Margaret on September 12th, 2018

Dog Agility in Barbados   Most dogs love agility. Dogs enjoy racing through and over obstacles like the walkway,  A-frame, the seesaw, and the weave poles. Tunnels are usually a favourite. And also having the fun of doing sequence jumping with their handlers as part of a team. There are, as yet, no titles to […]

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Margaret on August 1st, 2015

An agility video worth watching A lovely video, dogs with drive, some are 9 years old, so obviously very fit, well bred and having the correct structure and who have been running for years with experienced handlers. To get to this level, a top dog would have been training in agility for years.  And have an experienced […]

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Margaret on June 16th, 2015

Basic obedience training is essential to dogs. Competitive obedience is also great as it can be fun for the handlers as well as teaching the dog new exercises. But not all dogs and handlers enjoy competitive obedience where they do the same repetitive exercises, like come, heel, sit, down, stand and stay. Yes, they get […]

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In between the March 25th dog obedience trials and the new obedience training classes starting end April, the B’dos. Dog Training Club slipped in another trial on April 22nd for Novice, Open and Utility. I was not there as Isabelle, my Bouvier Des Flandres, was in season. Congratulations to Zoe Marshall who achieved the CD […]

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Achieving a CD title is not an easy task for most dog owners as it means training the dog above and beyond basic obedience. The classes attended for the CD are usually the group classes with The Barbados Dog Training Club although there are other dog training areas in Barbados. I believe that some members […]

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Margaret on February 10th, 2015

The above has been floating around the dog communities on Facebook. I do not know where it originated but the subject of exercise in puppies and young dogs and growth plates is an interesting and important topic. I have always been told by top overseas breeders that the best exercise for puppies and young dogs […]

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Margaret on January 30th, 2014

It is early 2014. This is a tough economy, with a lot of people losing jobs especially from the Government departments in Barbados and this may be responsible for the people who rescue dogs on the island being very busy.  It is always kinder if a person can no longer afford to keep and care […]

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Margaret on August 21st, 2013

There are several places where a person can rescue a puppy/dog in Barbados from an animal shelter  instead of obtaining one from a breeder. Some of these puppies/dogs are found wandering the roads and/or beaches and may be brought to one of the rescue organisations by kind people. The main organisations I am aware of […]

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My Tibetan Terrier puppy arrived here from the UK at approximately 12.5 weeks of age which was the earliest time she could be shipped. I prefer to get a puppy as early as possible as I enjoy training my dogs and puppies are definitely fun to train. She came from Ken Sinclair of Araki Kennels […]

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Group obedience and agility dog classes resume end April with The B’dos.  Dog Training Club. Obedience classes will be at basic level and also more advanced levels. It was nice having a break of a few weeks in between dog training.  On April 10th, there were dog obedience trials:  congratulations to the following who have […]

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