Sue and Swift and Utility dog title

Swift achieves the Utility Dog Title

Congratulations to Sue Blandford and her Papillon dog, Swift, on achieving the Utility dog title.   She is the second person in Barbados to have achieved this title.

Congratulations also to Sarah Hamilton and her Rhodesian Ridgeback, BIS Ch. Celtic River Fizz  on achieving the CDX  title and Sandra Manning with her German Shepherd Dog, Sophie, on achieving the CD title.


Rhodesian Ridgeback achieves the CDX title

Rhodesian Ridgeback achieves the CDX title




gsd and cd title

German Shepherd achieves CD title

Congratulations to the other participants for passing various legs of the CD.

New comer, Sarah Armstrong, was high and first in the CD trials with her Golden Retriever, Tucker. She passed leg A with high scores.

The trials were held at Waterford through The Barbados Dog Training Club on March 30, 2016.

This is what Sue had to say: “I am so proud of Swift, my Papillon, for passing his third leg in Utility This is the most advanced obedience test in the USA.

I would also like to thank Linda Pearson of Pawsability for teaching me, I am very grateful for her expertise and also Sarah Hamilton for making it possible to take the test here in Barbados.”

Besides the Utility title with Swift, Sue has also achieved CDX titles with the following dogs:

Ch. Dusha (Dobernmann) in 1992

Ch. Karmer (Dobernmann) in 1994

Tattoo (Akita) in 2002

Ch. Wizard (Golden Retriever) in 2008

Swift (Papillon) in 2010

Magic (Belgium Malinois) in 2015

Phantom (German Shepherd) in 2015

I believe Sue would hold the record in Barbados for having as many as 7 CDX titles and now also being the second person here to achieve the Utility title.

On her dogs, Sue said: “I love them all and thank them for being such wonderful, patient companions”.

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