It has been a long wait for the BH scorebooks.

Here it is: Working Trial Scorebook – Barbados Working Dogs Association (BWDA)

BH trials scorebook


Six persons, on December 6, 2015, passed official BH trials  under the trial judge Jim Crisp of Canada and organised by The Barbados Working Dogs Association. These were the first ever official BH trials in Barbados.

We only received the scorebooks in August this year, signed by the trials judge,  Canadian Jim Crisp and handed out by the Treasurer, Andre Brathwaite and President, Adrian Ward, of The Barbados Working Dogs Association. (BWDA)

The six who passed are Adrian Ward, with a Malinois “Hydro”, Trevor O’Neale with a German Shepherd dog “Teddy” and Shawn Fields with a Rottweiller “Klaus”, Linda Pearson with a German Shepherd Dog “Elfie”, Sarah Hamilton with a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog “Mac” and I with a Bouvier Des Flandres “Isabella”.

The first three names were members of The Barbados Working Dogs Association, a club which describes itself as a Schutzhund/IPO club. The other three successful  participants were members of The Barbados Dog Training Club and our dogs had already achieved  obedience titles.

Since the 2015 December trials I am not aware of any further official trials organised by The Barbados Working Dogs Association with overseas trial judges

It seems as if the neighbouring island, Trinidad, has an active IPO Club so maybe persons and Barbados Working Dog Association members  interested in competing in IPO trials can travel there with their dogs if Barbados is not yet ready for further trials.

The BH is the prerequisite for IPO and the BH  is basically an obedience pattern, followed by dog temperament testing.

Doing the BH trials was a good, fun experience for me and Isabelle.

This is the only club in Barbados that I am aware of  that is interested in promoting Schutzhund/IPO and maybe even if they are not ready yet to hold further BH trials and advance to formal IPO trials, the important thing would be that its members are enjoying themselves and having fun with their dogs.

The BH we achieved with The Barbados Working Dogs Association and the FCI approved judge is not recognised by The Barbados Kennel Club as a title/award with letters we can use with a dog’s name such as obedience titles like CD, CDX behind the dog’s name and the Ch. for Champion in front of the dog’s name.

Jim Crisp judging BH dog trials in Barbados

B’dos. Working Dogs’ Association hosts BH trials


First BH test in Barbados

Successful participants in BH trials after completing the Traffic Test






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