. Level back, low set hocks, preferred the front on the winner.

Novice Dog

1st (#34) Mister Ripley (Loc) – Mr. A. Greaves – Lovely head and expression, well placed eye, open nostrils, compact in body, good feet. Level topline, not as confident on the move and was feeling the heat a little. Needs to fill out in ribbing.

Limit Dog

1st (#36) Kamaro Vom Zecwald (Imp) – Mr. J. Allsopp – Impressive balanced dog with strength and substance  all through, a little steep in shoulder, deep chest, ribs well sprung extending well back. Low set hocks. Free moving dog from all angles. In firm condition.

2nd (#35) Arkon V Haus Gaskin (Imp) – Mr. S. Howell – Another nicely balanced dog but wasn’t wanting to be handled, lovely head and eye, neat ears, strong bone with tight feet. A little loose in topline.

Open Dog

1st (#38) Balto Von Muntz (Imp) – Dr. W. Welch – Nicely balanced well proportioned dog, of medium build with good bone, broad skull with ears set well apart, expressive dark almond shaped eye, feet a little open, clean outline lovely fill in front with good ribbing, muscled loin, low set hocks, sound mover, nice type. In excellent condition in coat and muscle, happy to award him BOB and BIS. CC, Working Grp Winner

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st (#39) Dark Jazz (Loc) – Mr. K. Greene – Nicely balanced head piece, defined stop, round dark eye, ok neck and shoulders, drops off in the croup a little, steady mover in profile. Just needs to develop in body.

2nd (#40) Richwood Zhara’s Light (Loc) – Mr. R. T. Alleyne – Finer built bitch all through. Head is a little week and narrow, good body shape with a firm topline and ribs extending well back, high set tail a little overcome by it all today.

Puppy Bitch

1st (#41) Elthor Dark Ira (Loc) – Dr. W. Welch – Lovely head and expression, strong but not overdone, lovely rich colouring, good depth of chest  with well developed ribs, front well under body, nice width of rear, drops off a little in croup, powerful sound mover, nice type, threw her chance away in the challenge. Liked her a lot and with better handling she could do very well. RCC

Junior Bitch

1st (#42) Bosvigo Chance (Loc) – Mr. A. Croney – Well proportioned bitch, broad skull with ears set well apart. A little steep in shoulder, needs to fill out in chest and rib, ok feet, rounded croup. Has nice width of second thigh, needs to mature and develop

Novice Bitch

1st (#43) Richwood Diva Dancing (Loc) – Mr. R. T. Alleyne – Feminine bitch, would prefer more body and substance, well placed eye, defined stop. Compact feet, ribs a little short and needs more spring. Low set hocks, not overly happy on the move.

Limit Bitch

1st (#46) Kemorocks Khaleesi Vom Viscardi (Imp) – M. S. Howell – Strongly built bitch, liked her head, ear and eye placement. Well proportioned, deep chest, a little loose in front. Muscled loin, holds topline with a muscular, angular rear.

2nd (#44) Richwood Evelyn (Loc) – Mr. R. T. Alleyne – Finer build than winner. Skull broad and flat. Prefer more full in front. Good proportions, not as fluid on the move as 1

Open Bitch

1st (#47) Elthor Dark Cass (Loc) – Dr. W. Welch – Nicely balanced bitch, liked her head and skull. Neat ears. Muscular neck with shoulders well laid back, feet a little flat. Ribs of good length, level topline with muscled loin. Low set hocks, could have a little more width in thigh. Places front well, prefer more width in rear. CC,RBOB, BLBB

Russian Black Terrier


1st (#49) Kalaslane Addicted To You (Imp) – Ms. A. Bynoe – Strong masculine powerful dog, agile  and robust, flat broad skull, triangular ear, slight stop, slightly shorter in muzzle, thick neck, level topline, deep chest but needs to fill out and develop, compact feet, correct double coat, well presented all through, strong rear, lovely profile movement.  Impressive dog who pushed hard for top honours and with a little more maturity will do well in the future I’m sure. CC, BOB

Russian Black Terrier and Boxer

German Shepherd Dog

Baby Puppy Bitch

1st (#50) Beauchamp Mia Belladonna (Loc) – Mrs. B. Kaufman – Good length of head, places feet well. Has good proportions, front well under her frame. Moderate topline with a strong rear. Still immature but very collected. Best Baby Puppy In Show


Open Dog

1st (#52) Sundial’s Thunder Bolt At Kaibo CD (Loc) – Miss J. Wilson – Squarely built dog with good length of leg, defined stop, not overdone in lip. Muscular neck, deep chest. With developed ribs with slight tuck up, moderate rear, holds topline well on the move, drops off in croup slightly. Nice type, covers the ground with nobility and power. CC, BOB, BLB Grp

Open Bitch

1st (#53) Ch. Sundial’s Aurora Sunrise At Worthington (Loc) – Another nicely proportioned medium sized bitch, deep muzzle with good width and quality of lip. Broad skull with ears set high and well apart, nice expression, elegant neck, deep chest, carrying a little too much weight. Steady mover. CC, RBOB


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