Besides Obedience trials which are this month, and agility which I suspect will also finish this month, is the final Barbados Kennel Club’s All Breeds Championship Dog Show.

In my opinion, doing well in dog shows, involves having a dog which is a good breed specimen, and which is well trained to gait and stack.

Also a handler who has the knowledge to gait the dog at the best speed and also minimise its faults as best as possible to the judge.

And speaking of the judge, judging can also be regarded as very subjective as what might appear to be a “good” head to one judge might appear “coarse” or too massive to another judge.

And judges do have their preferred breeds, even all rounders. With a specialist judge, it might benefit the handler of the particular breed or not. For instance, if a judge likes Giant Schnauzers and he sees one come in the ring chances are that he will watch out for that dog. He might, if he is a specialist judge of Giant Schnauzers, also be more critical than an all rounder as he would also probably be more aware of any faults.

For those serious competitors, preparation work must be done before the show. In my case, as I have a coated breed where grooming is very important. I will be looking at combing out and trimming their coats. And I will probably shampoo them next week. Shampooing their coats just before a show, I have found, makes the coats a bit soft.

Some serious competitors take their dogs swimming, I have heard of some using a threadmill and I know of someone who sends his dog off on bicycling road work with someone. My Bouviers get exercise from my grounds and also I will take them walking. But I agree my exercising them would not be as challenging for them as some of the other methods.

For competitors who need encouragement and stimulation, see what very well trained dogs can do, even among distractions.

The video is very impressive and the trainer of those dogs should be very proud.

The dogs would be fit for endurance trials and the handler himself has to be very fit and in full control of those dogs. Especially in good control as the dogs are loose and running in a pack. Great hand signals and voice commands and everyone is obviously having a great time.

I cannot see this happening in Barbados. 🙂 I have never ever seen anyone here exercising more than one dog on a bicycle, and it would have to be on a lead to ensure control.

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  3. lisadogtrainer says:

    I will have to agree that the video of the man and his large pack of dogs is very impressive. However, it is obviously not the first time that he took them out, I’ll bet it was a different story then. This is obviously months and months of training and control of his dogs. Notice the other people he passed did not look surprised or even frightened of the pack of dogs, it was obviously a regular route he took. Still, it shows you what a great bond he has with his dogs. Maybe he left the disobedient dogs home :))

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