Aimee and Ken Kincaid –   American Kennel Club obedience dog judges, trainers, handlers visit Barbados

Excellent job done by Jenni Wilson and her team of Sarah Hamilton, Linda Pearson and Linda Ridout of The Barbados Dog Training Club in inviting the American Kennel Club competitive obedience judges, trainers and handlers of Aimee and Ken  to Barbados.   Ken and Aimee were on the island for a few days and conducted an interesting seminar, held trials,  helped handlers in pointers to improve their scores and also did individual training sessions.

Dog clubs in Barbados, individual trainers and handlers, can go so much further and achieve so much more if they are exposed to experienced, friendly judges  from overseas.

These seminars, trials, and training sessions were open to interested persons, especially the seminar and the private training but it was mainly members of The Barbados Dog Training Club and their dogs who supported the weekend of the American Kennel Club obedience judges, trainers, handers. So the main dogs involved were from the gundog group like the Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks from the Hound Group, the Tibetan Terrier puppy from the Utility Group, and breeds mainly such as the German Shepherd dogs,  Border Collie from the Working Group. There were a few rescue type mixed breeds belonging to members of The Barbados Dog Training Club.

I think Aimee and Ken worked hard with us but still got to see some of the island and I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed them.


In the above photo are my Tibetan Terrier puppy, Calliope Sea Breezes Lover (Jolene) and my Bouvier Des Flandres, Ch. Chepam Valentina at Calliope, C.D. (Isabelle) who did get to meet the American Kennel Club Obedience judges.

Barbados is a very beautiful island with very friendly people and I imagine there are a lot of top overseas judges/trainers who would be willing to come for a vacation and share their knowledge and experience.

It would, of course, be great if Aimee and Ken can return, in say 18 months, as guests of The Barbados Dog Training Club again and see the progress made by the Club with training, trials results and judging in competitive obedience as they gave pointers to the local judges.

The attached pictures of Aimee and Ken are with my Tibetan Terrier puppy “Jolene” who did not do trials but came out for a training session.

Aimee and Ken with Jolene, the Tibetan Terrier Puppy

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