Best of Breed Rottweiler BKC\’s show October 2008

A brief video of Cia Von der Hansestadt Bremen in the show ring.

As most of our puppies still come in from the UK, certain breeds which would have been docked in the past, like Rotts, Dobes, Boxers,  are coming down with their tails.  This is because it is now illegal for the tails of most breeds to be docked in the UK and most of Europe.

I personally know of puppies which have been imported from the UK and the owners here have taken them to a vet and had the tail docked as they prefer the appearance of a docked specimen.  One of the puppies I know of, had its tail docked as late as 16 weeks – sounds more like an amputation to me.

But some of the breeders here are leaving the tails on their puppies, the Rottweiler being an example.

The video above is of an imported Rottweiler who came in with her  tail.  To me, the tail on a Rott. does not look bad and in some people’s opinion, it will give the dog a better balance.

So it will interesting to see what the breeders here do.  I suspect most of them will continue to dock the tail and hope that no such legislation comes to Barbados.

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2 Comments to “Barbados can still dock or leave tails on”

  1. Cyber Dan says:

    Still trying to accept the Rott with a tail.

    Cyber Dan

  2. admin says:

    I think it is just an adjustment to a changed look for that breed. The major Rott. breeder on the island has been importing Rotts. which come in with tails and it seems that he is also not docking his puppies. You could adjust but we are still lucky, and can continue to dock tails.
    Because of how we perceive a standard, imagine an Akita without a tail, or the gundog groups without a tail where those long tails usually seem to wag non stop. 🙂 The docking legislation has affected some breeders overseas who are unhappy with their new breed standard. Luckily for the USA, they can continue to dock.

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