The judge for the show is Albert Wight, a well known international all rounder whom I believe awards CCs in some 84 breeds and is regarded as one of the UK’s 10 top ranked judges. He has judged in Barbados on three occasions, the last occasion in 2002 he put up an Akita which was imported and was already a UK Champion. And, at that show, there was also an imported American Champion Akita.

There are over 70 dogs entered for the show with the most entries coming from the Rottweilers and Bull Mastiffs.

The Japanese Akita which at one time probably had the most entries in shows, now has, I believe, a single entry. And the top show dogs in Akitas have long gone from the show scene.

It was unfortunate for this breed as its looks made it popular and the breeders sold a lot of puppies and some people bought puppies just to breed them and make some money from the breed’s popularity. But this happens to breeds all over the world except in the breeds where breeders are very careful to whom they sell puppies. And, in Barbados, dogs might be bought also as guard dogs and might also be tied outside or in kennels for most of their lives.

And the Rescue Homes are usually full and desperately try to find homes for dogs which end up there and the dog pound could also tell a sorry tale as it has to euthanise dogs which are brought inside its walls.

People should research carefully before they purchase a puppy and/or dog and the breeder should also research the buyer, unless they are just breeding for money and not the love of the breed.

There are other breeds, besides the Akita, which will only have one entry. They are the imported Irish Setter from the Gundog Group which is just out of puppy class and the imported Australian Silky Terrier which will compete in the Toy Group.

Irish Setter in Barbados, March 2011

Irish Setter


Australian Silky Terrier in Barbados

Australian Silky Terrier

Rhapsody and Rita (sisters) enjoyed themselves with Troy Dan and Tramaine (brothers).

Bouviers in Barbados

Ch. Calliope Rita, C.D. and Ch. Calliope Rhapsody, C.D.

Both Bouviers are already champions and both have already also achieved the obedience C.D. title. Rhapsody was away from the show ring last year, except on one occasion, as I wanted to make Rita up as a champion and Rita usually get the Reserve Challenge Certificate when Rhapsody is in the ring..

Both have to be groomed this week to be ready for the show on March 20th, 2011.

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