Seen in “Today’s” news, is the story of the world’s most expensive dog.

A Tibetan Mastiff was sold for US$582,000 to a young Chinese millionaire, a Ms. Wang. Yangtze River Number Two is 18 months old. He was purchased from the Qinghai province of northwest China. Yangtze was picked up from the Xi’an airport in China’s Shaanxi province, where lots of dog lovers had gathered to see him, along with the motorcade of 30 Black Mercedes Benz cars.

Reports say that Ms. Wang plans to mate Vangtze with another Tibetan Mastiff she owns.

This breed is considered a fairly rare breed and I noticed it recently was introduced to Crufts in the UK. I also saw it compete for the first time at Westminster, in USA, last year.

Tibetan Mastiff's face
Tibetean Mastiff’s face

The earlier record for the most expensive dog was held by a Labrador, Lancelot Encore who was cloned from a dead dog named Lancelot. A family in Florida paid US $155,000 for him.

I look at it this way, if people have the money to spend, they can make the choices about how they spend it and once the money is not spent on areas that would hurt or destroy other humans, I am happy for them.

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  1. crownridge says:

    I loved this story !! and I agree totally that if you’ve got it it’s OK to flaunt it on your hobby. After all, hobbies are for one’s own pleasure, so spend whatever you can afford to make yourself happy. He looks a nice sort of dog too. Crownridge.

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