Golden Retrievers with their Bouvier friend

Golden Retrievers with their Bouvier friend

This photo was taken tonight after an agility class and yes, except for Rita, the Bouvier, a German Shepherd dog, a Papillon, and an Akita mix who were not in the photo, all the dogs were Golden Retrievers.

A couple of reasons for this. The chief trainers in Barbados from the Barbados Dog Training Club committee have Golden Retrievers and they usually run their dogs in agility.

The Golden Retriever, I believe, most people will agree, is a breed which is eager to please and train and therefore ideal for agility.

And there are usually different levels of agility in Barbados. Rita is at Novice level and so is Rhapsody. At each of the usually three levels there will be Golden Retrievers. At what is regarded as the Novice level most of the dogs running in agility are trained to CD level.

Next week should be the last session for the year and the last session of each class usually has a fun course to run with some prizes, such as squatter toys.

Rita is doing everything well and has been enjoying herself with the Goldens. She does not go out of her way to play with them but her body language is very friendly towards them and I think she is very well liked by the Goldens and their owners.

A dog does not have to be a pedigree dog to do agility. It must be obedience trained and should be under its owner’s control by commands when it is off leash. However, the bulk of the dogs I see here who participate in agility are the pedigree dogs.

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