Thank you Shane for submitting the below post about the March All Breeds Championship Dog Show in the Bahamas.

Quite a few differences between the Barbados dog show scene and the Bahamas one.

Your judges are from the USA, ours are from the UK.

It is also good that US exhibitors also attend the Bahamas show as they can offer advice among other things.

Our judging system, based on the UK one, requires a written critique from the judge. I don’t believe that in the USA the judges have to do critiques. It is, to me, always interesting to read critiques on your own as well as your competitors’ dogs.

We have different breeds.

What is a Potcake? I know you told me that is a local dog, but is that a registered pedigree dog and I would love to see what it looks like as its name does make me wonder. 🙂 🙂

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2 Comments to “Bahamas Dog Shows”

  1. Shane says:

    Yes our judges are mainly from the U.S., however, time and time again the club has brought over Canadian judges as well. The most recent set of judges from Canada were Mr. Ray Smith and Mrs. Jacqueline Rusby in 2008. Then there was Mr. Sonny Tougas and Mr. Larry Kereluke in 2007.

    The U.S. judges are not allowed to give a written critique. The reason for this is because the A.K.C. has their judges on a time limit. They are expected to judge 25 dog in 1 hour. It might sound like a lot of time however, it is not. That is barely 2 1/2 minutes to asses each dog, although that also includes marking the judges book, distributing ribbons, taking pictures and other miscellaneous stuff. So there would be no time to give a written critique especially at a large all breed event. So to take the U.K.’s approach and give a written critique to all dogs awarded or that of the F.C.I. on every dog entered in the class can be time consuming.

    In the states right now there are some people that would be looking forward for judges to give written critiques, however not everyone would be so happy to have their dogs faults posted for the entire dogdom to see. There are many reasons for this because their maybe a paticular stud dog whose production of pups maybe hindered because many judges have reported for example that it maybe over or under angulated in the rear. It can also be reversed for a female with a fault that may not be able to be bred to top males as the owners may not want their pups to be genetically associated with a dam that has all their faults out there for everyone to see. Also there is the instance on behalf of the judge. What if there is a dog that was praised by 10 jusges for its movement but the 11th judge that dislikes the dogs gaiting (however some people fail to realize that this is the judges opinion on the day). What does this say about the 11th judge or what does this REALLY say about the dog?

    Although if an exhibitor would like to have a critique from the judge, this is allowed, however, of course verbally. This is the oppurtunity for that person to have the judges truthful thoughts on what s/he saw with out the entire show community to see. However, this doesn’t stop the prying ear.

    Well for Potcakes, there is a link below. Potcakes are only registerable over here and there is a breed standard for them.


  2. admin says:

    Wow, Shane, that is very interesting, especially the link about the Potcakes.

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