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Achieving a CD title is not an easy task for most dog owners as it means training the dog above and beyond basic obedience. The classes attended for the CD are usually the group classes with The Barbados Dog Training Club although there are other dog training areas in Barbados. I believe that some members […]

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March 25, was the date for the first obedience dog trials in Barbados for 2015. A lot of very keen contestants. There were no passes in the Utility and CDX and only 2 dogs competing at each of these levels in the trials. There was keen competition for the CD title and 11 dogs were […]

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Dog training classes for the CD (Novice) Obedience title had a large record number of participants for the September, 2014 class at Waterford. Some of the dog breeds there were German Shepherd, Boxer, mixed breeds, rescues, Bouvier Des Flandres, Golden Retriever, and Labrador Retriever. In earlier days, a CD class might only have attracted 3 […]

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Barbados and Top Dog Trainers I believe it was a record number of participants in the Waterford’s B’dos. Dog Training Club’s ring on Wednesday, July 23rd, all trying for CD legs and the CD title which is achieved after three legs of the CD trials are passed under different judges. Eleven people entered, and ten […]

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Chepam Valentina (Isabella) came first in class in the Saturday morning, June 21st, trials with The Barbados Dog Training Club’s Beginner Obedience Course. This course is just a basic one and the dogs on it are kept on leash for the trials. I understand a Labrador came first in the Thursday class trials. Izzy will […]

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On Saturday, April 26th, The B’dos. Dog Training Club held trials for the CD (Novice), the CDX (Open) and the UD (Utility) at the Waterford grounds. Training at these levels goes beyond the simple commands like come, sit, down, stay that some trainers in Barbados do as all the above trials have off leash exercises. […]

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Margaret on April 28th, 2014

A new Bouvier Des Flandres puppy joined my pack here in early April.  She was just 12 weeks old and she has settled in fine. House trained very easily. This puppy loves toys and food and is going to be very easy to train. The B’dos. Dog Training Club’s basic obedience group class is an […]

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Margaret on January 30th, 2014

It is early 2014. This is a tough economy, with a lot of people losing jobs especially from the Government departments in Barbados and this may be responsible for the people who rescue dogs on the island being very busy.  It is always kinder if a person can no longer afford to keep and care […]

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It was the start of a Puppy Training Class with The B’dos. Dog Training Club at Waterford on September 7th, 2013. The targeted group was puppies between four and seven months old. So many puppies came with wagging tails to the class. Twenty three puppies were booked for this class. I did not count them […]

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Congratulations to Sarah Hamilton and her two Rhodesian Ridgebacks who passed the open, CDX, at trials held through The Barbados Dog Training Club this week. In the pix. are Ch. Crownridge Red Regent (AI) C.D., C.D.X. and Ch. Broani Chiku at Crownridge, C.D., C.D.X. with their obedience trophies. The above photo was provided by Sarah […]

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