Best in Show

Best in Show


All Breeds Championship Show – 12th October 2008

Judge: Mr. Andrew Brace


JD 1. Mr. M. Cottrell’s Dajan Special Cargo, 14 months red still not fully mature in body but he should finish up well. Pleasing head profile with good sweep but could have a little more fill, excellent general outline and shape and he moves well with a powerful driving rear. Well conditioned, and an excellent bite which is not always the case with this breed. CC, BOB & G1.

LB 1. Mr. M. Cottrell’s Bullywood Bossy Boots, substantial typy brindle/white, excellent head profile, typical eye and again a good bite. Moves a little wide in front and feet could be tighter and her skin and coat could have been in better condition. CC.


OD 1. Mr. G. & Mrs. S. Spencer’s Ch Tamedale Nistelrooy at Barindi, good overall stamp but in poor condition. Decent headpiece but not the neatest ears. Excellent neck, quality bone, a little long coupled but when he settled he moved quite soundly. CC, BOB & G2.


PD 1. Miss E. Blanchard’s Hothersall’s Superman, red/white of high quality, excellent size and balance, dainty and well constructed. Sweet head, ears could be a little lower set but should settle with maturity. A little wary to start with but eventually settled to show excellent topline and tail carriage and sound, light movement. Absolutely the correct single coat and well presented. Easy winner of CC, BOB & G1.

JD 1. Miss A. Blanchard’s Kingshaven You’re My Smiffy at Hothersall, red/white, very long cast and incorrect coat texture being too stand off. Head a little common but very well set and shaped ears. Basically just not balanced.

LD 1. Miss E. Blanchard’s Hothersall’s Apollo, very thin tricolour, slightly long cast, good tail carriage, decent head type but rather light in eye.

2. Miss E. Blanchard’s Hothersall’s Ares, red/white again very thin, more head quality than his brother but higher set ears, very full coat and rather low tail carriage.

OD 1. Miss E. Blanchard’s Ch Kingshaven Wonder Man at Hothershall, well schooled tricolour who could be better marked. Rather short in neck and too stand off coat. A little full in eye, smart mover in profile. RCC

OB 1. Miss E. Blanchard’s Hothersall’s Athena, tricolour with quality coat, lovely size, pretty head, a little short in neck and low at the withers. Has a look of quality. CC & RBOB.


MPD 1. Mr. J. Cole’s Cristanbre Fagan, very raw, good head type but very narrow all through and grossly unsound behind. Needs to drop into his rear and carry much more body condition. BP

LD 1. Mrs. L. Husbands’ Thatchers Stormy Knight, rather untypical in head, bossy front and needs more spring of rib. Long coupled so not quite balanced. Stylish mover.

OD 1. Miss S. Blandford’s Sh Ch Hothersall Malvolio CDEx, very good type and overall shape with excellent angles all through. Pleasing head and expression, strong bone, coat texture rather harsh. Moved with style if rather close behind. CC, BOB & G2.

MPB 1. Mr. J.S. Corbin’s Hothersall Peaches n Cream, narrow in skull so lacks head type and expression, reasonable balance of outline but like the male puppy, so grossly unsound behind.

OB 1. Mrs. L. Husband’s Sh Ch Thatchers Golden Sky CD, lovely head and expression, slightly long coupled but holds her topline well. Sound and stylish mover, good bone and feet, coat not at its best. CC.


MPD 1. Mr. N. skeete’s Aydens King of the Road, chocolate with good head type, strong bone but rather open feet. Needs more spring of rib and tail is rather skinny and low set. Moved with good open side gait but little drive. BP

JD 1. Mrs. Z. Gray-Marshall’s Linthwaite Centaurus of Zinzara, pale yellow with quality head, typical expression, steady mover if a little close behind, good rib and in excellent condition but between coats. Sensible happy temperament, needs a little more angulation behind. RCC & RBOB.

ND 1. Mrs. C. Macpherson’s Kelleygreens Aztec Superdog, solid yellow, very typy, masculine, well ribbed, good bone, tail rather gay, makes a balanced picture.

OD 1. Mrs. S. Leacock’s Sh Ch Benatone Secret Mission of Theberton, rich yellow oozing breed type. Well balanced head with kind expression but at six years his bite is not quite perfect scissor. Excellent bone, rib, outline and coat. Easy CC, BOB & G1.

MPB 1. Miss R. Chernery’s Bountiful Daisy, chocolate with worrying brindling in coat. Rather racy in type, very light eyes, topline runs up and very thin tail.


1. Mrs. B. Greenidge’s Ballyriver Tweed in Paradise, black with lovely head type, needs to strengthen in pastern and tighten in front which she should with maturity. Good outline and balance, quality coat, CC, BOB & PG1


OD 1. Miss E. Blanchard’s Ch Dialynne Storm Reflection at Hothersall, blanket tricolour of good overall type but carrying too much weight which makes him look rather bully. Masculine head, rather light eye, good topline but a little straight behind. CC & RBOB.

MPB 1. Senator & Mrs. P. Gilkes’ Kinola’s Cleo, blanket tricolour of promise. Head needs to break and finish but has a kind eye. Just enough bone, good topline and tail carriage, controlled mover, needs to body up.

PB 1. Senator & Mrs. P. Gilkes’ Kinola’s Calista, tricolour of quality, feminine and balanced with just enough bone. Pleasing head though a fraction small in eye. Good rib and topline, gave her handler a hard time but moved soundly when she settled and pleased me enough to take CC, BOB & G2.

OB 1. Senator & Mrs. P. Gilkes’ Ch Dialynne Astrid, very typy bitch of good size and shape and well off for bone and body. A little light in eye and her stern is rather low set which spoils the overall picture. RCC.


LD 1. Mr. A. Craigg’s Kenmillix Lusaka, exuberant rangy dog with good ridge and crowns. Skull could be broader. Strong bone, a little soft in topline. Adequate mover. RCC

OD 1. Mrs. R. Lozada & Mr. D. Arthur’s Ch Cennenridge Zalika, good headed dog who needs a little more angulation front and back but coordinated well. Good ridge and crowns. CC & BOB

OB 1. Mrs. S. Hamilton-Outcalt’s Broani Chiku at Crownridge, good head type, adequate ridge and crowns. Moves a little wide in front and topline could be more settled. CC

2. Mrs. R. Lozada & Mr. D. Arthur’s Ch Cennenridge Hazini, not as well angulated front or back as 1 and dips in topline. Pleasing head and neck. RCC


MPD 1. Mr. N. Hinkson’s Adyo My Ace In The Hole, balanced pinto of excellent type, pleasing head and expression with excellent eye and ears, good bone but pasterns need to strengthen. Balanced outline, promising mover. Just one testicle descended on the day and coat could have been a lot cleaner.

OD 1. Mr. G. & Mrs. S. Spencer’s Ch Barindi Superstar, heavily built pinto, very masculine with strong head type, big bone and neat feet. Could have a little more wither height and move with more drive. CC,BOB & G2.

MPB 1. Mr. A. & Mrs. Y. Burrowes’ Adyo Taking a Gamble, very lacking in type being too narrow in skull and rather short coated. Topline breaks and she could be more compact. Erratic mover.

NB 1. Mr. A. & Mrs. Y. Burrowes’ New Edens Warrior Queen, lacks breed type and head quality. Moves wide in front and close behind, compact with good topline and tailset. Coat could be a lot cleaner.

LB 1. Mr. T. Worrell’s Ember Fire Glow, pinto who was easily the cleanest and best conditioned Akita here. Beautiful outline and construction and a good mover but her head is not exactly classical, lacking cheek development and having rather big ears. CC, RBOB. Others should try to emulate this dog’s grooming and presentation.

OB 1. Mr. A. Taylor’s Ch Topaz Taboo, smutty coloured, substantial bitch. Good head type, heavy bone but rather open feet, moves with drive but could be firmer in topline. RCC


OD 1. Mr. & Mrs. R. Anderson’s Ch Risepark Pretty Smart Guy at Jamrock, very smart pepper & salt full of quality and type. Excellent head and expression, well ribbed body and good coat texture. Holds his outline well but when he moves he throws one hock badly. Still looks like a show dog and pushed hard for BIS. CC, BOB & G1.


LB 1. Miss M. Ashby’s Calliope Rita, good basic type but could be better let down behind, have more spring of rib and wider skull. RCC

OB 1. Miss M. Ashby’s Ch Calliope Rhapsody, very typy and better let down behind than her sister and with more drive behind. Again could have more rib spring and stronger skull. CC & BOB.


LD 1. Mr. J.-M. Cozier’s Viemar Nobody Does it Better at Market Hill, very high quality black & tan with lots of breed type. Strong head, powerful neck, good forechest, well made bone, balanced proportions. Has a slight problem with his topline which hopefully is temporary as he has great potential. CC & BOB.

JB 1. Mr. J.-M. Cozier’s Market Hill Annie Oakley, black & tan with quality head, good bone and feet but her body lacks shape, outline and angulation.


MPD 1. Mr. B. Bascombe’s Fortesque Tiger Blackout, well proportioned brindle, strong head type but loose eyes. At the moment very narrow through and movement is correspondingly weak.

PD 1. Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Braeaaron Wallace at Ardhus to Hothersall, brindle of great potential but he will always have very light eyes. Excellent head type, good bone but feet need to tighten. Good neck, sharp balanced outline with unusually good hindquarters so well angulated and developed for a puppy. Now needs to spring in rib and generally mature. Moved very well. CC & BOB.

LD 1. Mr. R. Wood’s Rising Son, red, rather lightly built which enabled him to move with great agility. Needs to drop into his rear, adequate head but weak mask, good balance of outline. Needs more body condition.

OD 1. Mr. P.R.P. Evleyn Q.C.’s Ch Murbisa Connor at Hothersall, rich red rather overdone so looking a little too Mastiffy in type. Heavy bone, big feet and rolls of fat do not help his outline. Rather straight behind, moved reasonably. RCC.

PB 1. Mr. H. Leacock’s Fortesque Aquirius, promising fawn who did nothing to help her handler as she was so keen to bounce around like a kangaroo! Still she has much quality and type and needs a lot of hard work. BP.

2. Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Nadneil Dazzle Bora at Hothersall, plainer headed fawn and straighter behind than 1 but better handled and more composed on the move. Very open feet.

JB 1. Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Ardhub Strike a Pose at Hothersall, well conditioned fawn with excellent outline and angles but her rather full eye spoils the expression. RCC

OB 1. Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Hothersall’s Lady Victoria, red bitch of excellent breed type all through, well boned and bodied, perfectly balanced with typical head and expression. Temperament could be bolder which lost her BOB. Still her many virtues warranted the CC.


OD 1. Miss R. Evelyn’s Axeford Othello, the most frustrating dog of the day for me as this fawn dog oozes class and breed type and has so much that the breed needs. Beautifully clean skull with perfect planes, proud crested neck, good angles front and back, ideal bone and feet and he is sound with the correct springing action you so seldom see in the breed. Sadly he was in very poor condition and grossly underweight. Brought up to optimum nick he could well have pressed hard for BIS. CC & BOB.


MPD 1.Mr. J. Hinds 7 Ms. D. Murell’s Autum’s Champ, solidly built puppy in good nick, slightly long muzzle, sound mover but pasterns needs to strengthen and feet tighten. Needs schooling but has some promise. CC & BOB


Only entry excused due to unacceptable level of unsoundness.


PD 1. Dr. W. Welch’s Elthor Dark Doc, fabulous headed youngster in grand nick and with huge potential. Needs to collect his front but has wonderful side gait. Looks a bit long at the moment but when he bodies up and fully matures should be spot on. One for the future – BP,CC & RBOB.

JD 1. Mr. R. Jemmot’s Maruga Warrior, typy, necky and balanced, essentially masculine but needs handling. Good head, when he settled and eventually finished emptying his bowels moved adequately. RCC.

2.Mr. J. Haynes’ Maranahta Studley, good head and coat but could have better defined outline, clearer markings and moved with more enthusiasm.

3. Mr. N. Braiginton’s Elthor Dark Barry, very smart and classy but looks rather bitchy and lacking masculinity. Light in bone and body, quality head, well marked, moved ok. If he butches up could do a lot better.

LD 1. Mr. R. Alleyne’s Guni The Heat Is On, quality dog who moved out well. Rather long and stringy and very lacking in bodyweight. Good head type.

JB 1.Mr. S. Howell’s Elthor Dark Benita, typy with good head but undershot. Poor coat and topline tends to drop off. Decent bone, moves wide in front.

LB 1. Mr. D.R. Sandiford’s Aloe Carrie, decent head, good bite, rather common coat and topline drops off. Lethargic mover.

OB 1. Dr. W. Welch’s Cia Von der Hansestadt Bremen, outstanding type and a real moving machine. Well boned, excellent head type. Just needs more finish over the loin. Easy CC & BOB.


MPD 1. Mrs. S. Nieves’ Danaman Final Edition, typy dog but very narrow at the moment. Pleasing head, could open up more on the go around.

LD 1. Mr. M. Worrell’s Dania Zamb, masculine dog who paced to start with but then got into his stride. Strong head type, good bone and feet, lean and hard. CC

OD 1. Messrs. M. Worrell, C. Charles & D. Manning’s Bara Boss von Shotaan della Vincybar, clean outlined dog with excellent head. Very weak in the rear but made the best of himself going round. RCC

2. Miss S. Patel’s Ch Marinita Arkos of Netanya, very masculine, excellent rib and bone. Would have won the class easily but he paced constantly.

MPB 1. Mrs. K.J. Bynoe’s Danaman Shugar and Spice, high quality, rather narrow all through at the moment, excellent balance of outline and opened up well on the go around.

PB 1. Mrs. S. Nieves & Mr. I. Ghany’s Danaman Foxy Lady, really promising and one of the best hind actions I saw all day in the breed, moving away parallel with already good drive from the hock. Good head type, well boned and bodied. Very promising. Feet need to tighten. BP & BPIS.

NB 1.Mrs. S. Nieves’ Monifa Vanta, mature and slightly masculine, excellent overall picture but could be stronger behind. Opens up well going round.

LB 1. Mrs. S. Nieves’ Shotaan Charisma von Marinita at Danaman, the star of the day for me and the ultimate moving machine. Sometimes her handler bunches her up too much which exaggerates her topline but as soon as she takes off she leaves the rest for dead. Glorious head and expression, fit and hard, balanced and so well angled. Going around the ring she looks as if she could just go all day and the more she went the better she went. CC, BOB, G1 & BIS.

2. Mrs. S. Nieves’ Mirrwood Wanda at Danaman, not as strong in topline as 1 or as powerful behind but good basic stamp.

3.Mr. M. worrell’s Shotaan Asia at Seiunchin, lower withered than 1 and 2 and weaker behind.

OB 1.Mr. M. Worrell’s Silkenwood Posy at Kimberland, on the go around she gave the BOB bitch a run for her money but she does not have her spring of rib or her accuracy coming on, but she scores so heavily in outline and shape and fluidity on the move that she ended up winning RCC, G2 and RBIS.

2. Mr. O. Holder’s Ch Monifa Rani, longer cast than 1 and even more lacking in rib but she too makes a fabulous picture gaiting round and has a lot of quality in her general type.

3. Mrs. S. Nieves’ Netanya Ulla, rather dumpy up against 1 and 2 and could not compete with their profile movement.


ND 1. Miss C. Evelyn’s Rugby Cocktail Chancer, almost solid red, good basic head type, in hard nick and clean outlined but a little long coupled. Such a sound mover. Handler needs practice to get the best out of him.

OD 1. Ms. J. Wilson’s Stillwells Prince of Fire, all male rich red/white. Good enough head, powerful crested neck, short back with correct slope and bang on tailset. Good bone and feet, well angulated front and back, vey much all of a piece and moved with some power. CC & BOB.

2. Mr. J. Evelyn’s Soojon Chancer, had a little more appeal in head and expression than 1 but this red/white is rather bitchy by comparison and lacked the winner’s overt masculinity and nobility. Also moved a little wide in front. Still very compact and makes a very pleasing overall picture. RCC & RBOB.

OB 1. Miss G. Leach’s Ch Seefeld Sea Goddess of Worthington, really beautiful red with beautifully detailed head and typical expression. Set up she looked a million dollars with a clean, balanced outline and perfect angulation. Moving she was so lethargic and lost her topline, clearly preferring to be somewhere else. CC. If she had the enthusiasm of the male she could have been BOB and maybe more.


1. Ch Kingshaven Wonderman at Hothersall, Papillon.


1. Ch Dialynne Astrid.


1. Mr. & Mrs. T. Bentley’s Ch Dialynne Messenger, top quality tricolour Beagle who has held his shape well. Lovely head with soft expression, excellent bone and feet, well ribbed and such a sound and powerful mover. G1.


1. Blanchard’s Papillons.


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