Margaret on December 28th, 2008

This pix. was actually taken some minutes after the earlier one.  But the lighting had changed.  And composition became important.

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Margaret on December 28th, 2008

Not in Joanne Spencer’s league but I do belong to a photography club and have an interest in photography. And this is one of my favourite pixs. Both dogs are Bouvier Des Flandres. The swimmers Light is always important for a photographer.   And to be creative, lighting should be unusual. This is very early morning […]

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Margaret on December 28th, 2008

For several years, Joanne has been going to dog shows and provides an excellent service for the competitors who wish to buy pix. of their dogs at these shows.  It is not an easy task, as the camera does not always show us what we would like to see. (But it is like the mirror, […]

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Margaret on December 27th, 2008

This American Bulldog, imported from the United Kingdom, is 9 months old and his owner told me that he weighs 90 lbs. already. The American Bulldog would fall under the Mastiff group. It is considered a “rare” breed and is not yet recognised by The American Kennel Club for registration of its litters and for […]

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Margaret on December 26th, 2008

Next year should introduce The Kennel Club’s new breed standards. Breed clubs, councils in the UK, have been having meetings and should reply to the proposals for changes in their individual standards by the end of this year. The breeds which I know are in Barbados and could be affected by a change in standard […]

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Margaret on December 25th, 2008

Best of Breed Rottweiler BKC\’s show October 2008 A brief video of Cia Von der Hansestadt Bremen in the show ring. As most of our puppies still come in from the UK, certain breeds which would have been docked in the past, like Rotts, Dobes, Boxers,  are coming down with their tails.  This is because […]

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Margaret on December 25th, 2008

Kathrin Tasker provided me with this pix. of her winning dog, Chi Qui.  He’s a young dog, just over 2 years old. She said he did a clear run in the morning which put them into 3rd position in the semi finals and then they did a top performance in the afternoon, to emerge the […]

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Margaret on December 24th, 2008

We just received the news that Kathrin Tasker won the prestigious Novice Agility Championship at the Olympia Horse Show. She said 10’s of thousands of people were there, including the television crew. Kathrin has had quite a long association with our local B’dos. Dog Training Club and when she visits Barbados on holiday, she will […]

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lg on December 23rd, 2008

Jeez, that pix is the perfect example of what that article about the GSDs is all about with the awful topline!!!  Was the judge partaking in the local rum punch for him to put up that dog as the Best In Show??

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Margaret on December 20th, 2008

Change in German Shepherd Dogs over the years German Shepherd Dog Watch the video above the pix. of the German Sheperd dogs. It shows when the GSDs looked fit for their original purpose and the video traces the change in structure for the past 40 years to where it is today. To quote the video, […]

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