Humour in Dog Training

There should be humour in everything, and that includes training dogs.

Dogs are very smart. Some of the very intelligent ones are so easy to train.

Dog humour

Dog humour

I guess if dogs could talk they would say they train their humans as well.

Easy, everyday things, dog owners give treats and other positive reinforcements that will reinforce the behaviour.  Sometimes humans give positive reinforcement without realising it with the smart dog.

dog smart enough to reward itself

dog smart enough to reward itself

But sometimes, dogs also need corrections, and the corrections do not have to be harsh.

Dogs remain happy then and get rewarded when they are doing the correct things, after the correction.

Never reward for behaviour you do not want to encourage.

And a dog needs to be shown what behaviour you want as its owner.

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One Comment to “Dog humour”

  1. Margaret says:

    I am sure if dogs could talk, much less read, there would be lots of interesting and amusing tales to tell!

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