March 20th, 2011, was the first All Breeds Championship Dog Show put on by The Barbados Kennel Club.

Some dogs which were entered were scrapped the day of the show. We did have some afternoon rain, and as our shows are outside, there would have been some maybe slippery grass, but most of us, still gaited and stacked and as far as I know, there were no incidents of accidents.

The Barbados Dog Training Club also put on an agility demonstration before the group judging and if it is safe for agility, in my opinion, it is safe for the rest of us.

Albert Wight did withhold CCs and RCCs and I am in full agreement of withholding CCs and RCCs, if in the judge’s opinion, he/she did not think the dog examined on the day was worthy of the title champion.

Best and Reserve Best in Show with Albert Wight

Best and Reserve Best in Show at dog show in Barbados


Bull Terriers

BOB Mr. N. Harrison’s Ch. Kingdom’s Power, this red is a lovely shape, is well ribbed, good neck & backline, was in spanking condition and moved out freely. Head is a good shape, lovely eye and he shows well. I did not award him the CC as for me he failed in one aspect I consider essential

Staffordshire B.T.

CC, BOB & Group 1 went to Mr. I. Watson’s Cobbybull Mr Dexter, light red puppy which shows promise. Good size and well boned, excellent mouth, well shaped head which needs to develop a little yet but that should come with maturity. His backline is clean, excellent hindquarters and again in first class condition. Moved out soundly.

Papillon and Australian Silky Terrier

Toy Group winners


Australian Silky Terriers

1st CC, BOB & Group 2 Mr. S. & Mrs. F. Drakes’ Balkana Lily at Shiloh, lovely headed bitch, nice size, topline dips a bit behind the withers but she moves out well. Well shaped head, eyes could be darker to enhance her appeal, very good coat texture but the colours are very bleached with the sun.


Only 2 present. CC BOB & Group 1 was the dog Miss E. Blanchard’s Ch. Kingshaven Wonderman at Hothersall. Other than wishing he was less compact in outline I liked him a lot. B/w lovely type, correct eyes and really good ears. Perfect mouth, ultra sound on the move and he was in pristine coat condition. He is the desired size and has finely boned legs which add to his elegance.

The only other of the breed here was the same owner’s Hothersall’s Bella. Again b/w, this time a bitch puppy. Nice for type, finely boned, well defined stop, eye colour could be darker for me and she needs a lot of time as she was very unhappy, tail never raised and she really just wanted to be at home.

Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever

Gundog group winners in Barbados


Golden Retrievers

LD 1st CC, BOB & G1 Mrs. J. Ray’s Fenwood Louis Vuitton of Thatchers, a lovely youngster of just 19 months. Must appeal for his shape, correct head carriage, smooth, clean and flowing topline from the nape of his neck, right to his hocks. His head is so good, the eyes and expression will win many fans, he is really well ribbed, loved his bend of stifle and his side action is so balanced. A Champion in the making.

OD 1st & RCC Mrs. L. Husbands’ Thatcher’s Stormy Knight C.D. lovely head, eyes, ears and expression. Whilst he is well bodied he lacks the layback in shoulder and bend of stifle of the winner, hence though he is sound, he cannot match the reach and drive of the winner on the move. I did like his head pattern, lovely eyes and he was on the tiptoe of expectation throughout.

The only bitch present Mrs. J. Ray’s Amirene Midsummer Dream of Thatcher was sadly out of coat but it only served to enhance her outline. Lovely neck, so well ribbed, level in back, enough bend of stifle which gave her a smooth, balanced profile action. Her head is so pretty, very dark eyes and she is so happy looking.

Labrador Retrievers

Only two present. CC, BOB & G2 was the yellow male Mrs. Z. Gray-Marshall’s Sh. Ch. Linthwaite Centaurus of Zinzara. Very full of himself, a real show off in hard condition and sparkling jacket. I liked his head properties, excellent eyes and expression, strong neck, very well ribbed and he has good legs and feet. Could do with more bend of stifle but his side action was driving well. Shade loose in front action but a worthy winner.

The only bitch shown was a light boned little black bitch – Mrs. Z. Gray-Marshall’s Figtree Lady Saturn of Zinzara. Very sweet natured, in lovely coat and condition but she just lacks size & substance throughout and she is very proud of that tail.

Flat Coated Retrievers

The only Flatcoated Retriever on view was Mrs. B. Greenidge’s Paradise Cash & Prizes & is just 8 months. Even at this age I would have liked her to be a deal bigger all over. She is balanced in shape, her head is right for her size, the eyes so dark and soft in expression, her coat was immaculate and she moved out so truly. Just hope she grows on considerably. Best L/B Puppy in Show.

Irish Setters

Mr. & Mrs. A. Moore’s Fearnley Fire Storm of Moorlands is a 10 months Irish Setter and despite his tender age, I was more than happy to award him the CC & BOB. All male in head which has such quality, long neck, well laid shoulders, scores in ribcage and once he settles for long enough, his outline cannot but take the eye. Coat gleamed and he almost outmoved his willing handler. Should become a big winner



In Beagles there were three shown. DCC & BOB was Miss E. Blanchard’s Ch. Dialynne Storm Reflection at Hothersall lovely type, so good to go over. Compact, well ribbed body, correct tail set and carriage, certainly masculine in head, eyes and outlook and was in excellent coat condition. Sound moving but I just felt as the day went on that his profile action became a bit laboured which cost him in the Group.

The puppy bitch Senator P. & Mrs. J. Gilkes’ Anzac’s Diamond at Kinola is a tri with a pleasing head, eye could be a shade darker, nice neck and backline and in excellent coat. For me she is too light all through and for a beagle I would want heavier bone and more body, even at this age.

I gave Res BOB & the CC to the same owners’ Ch. Kinola’s Cleo. I liked this very feminine and good headed tri bitch. Lovely size, good bone, legs and feet, has enough neck, level back and very good tail carriage. Side action impresses with good driving hocks. Just lost out to the handsome male for BO, as she is that tad longer in loin but she is a very worthy titleholder.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgeback wins Hound Group

3 present and all from the same litter. Owned by Mrs. S.B. Hamilton-Outcalt. CC BOB & G1 went to the Limit dog winner Crownridge Red Regent (AI). What a prospect. He commands attention, super head carriage, skull flat, sufficient width between the ears which are lying close to his head. Punishing muzzle length and depth, long, clean neck and he is really well ribbed. Outline flows smoothly and his hindquarters are well muscled. Side action a delight to see, smooth, ground covering and so balanced. Still a Junior but should become a big winner. Best L/B in Show.

BCC & Res BOB then G2 went to Crownridge Red Red Red (AI) – my notes are brief – totally feminine package, power with beauty, spotless coat and body condition, graceful and far reaching gait. – Another Ch? She should become one easily.

Not disgraced by the Bitch ResCC was Crownridge Red Ruffian (AI) – I felt not quite the rib depth of Red Red and her upper arm is shorter and this is reflected in her side action where she lifts her forefeet too high. Lovely headpiece, scores in eyes, ears and muzzle and like the other two, spotless in coat.


Utility winners at Barbados dog show

Shiba Inu and Miniature Schnauzer at Barbados dog show

Japanese Shiba Inu

There was only 1 Shiba Inu here, the imported 10 months old puppy Calicelesti The One N’Only at Massima, owned by Mr. A. Taylor, which proved to be the star of the show. CC, BOB, G1 then Best In Show against some classy opposition. He just sailed into the ring, ears never down, is blessed with a gorgeous headpiece, stunning eyes and an expression which can’t help but make you smile. So well constructed, devoid of exaggeration anywhere and in immaculate coat, loose leaded, he drifted round the ring with all the arrogance and confidence of youth. He was a joy to judge. Best Puppy in Show.

Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers were headed by Mr. R. & Mrs. J. Anderson’s Ch. Risepark Pretty Smart Guy at Jamrock p/s, lovely size, fairly compact, extremely good head, eyes and expression, neat ears, nice neck, well ribbed, harsh jacket which was flawlessly presented. His side
action is balanced. I think his front would look better if the hair leg near his elbow as less long. Won the CC, BOB & G2

Bitch CC & Res BOB was Mr. R. & Mrs. J. Anderson’s Risepark’s Hallmark at Jamrock. Another p/s, very gassy and full of herself. Utterly feminine in head and expression, certainly compact with a decent ribcage and gently sloping, firm backline. Again beautifully presented with a harsh coat. Is a handful on the move which discounted her in the challenge against her male kennelmate, as she persisted in pulling away and side winding.

The Anderson’s Ch. Risepark High Hopes at Jamrock must have been having an off day as she simply did not want to bring her tail up and she looked thoroughly miserable throughout. Pity as she has much to admire


Bouviers des Flandres

Ch. Calliope Rhapsody C.D. with judge Albert Wight

Two litter sisters which are worthy titleholders, owned by Miss M. Ashby. Ch. Calliope Rhapsody C.D. and her sister Ch. C. Rita C.D. are both good examples of this delightful breed. They have type, substance, are well ribbed though. I felt Rhapsody scored slightly better there and in width in chest. They matched each other on the move, were both in good coat which is harsh to the touch. In splitting these two I just preferred the shorter loin and nearer my ideal height at the withers for a bitch to swing the scales Rhapsody’s way. CC & RCC given.


JD was won by Mr. J. Grazette’s Filago Wot A Thriller. Very handsome headed brown with a touch of class. Head of good length, eye could be a tad darker, excels in reach neck, forechest and the firmness of his backline. Enough bend of stifle, hard muscular condition and pleasing action. He won the CC & Res BOB.

OD was won by Mr. P. Waterman’s Brandy Wines Aries, elegant b/rust, finer all through than the BD and I would like a bigger spring of rib from the spine for one of his sex. Coat shone with well being, very good headpiece with decent length and lovely eyes and expression. Tight feet and he moved out quite soundly. Res.CC

JB produced another star in the making. Mr. J. Grazette’s Funky Freida Wot aThriller impressed me heaps. Elegance with substance, stunning neck and backline, angulations fore and aft are so good, the forelimbs true, tight feet and she is ultra sound in action. Her head is a joy, with a really flat skull, clean in cheek, strong well filled muzzle and such beautiful eyes and an expression which is hard to resist. I believe at her first show and being handled by a young woman for the first time and she did exceptionally well. With some expert help and advice on handling, this pair could be a real threat. No hesitation in awarding her the CC, BOB G1 and finally Res. BIS. What a debut!


PD 1st Mr. P. Ashby’s Zahara Bulls Kingsly Street, quite compact and bigger bodied than the second. Pleasing head, very good dark eyes,
could have more rear angulation, is well ribbed, action still a bit uncollected. 2nd was his litter brother Mr. D. Cobham’s Z. Bulls Sea Lion, taller, too narrow in chest at present and I would like more width in skull for a male. He is well pigmented, has very good eyes for shape and colour. However, he appears to be all legs at present and his hock action is very weak.

JD 1st Messrs. T. Iffill & O. Holder’s Treone Dark Sultan, I thought him to be a delightful example of the breed. Just 14 months he is developing so well. Head will fill out a bit yet but all the essentials are there. Head is balanced, beautiful eyes and expression, correct muzzle ratio, moderate neck which he uses well, ample spring and depth of rib, stands foursquare and his easy side action is evidence of his sound construction. CC, BOB & G2 2nd Mr. A. Riley’s Lord Maximus, this red impressed with his head pattern, such dark eyes, deep stop and strong muzzle. He has strength in neck, is well ribbed, bit lacking in hind angulation but he came towards me very well. 3rd Mr. P. Ashby’s Zahara Bulls Vintage, for me this red is over wrinkled in head, he is a good height, is well off for substance, strong in neck but was clearly feeling the heat . Pasterns and hocks need to strengthen

ND 1st Mr. H. King’s King Bowzer the Brave, fawn, correct mouth which was a bit of rarity today, skull wide enough ample neck, ribs to the elbow, needs more bend of stifle, has a fairly smooth profile action. In good coat. 2nd Mr. R. Jermmott’s Mister Big, big ribbed red, undeniably male, very good eyes, carrying much too much bodyweight which made his action a bit laboured. Strong in neck, well muscled but like several others was feeling the heat.

LD 1st Mr. M. Jones’ Prince Caspian won here on his lovely size, being fairly compact with a good spring and depth of rib, head handles well, scores in eyes for shape, placement and colour. He moved out fluently in profile. 2nd Mr. R. Jemmott’s Mister Amazon, dark brindle with a good head, well defined stop, well carried ears, ample width and depth in chest, bit lacking in angulation both ends and was difficult to assess moving as he was panting a lot and side winding as he went around the ring.

OD 1st & RCC & Res BOB Mr. P. Ashby’s Flanders Commorawy Wood at Zahara Bulls, free long striding action, this fellow has a lot to like. Attractive outline, broad skull, perhaps could use his ears more but his eyes are dark and well placed. Ribs carry well back, excels in bend of stifle, enough bone and he was in firm condition. 2nd Mr. R. Jemmott’s Silver Sands, pleasing head, unexaggerated wrinkle, lovely eye set and colour, fine ears lie close to his cheeks. He has enough spring and depth of rib and his side action showed balance. 3rd Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Ch. Braeaaron Wallace at Ardhub to Hothersall, I have done his father well in the past. Lots to admire and pleased to see he is siring some good stuff. Standing he is impressive, big broad skull, thick neck, well ribbed but carrying too much bodyweight and it reflected in his action. He was toeing in badly in front and he was very laboured as they circled the ring.

JB 1st Mr. R. Wood’s Merignac Woodys Choice for Woodney, b/m red of good size and plenty of substance. Pleasing head, nice eyes, well weighted muzzle, well sprung ribs, lacks hind angulation and needs to firm up in hock. Movement sound enough if a bit heavy footed. 2nd Messrs. T. Ifill & O. Holder’s Treone Dark Suma, dark brindle, lovely type, everything is in proportions it is just that there is not enough of her all over for me.

OB 1st & CC Mr. P.R. P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Ch. Ardhub Strike A Pose at Hothersall, rather a nice quality red bitch of good size and substance throughout. Lovely head type, well placed and shaped eyes, neat ears, strong in neck, well ribbed and such a good tail. Paddles a bit in front but her profile action is powerful and far reaching. 2nd Mr. P. Ashby’s Miss Starlight at Zahara Bulls, rather plain in head but she has lovely eyes and good ears. Good neck, just about enough spring of rib, lacks angulation both ends and she needs to tighten in front action.


PD Mr. P. Waterman’s Dersieger Datz Odin at Brandy Wine, pleasing head and eyes, reasonable body but is long in loin for me. Very raw in development and needs to be more collected on the move as he is loose in front.

JD Dr. W. Welch’s Elthor Dark Nam, nice head, good neck, well ribbed, level backline, just about enough bend of stifle, good side action. Just needs to body up and fill his frame out.

ND 1st & RCC Mr. S. Harrison’s Lonne Biggz, this is much more what I was looking for. A strongly built all male and made powerhouse with a beautiful headpiece, lovely eyes, so balanced in length/height, well boned, impressive outline, so well muscled and gave glimpses of powerful action. Needs ring training to get the best out of him, but he certainly has type in spades.

LD 1st Mr. R. Alleyne’s Guni the Heat Is On, lovely type and outline appeals on the tack. Nice headpiece, correct muzzle, dark expressive eyes. Regrettably he disappointed on the move, moving crabwise for much of the time. Sometimes held himself better on the go around where he looked so much better.

OD 1st CC & BOB Dr. W. Welch’s Ch. Juffther Dream Lover, was unsurprised to read he is already titled. Has size, substance, style, impresses on the move and owns a delightful headpiece and has an air of quality.

PB 1st Mr. A. Weekes’ Miss Lavender, nice type, pleasing action, fairly good head, bit worried in expression and seemed a bit over awed by the whole proceeding. Will look better once she gains in confidence. 2nd Mr. A. Weekes’ Miss Queenbe, litter sister and much more out going and happy. Standing looked the winner as she held herself well. Nice head, good mouth, level back. Unfortunately her hocks are quite weak and she was paddling in front.

MB 1st Mr. S. Howell’s Elthor Dark Jasmin. Lovely wither height for her sex, sufficient weight of bone, scores in neck and backline, pleasing head, ears could be tighter, very good side action. The overall package pleased me enough to award her the CC.

NB 1st Mr. S. Howell’s Kemrorocks Kashmir, I felt she is the type that could breed something good. Her head is a bit plain for me and lacks width in skull. However, she is very well constructed, has a good neck, lovely topline and she is well angulated aft. Perhaps could be shorter coupled, but that is not worrying in a bitch. Side action was good.

LB 1st Mr. R. Alleyne’s Elthor Dark Etta, I liked her size, pleasing head which could have more skull width and cheek, excels in angulation and hindquarters. Although she comes towards you a trifle wide in front she acquits herself so well in profile showing a powerful stride. Won RCC.

OB 1st Mr. P. Waterman’s Dersieger Datz Lilly, lovely head type, good skull width and really good eyes. She looks capable of a hard days work. I would like her to be shorter coupled as she is a tad long in loin. Front action held her back in the challenge.


JB 1st CC & BOB Mr. O. Holder’s Monifa Brandy, b/t of lovely type and once settled to be stacked she is impressive. I found her glamourous and appealing and felt she could be a threat in the Group. Strong dry backline, good angles, tight feet and in stunning condition. Threw it all away on the move where she pulled all over the place and hence her challenge was snuffed out. I’m sure she will have better days 2nd Mr. D. Manning’s Kimberland Van Ankan , different type altogether, rangier not the substance and angles of the winner, not over keen on being handled and needs ring training to get the best out of her.


OD 1st & CC Miss J. Wilson’s Worthingtons Wish Me Luck C.D., nice size and shape, well balanced, immaculate in coat and muscle tone, lovely bodyshape, firm loin and good angles. Smooth free action. Not quite the head quality of the best bitch but he would be a worthy Ch.

OB 1st CC & BOB Miss G. Leach’s Ch. Seefeld Sea Goddess of Worthington, lovely classic type with a beautiful head, eye and expression. Good to go over, well bodied and ribbed, in stunning coat condition. I know she could show a bit more enthusiasm on the move but her sheer classy type had to win the day.

Stud Dog

1st Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Ch. Braeaaron Wallace at Ardhub to Hothersall and his offspring – particularly his G2 winning son.


1st Mrs. J. Ray’s Sh. Ch. Burpham Winter Storm of Thatcher C.D., a charmer. This delightful Golden Retriever just oozes charm and breed type, pretty head, well ribbed, so well proportioned. Still sound as a pound, happy in expression, lovely construction and tail wags non stop. Closely following were r/w boxer Miss J. Wilson’s Ch. Stillwells Prince of Fire. With his stylish head, beautiful eyes, well finished muzzle and still in such good body condition. And finally the little Papillon Miss E. Blanchard’s Ch. Kingshaven Silver Lining at Hothershall, which is keen as mustard and so enthusiastic on the move. Lovely headpiece, just a bit over coated now so it detracted from his shape.

Albert Wight (Judge)

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