Crate accepted by airlines for shipping dogs

Crate accepted by airlines for shipping dogs

Effective January 1, 2015, is the new legislation for the importation of dogs (and cats) into Barbados.

This legislation I am sure will be much appreciated by persons looking to import/travel with dogs to this island.

Some of the local news headlines  are saying that we can now import dogs from all over the world! We could for years  import dogs from all over the world but the difference is that the animal is no longer required to have a Pet Passport and have to go to a country like the United Kingdom which is supposed to be rabies free before coming to Barbados. The animal can fly direct to Barbados once it meets the health requirements under the new legislation.

The former legislation was disheartening for people from areas like North America, Canada, who were looking to come to Barbados with their family, maybe on a work contract and/or a prolonged vacation, as they would have had to pay the expense and be parted with their pet who would have had to go, for example, to the United Kingdom and a quarantine kennel  before coming to Barbados.  Now, once the health regulations are met, their pet can arrive with them without the stress of a separation period in another country.

Barbados also has a kennel club for the registration of pedigree dogs. However, dogs entering the island do not have to register with The Barbados Kennel Club. If the owners wish to compete in The B’dos. Kennel Club’s All Breeds Championship Dog Shows the dogs would need to be registered and also if the dogs are used for breeding purposes, the dogs would need to be registered for their pedigree purposes.

Dogs in Barbados are required, under our laws, to be licensed and the licence fee can be paid at the Barbados Government’s Animal Control Centre, Black Rock, St. Michael. The licence fee can be paid annually or for several years at a time.

This new importation legislation will also make us more island friendly towards persons with seeing/guide dogs as these persons need to  travel with their dogs.

Barbados is a rabies free island so we have to ensure that dogs entering are rabies free and hence they have to be inoculated against rabies.

Here is the link to the new legislation for further information.

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