The first Barbados Kennel Club’s All Breeds Championship Dog Show took place on March 26.  The judge originally invited was Liz Cartledge who is very highly respected as one of the UK top dog judges.  She has previously been approved by The Kennel Club UK to award Challenge Certificates to most of our breeds here and judge all groups at Championship level and also to judge Best in Show.  She has judged in Barbados on several occasions and also all over the world. I do have a lot of respect for Liz Cartledge, she knows the breeds, is very polite to exhibitors and writes a very honest critique.

When she was unable to keep the judging assignment, the Barbados Kennel Club replaced her with Jenny Miller who at this current time, according to The Kennel Club UK’s web site, is approved to judge the Gundog Group at Championship level and regarding the dogs she judged here, Jenny Miller was previously approved by The Kennel Club, UK,  to award Challenge Certificates to the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Flat Coated Retriever, Irish Setter and the German Shepherd.

Not yet five years and this judge arrives again!!!!!

It is easy to go to Shows on this site and also see what top judges said on the same dogs Jenny Miller  has written critiques on. And, of course, other judges critiques will follow,. If they are here for the first time and are regarded as honourable judges it will be interesting to read their critiques and compare their critiques.

Jenny Miller

Jenny Miller

The show had several visiting photographers  belonging to The Barbados Photographic Society. This is a club that I also belong to. That club’s committee tries to find a different venue for photographers to come out to each month, it could be the Gold Cup horse racing, a busy day in Oistins and a dog show would have been new for the photographers who did come out. This was a one time ever visit I believe for most of them but their presence could have accounted for an apparent increase in spectators to the show.

My friend Franz Phillips was there and I also have photos from Floyd Blackett, a professional USA photographer, who was one of my house guests at the time of the show. I have permission from both of them to use their photographs.

Only 57  dogs entered the show ring (excluding variety classes).

And to compare the individual breed numbers which showed under Jennifer Miller in 2012 is interesting.

In 2012, 3 breeds showed in the Toy Group, only 1 breed showed in March, 2017 and only 1 entry.

In the Terrier Group in 2012, there were 2 breeds,  in 2017 only 1 breed showed and only 1 entry.

The Gundog and Utility groups remained at 4 breeds  each.

The Hound group went down from 3 breeds in 2012 to 1 breed in 2017.

The  most significant drop in breeds came from the Working Group. In 2012 there were 8 breeds (and sometimes this group has had as many as 11 different breeds lined up for group judging). In 2017, Jennifer Miller only had 4 dogs/breeds  in the ring for the Working Group judging.

Shiba Inu and Boxer go BIS and RBIS

I am not saying that this judge was the cause of the lack of breeds entering the show ring but it suggests that people in Barbados might import and own and breed  all kinds of breeds here but not be bothered in entering and supporting The Barbados Kennel Club’s dog shows.

Below is Jenny Miller’s critique of the  dogs she judged:

Staffordshire Bull Terrier at dog show in Barbados

Staffordshire Bull Terrier at a dog show in Barbados, March 2017




1st – MR. W.A. WELCH’S DEVILS AND FAIRIES QUICK SILVER ( IMP) – 1ST AND CC BOB GROUP WINNER, very well built 2 year old dark brindle bitch in lovely coat and condition, good size and weight, feminine well constructed head, dark eyes and well set ears. Good neck to shoulders, firm topline to nice pump tail. Well angled both end, enough bone and good tight feet. Brisk sound mover, was moved too fast at first but settled to correct gait, worthy CC, should have a bright future.




1st – MRS. G. SEALE’S EMBEE HIGHLAND MAGIC (IMP) – 1ST CC BOB GROUP WINNER, smart outline and balance to this black and tan 2 year old male. Super head flat skull, well set on ears nice feathers, large round dark expressive eyes, good neck to shoulder and firm backline and well carried wagging tail.  Well bodied and ribbed, boned legs of correct length good feet. Coat presentation was a little fluffy just needs some conditioning and flattening before a show but was nice and clean. Handler had difficulties but settled him into a sound free happy stride.  Should do well with slightly better presentation




1st – MRS. L. HUSBANDS’ SH.CH HOLDERS SAPPHIRE SKY – CC BD BOB BEST L/B, nice size and correct balance to this well coated and feathered boy of which I preferred his outline and balance. Correct head shape, nice stop dark almond eyes, well pigmentated, good use of ears.  Good front and rear angles, bodied with depth and well sprung ribs, good muscle tone. Nicely presented coat of good colour. Straight well boned legs, tight feet, moved out well, little close behind but sound, very good side stride, happy tail.

2nd – MRS. J. RAY’S SH.CH FENWOOD LOUIS VUITTON OF THATCHERS (IMP) – RCC, lovely character to this good looking 7 year old.  Masculine head but slightly narrower than my winner, good eye colour and pigmentation, good use of his ears.  Presented well in paler coat with nice feathering over a good body  correctly angulated front and rear, level back well sprung ribs little longer in loin slightly spoilt his balance and outline. Nicely boned straight legs, feet could be tighter. Moved out soundly but not the drive and stride of 1.



1st – MRS. L. HUSBANDS AND MRS. J. RAY’S SH.CH ANGELUPARKS HEAVEN’S GIFT TO THATCHER (IMP) – BCC RBOB, very attractive on the stance this 4 year old paler coated bitch. Lovely shape and size with a feminine well constructed head, dark expressive eyes and good use of well set ears. Well muscled neck to well laid shoulder, firm topline to tail well feathered. Good body nicely angled, well presented clean coat in nice condition. Moved out bit close to rear but sound at front with good reach, not the drive or ground coverage of the dog.




1st – MRS. V. CHALLENOR’S ZINZARA MIDNIGHT MAGIC – CC B/L BOB GROUP WINNER, quality dog this 23 month old, very well built and put together. He has most all I look for in a dog with such style.  Presented in clean coal black double jacket in gleaming condition. Masculine strength to his head, dark expressive eyes, well used ears, strong neck into clean shoulders, firm back line to well set on otter tail, which is held and carried too gaily. Well ribbed body with depth and substance, well angulated front and rear with good muscle tone, straight well boned legs, tight cat feet. Really positive mover with great drive and reach covers ground, lost the chance of top honours on his exuberant tail carriage.


1st – MRS. A. ELLIOT’S SH.CH. MARANATHA BAILEY- RCC RBOB, nice size and balance to this well constructed yellow in very good double coat in nice clean and healthy condition. Masculine well worked head, dark well shaped eyes and used ears, strong neck to shoulders, firm level back and nice set on and carried otter tail, well bodied and ribbed with substance, depth to chest, straight forelegs, well boned tight feet, good return of stifle and hocks. Moved out with good drive but very wide behind reaching sound forward action.



1st – MRS. Z. GRAY-MARSHALL’S ZINZAR DARCY’S DELIGHT (AI)- BCC B/LB, very impressed by this 12 months youngster who should have a good future, just could not match the maturity of the males for me on the day. Lovely head piece, super dark expressive eyes and well used ears completing the picture.  Good neck length, well laid shoulders, firm level back and nice set on otter tail. Good front and rear angles with muscle tone. Well ribbed body with depth, well presented and conditioned yellow double coat. Straight well boned legs and tight feet, excellent side stride and sound both ends.


1st – MRS. Z. GRAY-MARSHALLS’S THEBERTON TITMOUSE OF ZINZARA – RCC, nice outline to this black, correctly coated with nice overall balance and build. Feminine head not having the strength or build of my winner, would prefer darker eyes, well used ears. Good neck to shoulder but would like better upper arm, well ribbed back body nice loin, well muscled quarters would like more return of stifle. Although she covers ground well needs more drive is little close behind and inclined to drop her top line on the move. Happy otter tail well used and carried.




1st – MRS. B.GREENRIDGE’S BLACFRIAR MONOPOLY IN PARADISE (IMP) – CC BOB, loved the outline of this quality young man, super masculine one piece head, dark well set expressive eyes, excellent neck set into well laid back shoulders into firm level topline and well carried happy thrashing tail with nice feathering. Correctly angulated front, I would like more depth to his chest, good body, well ribbed back, super presentation to his black well conditioned coat with lovely feathering. Enough muscle tone and return of hindquarters with good hocks. Straight well boned legs and tight feet really impressed on the move with excellent ground coverage.




1st – MR. & MRS. A. MOORE’S SH.CH FEARNLEY FIRE STORM OF MOORLANDS C.D. (IMP) – CC BOB, this nearly 7 year old is an old favourite whom I have done really well on a previous visit but today although he retained his lovely outline and held his topline was carrying far too much weight which showed in his movement today which was sound but sluggish. Such a beautiful head so well constructed, super eyes and ears well furnished. Lovely neck length, well laid shoulders, angulated front, good depth of chest and brisket, beautiful gleaming red coat nice, finish and in excellent condition. Correct tail carriage with nice action. Straight well boned legs, his feet could be tighter, good hindquarters and short hocks.





1st – MR. O. & MASTER K. HOLDER’S CH CROWNRIDGE FLASH FORWARD – DCC BLD RBOB, very impressive dog but I could see he was carrying a little weight which was making him loose his topline both on the stance and then on the move. Correct head proportions, good skull and well set ears, dark eyes. Good neck, shoulders and upper arm, well ribbed body, good rump and well set on tail. Muscular hindquarters, good hocks and tight feet. Well presented rich coat in excellent condition. Powerful stride and sound.

2nd – MRS. N.FLORES’ XOEFORDIAN BALACK – RCC, young 20 months richly coated dog in lovely condition. Nicely built head lacking a little in strength and skull width, nice eye shape and colour. Good neck to shoulder, lacking in depth of chest but with a nice brisket and tuck to loin. Well muscled quarters with moderate return of stifle. Firm topline, good ridge and crowns, too much drop in back line, nice tail carriage over a conditioned body with good clean skin for his age, in my opinion would have liked to see a few more pounds added to his weight. Straight boned legs, would like more bone with better feet, good mover with nice stride.



1st – MRS. S.B. HAMILTON-OUTCALT’S CROWNRIDGE BUBBLE CANDY (AI)- BCC BOB BLPUPPY, IN LAST 3 FOR BEST PUPPY IN SHOW, very impressed by this quality nearly 9 months youngster. Headed the class over her sister, preferred this girls head construction and overall build and balance. Very pretty head just needing now to mature as she grows, good use of ears and kind dark expression. Good length of neck, clean shoulders, firm correct topline, with ridge and nice crowns, correct tail set and carried well.  Lovely body with ribs well back, good chest of depth and brisket, and tuck to loin. Good forequarters and best of hindquarters. Straight nicely boned legs would prefer tighter feet. At first was being handled but once settled still showed to be a free sound mover. Should have a bright future which I will try and follow.

2nd – MRS. S.B. HAMILTON-OUTCALT’S CROWNRIDGE BUBBLICIOUS (AI)- RCC, pretty head but slightly longer and narrower than her sister, nice kind eye and ears set on well but not used to advantage.  Lovely length of neck, clean shoulders, firm topline with good ridge and crowns, good croup to nicely carried tail. Well bodied with enough depth to chest and brisket, well ribbed back body covered with deep rich red jacket with good conditioned skin. Would like more return of stifle lovely straight well boned legs and nice tight cat like feet. Moved out well and soundly little closer behind than 1.

Utility group winners March 2017




1st – MR. B. BOYCE’S DONKEMRE THOR- DCC RBOB, a substantial made male, little on the bigger side for me and carrying a bit of extra weight. Strong masculine head, good stop, eye and ear placement.  Well muscled neck, well held backline to tail a little low set and could be held firmer. Nice muscular body, well ribbed back covered in thick double brindle and white coat. Good front and rear quarters, well boned straight legs and well padded compact feet. Was side winding and hocking but had forward reach and was sound, covered the ground well.



1st – MR. J. BRAITHWAITE’S MASSIMA TURNING ME UP, BCC BOB BLB BEST LOCAL & PUPPY BEST PUPPY IN SHOW, my little star of the show, really feel for this attractive well built and constructed nearly 9 months pup. Entered the ring with that real showgirl attitude and was well handled. Lovely head piece just needing to mature with her age, super ear set, dark alert eye. Head held well on good neck length, clean shoulders, firm backline, super set and carried tail. Body with substance and depth, chest will need to fill in as she matures. Correct length to well boned legs, compact tight feet. Good upper arm well angled shoulder, correct return of stifle and short hocks. Body covered in clean well presented white patched coat with good under jacket. Very sound forward action and free driving rear action. Should have a great future, good luck to her owner and handler.



1st – MR. B.A. BASCOMBE’S’ ARDHUB DEVILS GAME AT NEXGEN (IMP) – DCC BDP BP of good size, shape and overall balance this 8 months boy. Head of correct shape with enough development for age, good open eye and neat erect ears. Strong neck, shoulders and backline nice strong bottom, good width of chest straight forelegs held well. Neat tight feet, enough return to stifle and hocks. Nicely bodied with good ribs covered with clean well conditioned brindle and white jacket. Stylish little mover with correct action and very sound both ends.



1ST – MR. H. JORDAN’S CH JAFRAK DORADA (IMP)- BCC BOB RES GROUP WINNER, very eye catching fawn bitch with black mask, lovely overall size, balance and of correct breed type. Attractive head good proportion and well worked, good dark eye, well positioned neat erect ears. Strong muscled neck, well laid shoulders with correct topline to good rump. Good width and depth of chest, nice body well shaped and ribbed, presented in excellent coat and condition. Moved out with correct sound action on good legs and compact feet. Gave a good account of herself in the group challenge.

2nd – MR. H. JORDAN’S CH JAFRAK WOWING THE CROWDS (IMP) – RBCC RBOB, lucky owner to have two such nice girls from this well known breeder, also to have looked after them so well too. Very feminine head of good proportion and strength, nice mouth, eye shape and colour, strong erect ears, short strong neck and shoulders, preferred topline of my winner but firm back and good rump. Super body well ribbed lovely clean dark brindle coat well conditioned. Stocky well boned forelegs nice foot, would have liked slightly better return to hindquarters, well muscled and so sound with correct action both fore and arft.



1st – MR. A. TAYLOR’S CH CALICELESTI THE ONE N ONLY AT MASSIMA (IMP) – DCC BOB GROUP WINNER & BIS, this was my overall star of the day such a showman who oozes quality of breed type. I had judged this boy some 5 years ago when just a pup and thought him something special but I was worried then he might grow on but still gave him top honours. Today he has matured into something just as stunning and as he entered the ring he just stole the show presenting himself so well, stands and positions himself correctly, is now of a lovely size and balance and built with all the bits in the right places. His beautiful rich orange coat so well conditioned, nice tail well curled with great legs and dainty feet, he covers the ground with sound brisk action. So pleased for his excellent handler, owner that he has done so well and is now producing quality stock as he was also the Stud Dog winner

2nd – MR. A. TAYLOR’S CH MASSIMA NO ONE GREATER – RCC BLBD, very pretty well marked boy of 3.5 years old and the son of my BIS winner. Smaller than his father and not quite as well balanced but is of a lovely type. Super head construction, dark alert eye, neat ears well used. Good neck to shoulder into good backline and well positioned tail well carried. Well bodied and coated, enough angulation both ends but not as good as 1. Straight boned legs and feet could be tighter. Moved with good sound action.



1st – MR. A. TAYLOR’S CH MASSIMA I’M SO FANCY – BCC BLB RBOB BLB, the daughter of my dog winner from another litter. Very nice size and balance for this typey bitch, sweet feminine foxy head well constructed, alert dark eyes, erect ears, head carried well on good neck, nice shoulders and firm backline and well set on tail, carried well. Super body with substance and depth well ribbed back and covered in a quality shaded sable and white coat. Nicely angled front and rear with good tone. Moved out with brisk action fraction close behind, well boned legs and tight feet.





Tibetan Terrier in the show ring in Barbados

Tibetan Terrier at dog show March, 2017, Barbados

1st – DR. J. CRUMP’S CH KYBO CALYPSO KID (IMP) – DCC BOB, I liked the overall size and correct breed type for this impressive beautifully presented Black and White coated dog. Lovely to see a dog shown with this heavy type of coat in such good condition in this temperature. Although I liked his head would in my opinion have liked a little more strength, correct mouth, eye, and ear set. Excellent topline to tail little low set but carried well with enough plume. Well ribbed body with depth and substance, correct chest depth, nice body line, correctly angulated front and rear. Straight legs, well padded compact feet, stylish mover and sound both ends, well handled and presented.

Rather pathetic as only 4 breeds returned for the once very powerful Working group line up in Barbados, March 2017. The judge was Jenny Miller.





Bouvier Des Flandres at a dog show in Barbados

Bouvier Des Flandres at a dog show in March, 2017


1st – MISS M. ASHBY’S CH CHEPHAM VALENTINA AT CALLIOPE CD (IMP) – BB BOB, on looking across the ring this bitch presents a nice outline of good breed type and balance, although her body has enough depth and substance and her head is of correct strength and shape kind dark eyes and well placed ears but on putting your hands over her, she was in bad coat presentation, her trim, its condition and cleanliness. Her skull had nick marks and scabs. I was disappointed to find this from an owner, I felt her good breed points and straight well boned legs and sound movement plus excellent temperament allowed the award.

Please read my notes on this below



1st – MR. B.A. BASCOMBE’S ARDHUB BLACK’S IN THE NAME TO NEXGEN (IMP) – DCC RBOB, very impressive 18 months dark brindle of good breed type. Masculine well constructed head, good mouth and dentition, alert dark eyes, muscular clean neck into well laid shoulders and firm topline to tail well set and carried. Great body substance with good depth, correct angles front and enough rear return well muscled throughout. Straight boned legs and well boned compact feet. Very impressive on the move which was sound. Pleased to hear he gained his title on the day.

2nd – MR. B. LOWE’S CH ROYCEPRIDES EPIC DREAMER AT COTTAGE (IMP) – upstanding 4.5 year old Fawn coated male with good mask. Really liked his masculine strength to head, good stop, dark eyes well positioned, well positioned ears, strong jaw and good dentition. Muscular neck to good shoulder failed in backline which was long and dipping badly. Well bodied and ribbed little long in loin, good depth of chest and well developed quarters with a better return of stifle than my winner. Strongly boned legs and compact feet. Could cover the ground well but not as positive or sound as 1.



1st – MRS. M. SMALL-INNISS’ NEXGEN ANY GIVEN SUNDAY AT JONABULL – RCC BP BLB, very well put together for her age, just 10 months. Lovely overall breed type with super body strengths and in good tone, correct angulations front and rear. Very impressed with her head construction with enough stop, a strong jaw and dark mask, but failed in eye colour for me which spoils her expression, well carried ears.  Strong neck, shoulders and backline to well set tail. Beautifully presented Fawn jacket in good clean condition. Powerful boned legs feet need attention. Very stylish mover.

2nd – MR. M. MOORE’S NEXGEN FLASHING LIGHTS – another 10 month old presented well in a dark brindle coat with a lovely outline and very well bodied with good ribbing, substance and depth.  Impressive head for age and nice set eyes of good colour, well used ears, lovely temperament too.  Strong boned legs and tight feet but her movement let her down being very close front and rear and not the side stride of 1.


1st – MR. B.A. BASCOMBES’S ZAHARA BULLS KATNISS AT NEXGEN – BCC BOB BLB, strongly made impressive bitch on the stance and the move. Presented in super condition with good muscle tone and a body with depth and substance, well ribbed back with short loin covered with a dark fawn jacket.  Sweet head of strength with good black mask, eyes of good shape and colour, well positioned and used ears. Strong neck and firm backline to well set and carried tail. Strongly made straight legs feet could be tighter, good mover free and sound with good driving action just a little too close behind.



1st – MR. M. BOVELL’S QUIGLEY VON BLACKSAGE ( IMP) – just 7 months nice enough outline for me, she is a little long in loin and back which spoils her overall correct balance. Broad head skull well shaped for her age, defined stop, clean jaw line, eye shape and colour, well hung ears set well apart. Moderate neck to well laid shoulders, good depth of body with substance, coarse flat coat of black and rich mahogany.  Correctly angulated with good return of stifle but surprised to see her side winding on the move, but settled to being sound.

2nd – MR. O. HOLDER’S MONIFA DARK SPARKS – loved the outline and 50/50 balance of this 6 months baby, sweet head with good width and well positioned ears set wide apart. Nice dark eye, tight black lips but at present mouth and dentition needs to settle. Strong muscular neck to well laid shoulders and firm back line over a lovely body well ribbed back with well condition black and rich mahogany flat coat.  Good rear quarters, not the bone and feet of 1 and limping slightly on the rear.


1st – MR. S. HOWELL’S ARKON V HAUS GASKIN (IMP) – feminine with broad skull on nice head, well set apart hung ears, good stop, dark set eyes, head held well on strong neck and shoulders well laid back firm but little long, strong rump nice tail carriage. Good depth of chest, brisket well ribbed body with depth ribs could be further back making loin little long, presented well in well marked rich tan on black flat coarse coat. Very sound driving action with good front and rear action.


1st – DR. W.L. WELCH’S ELTHOR DARK TITO – very well constructed boy with good overall balance of height to length, well presented coarse coat of good rich mahogany and black overlay. Strong broad head, good skull and wide set ears well hung, good set and use of dark eyes. Strong clean jaw.  Muscular neck to well laid shoulders and into a topline that dips both on stance but more on the move just lacking in muscle tone. Good depth of body well ribbed, correctly angled front and rear. Strong rump and nice tail set on and carried. Very sound free driving action nice side stride.


1st – MR. J. EDGHILL’S MONIFA BLACK MAXIMUS – DCC BLD BOB BLB, very impressive quality male has great ring presence and has the correct 50/50 balance with that lovely height to length. Super neck to shoulder with good upper arm and depth of chest, super held topline held firm over a well ribbed body, lovely to see docked tail. Strong masculine head, broad skull and well set apart ears nicely hung. Super expression from dark well set eyes, good close thin lips, correct dentition. Well muscled throughout, presented in clean super condition to his rich mahogany marked coarse flat coat. Very sound free driving action with excellent side stride off of good boned legs and tight feet.

2nd – MR. N. MCCLEAN’S KENT RIDGE SUZUKI’S DRIVER – RCC, very smart outline of good balance on this upstanding male but lacking the bone strength of my winner and needing tighter feet.  Strong masculine head with broad skull well set apart ears, nice eye colour. Well bodied and ribbed but carrying just a little too much weight which showed in his movement, which was sound with drive, but his topline did not hold firm.

3rd – DR. W.L. WELCH’S ELTHOR DARK MATCHO – younger dog of the 3 and it showed in his development. Lacking the strength of skull and head although it is masculine enough, dark eye well set as were ears. Firm back little longer than first 2 and longer in loin, presented in excellent coat of good colour and condition. Well bodied ribs need to be further back. Enough angles front and rear, straight boned legs moved out ok but was very close at foot .



1st – MR. S. HOWELL’S KEMROROCKS KHALEESI VOM VISCARDI (IMP) – RBCC BPB BPIB, just a little more mature than the others in the class. She has the most beautiful head well constructed with good and correct length, super expressive dark eyes and well used ears set well apart. Loved her balance and outline, super angulation front and rear with good muscle tone for age. Presented in firm body condition with stunning well conditioned and clean well marked mahogany flat coarse jacket. Head held nicely on well laid shoulder into a firm back, strongly balanced legs and tight feet, very stylish mover once she settled into the job. Lost on handlers positioning in the final BP challenge.

2nd – MR. O. HOLDER’S MONIFA DARK SPARKLES – BLBP, very sweet pup with correct head development for her age, with all the good points, head held well on good neck length into a firm balanced topline and tail, for her age I would have like more body weight, not the substance of my winner. Coat presented in rich colour with gleaming black jacket, nice bone and feet moved well once into hr stride and sound both ends.

3rd – MR. O. HOLDER’S MONIFA DARK KIMBA – Presents a nice outline on the stance with correct breed balance. Lacked the front angles and moved out a little wide and loose at elbow. Enough straight bone, feet a little flat. In my opinion would have liked more return of stifle. Enough body and substance for age in excellent coat texture, colour and condition. Sweet headed baby with enough working, dark eyes and well set ears. Moved out ok.


1st – not awarded – 2nd – MR. O. HOLDER’S MONIFA DARK DANCER -I really liked the look of this youngster on the stance and was equally nice to go over with a good well ribbed back body of correct balance to height and length, sweet broad skull well set on and hung ears, dark expressive eyes. Well presented and handled in lovely coat and condition, enough bone but very flat feet front and rear feet too, both down on her pasterns and with weak hocks. She struggled on her move not using her feet well on the ground, very close behind and hocking badly.


1st – MR. J. EDGHILL’S KENTRIDGE LOIS LANE’S LOVE – just 15 months old with a nice outline of correct height to length and well built body with substance and depth, has correct shoulder to upper arm angle and good return of stifle and short hocks. Correct straight well balanced legs and tight feet. Feminine head but with good strength to skull, my opinion would like more stop and felt eye shape gave a strange expression although temperament was great. High set well placed ears used well. Well coated with good colour and in lovely condition. Very sound driving action sound both ends


1st – MR. T. AUSTIN’S RICHWOOD CENDY’S HEAT – just over 2 years this very feminine bitch has a very slight mouth problem and I feel at her age this will not improve, so it is to be forgiven or dismissed, but I made a decision on how she showed and looked, I liked her head shape strength and well set and carried ears and big nose and well shape thin lips, her eyes were kind and well positioned either side of a good stop, I liked her backstrength, good neck to shoulder and that she was correctly balanced and with good angles, presented in clean coat of rich tan with good markings. Moved really well just a little close behind.


1st – MR. O. HOLDER’S MONIFA BLACK SORIE – BCC RBOB BLB, this class was headed and won by two very nice bitches, the difference in front angles made my decision. Lovely pretty feminine bitch really impressive on the stance and so very nice to go over. Strength to skull well set apart ears, nice stop and dark kind eyes, big nose and correct foreface length so balanced. Head held well on strong moderate neck set into well laid shoulders and strong level back. Great body substance with enough depth to chest, brisket and body well ribbed back. Lovely front angles and hindquarters with good rump, great strength and good return of stifle and powerful hocks. Presented in lovely flat coarse coat with rich mahogany marks and in super condition. So very sound with lovely driving trot and forward reach.

2nd – MR. R.T. ALLEYNE’S RICHWOOD CIA’S HEAT – a bitch with good height to length balance with a super outline and just as nice to go over. Beautiful head shape with correct points and balance. Head carried well on strong moderate muscled neck, shoulders well laid but lacked in upper arm, elbows well in on straight well boned legs and tight feet, nice body well ribbed with depth and substance and covered with rich mahogany marks on her coal black coat which was flat and conditioned. Moved out well from good rear quarters giving good side stride but not the drive of my winner or forward action.


1st – MR. O. HOLDER’S CH MONIFA SHADES OF PINK – lovely type to this feminine bitch and with correct breed balance and well built. Lovely depth and body substance with ribs well back and short loin. Firm level back line, correct angles front and rear. Nice head shape with good strength and balance with nice points, dark expressive kind eyes. Well developed straight legs down on her front pasterns and on the move was throwing her front feet around, loose back feet open toed. Had a strange front action and was not positive behind.


2nd– MR. R.T. ALLEYNE’S RICHWOOD BEA’S A BURNING – another with a nice balanced outline and correct height to length, very feminine head with wide skull but ears were unsettled and fly away and spoiled her expression, kind eye with nice colour, shape and expression. Head carried well on muscular moderate neck, firm backline and good rump. Well angled front and rear, straight well boned legs and tight feet. Moved out ok, good side stride but very close at front and rear. Well presented coat with correct rich tan marks on her coarse flat coat.




1st– Not Awarded – 2nd – MR. G. BANNISTER’S BOSCH DE RUFUS – for 6 months this Shepherd pup has a narrow wedge shaped head which is of good strength for his age, has good dark expressive eyes and erect well held ears, long neck to shoulder, topline roached and spine showing, with rich black and gold coat which was stark and stand offish needing conditioning. A pup at this age needed to be carrying some substance but this boy was far too thin and needing condition to his body. Lacking depth of chest, lacking front angles, enough rear stifle but stands cow hocked and moved so badly with hocks to the ground and crossing badly. Forward reach was better, not pretty to watch and so uncontrolled by handler.


1st – Not Awarded – 2n – MR. A. SULEMAN’S BRIVAL YANKEE (IMP) – was somewhat impressive on the stance but did not like his roached top line to a croup that feel away sharply. Very masculine wedge shaped head, super balance with nice dark eye and erect well set ears. Good dentition. Strong neck to shoulders little high set with straight upper arm, no depth of chest, excellent forelegs of good bone and feet. Body was well ribbed back and covered with a rich coat needing some conditioning. Good return of stifle but lacking in muscle tone, very long in hocks, stood with hocks in and to the floor. On the move his handler had little or no control and his rear movement was weak and so unsound. Front action once into a stride was good with reach. Good side stride. Needs schooling and exercising.



1st – MR. G. BANNISTER’S SKYE BELLA – BB BLB BOB, very feminine, a rich red sable long coated bitch in nice presentation. Well worked head of correct wedge shape, enough stop, erect ears well set and used, kind dark eyes. Correct dentition, nice nose. Strong long neck and well laid shoulder firm level slightly sloping topline to a croup with enough fall to well set and coated tail. Nice angles front and rear with enough depth of chest and good return of stifle and short strong hocks. Forelegs straight and well balanced with strong well padded feet. Good body of correct length and good depth. Moved out completely uncontrolled and loosing any rear drive or action, was sound at front and had a lovely side stride when allowed to move out. Another needing to be properly handled and schooled.


1st – Not Awarded – 2nd – MRS. B. KAUFMAN’S CH THORSSON HAUS AVA – This bitch was of good height to length, she looked and felt to be completely out of coat although her black and tan coat was well presented. Head with good skull but too long in foreface and snipy, good dentition, dark eye and erect ears. This bitch had enough neck length but was steep in shoulder and upper arm and lacked depth of chest. Topline roached and fell away to a steep croup, well carried tail of good length. Straight forelegs lacking bone strength and flat feet needing to be tighter. Lacking in return of stifle, long in hock, moved away very close behind and with loose hock action, side stride was short and lacked ground coverage, front action was reasonably sound with some reach. I would like to see this bitch carrying more weight and to be in better muscle tone.

BOXERS – Quality entry



1st – MISS J. WILSON’S SUNDIAL’S THUNDER BOLT AT KAIBO – RDCC, superior head for this young 13 months dog, good dark eye, stop to nose well defined lips with good teeth correctly set across lovely black mask. I would like better set and ear carriage, spoilt by being fly away. Head held and carried well on strong clean neck, well laid back shoulder and firm level topline with slight fall to well set on tail.   Well angled front with enough depth to chest, elbows in on straight well boned legs with nice tight feet.  Strong body with good tone, well ribbed with depth to brisket and nice tuck to loin, all covered by a beautiful conditioned rich red and white coat. Strong well muscled hindquarters with good return of stifle short hocks. Very positive front action but with true Boxer action was little too close behind.


1st – MISS J. WILSON’S CH SUNDIAL’S SUN GOD APOLLO AT KAIBO C.D. – DCC RBOB, very impressive quality dog stood showed off his masculinity and how well muscled he was, super size and overall balance. Lovely depth of chest well angulated front with good neck and shoulders and lovely topline to tail well set on and carried. Super body well ribbed back, depth to brisket and excellent return of stifle and muscled hindquarters, short hocks. Masculine well constructed head, super eye shape and colour, ears were not settled but set correctly. Strong muzzle and jaw and well positioned teeth, good black mask. Today for me he showed great drive with true Boxer action, but was close at foot behind and slightly toeing at front



1st – MS. G. LEACH’S SUNDIAL’S AURORA SUNRISE AT WORTHINGTON – BCC BOB BLB, GROUP WINNER AND RES BIS BLBISHOW – I am not one for giving young dogs top honours but today this stylish very attractive quality bitch just so took my attention. She has the most divine feminine head for a Boxer bitch, yes needs to mature further but at 13 months I want it no stronger, super eye colour kind expression, lovely stop, upturn and strong jaw and muzzle with black mask. Head carried proudly on good length of well muscled neck, clean shoulders into firm level back line, slight slope off to tail.  Beautifully conditioned rich dark red jacket with clean skin over a lovely body with substance and depth to chest, brisket and to a body well ribbed back with short loin, strong rump and hindquarters with good return of stifle and short hocks all so well muscled for her age. Very smart mover and so very sound , straight forward reach and sound driving action beat the dog on the day. Pleased to award res BIS.


1st – MR. M. & MRS. L. KING’S TABOR RIDGE PRINCESS JOSIE – class of two nice bitches just preferred the head structure and balance of my winner, lovely eye shape and colour, well set and placed ears, correct teeth and position good jaw. Excellent neck to shoulder with a better width of chest, straight legs well boned with tight enough feet. Firm backline to well set on tail over a body with depth and substance and well ribbed back, well conditioned rich red and white with black mask. Strong hindquarters with good stifle and hocks, was the soundest of the two with the best side stride and action.

2nd – MRS. S. FOSTER’S SUNDIAL SUN GODDESS ARINNA – presented a nice outline of good size, shape and balance with a well conditioned body, good muscle tone and with a clean rich red and white jacket and black mask to her well constructed head but in my opinion head is just a little stronger than I like.  Nice neck to shoulder and firm back line, well ribbed back, body of depth with nice brisket and tuck to her loin, muscular hindquarters good stifle short hocks. Moved out well, toed in at front and was close behind.


1st – MS. G. LEACH’S CH WORTHINGTON’S PRETTY N PEACH – RBCC, lovely shape to this well constructed bitch presented, covered the ground well with lovely stance and good breed points.  Lovely feminine well worked head, good skull nice ear placement, dark expressive eyes, strong muzzle and jaw with correct dentition, nice black mask giving finish to her head. Strong neck of good length, well laid shoulders, firm level back with slight slope to tail well set on. Well angulated front and rear with evident muscle tone, super depth to her chest, brisket and body which was well ribbed back to short loin with nice tuck. Strongly boned straight legs, tight cat like feet, well muscled hindquarters with good return. Excellent rich red and white coat in lovely condition. Moved out well with good side action, excellent rear action, toeing slightly at front.



1st – MRS. S.B.HAMILTON-OUTCALT’S CH CROWNRIDGE RED REGENT (A.I) CDX UD – Stylish old man, super exhibit for the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. Lovely head slightly long in foreface but of good strength. Clear dark eyes, clean teeth with good dentition. Strong neck to shoulder and firm level topline with good clear ridge and nice crowns. A body still well muscled and with good depth and substance presented in excellent rich russet coat, good skin, some pressure marks on strongly bone forelegs, excellent tight feet. Muscular hindquarters, excellent stifle, moved out like a youngster with lovely sound action front and rear with a super side stride. Nice tail carriage.


1st – MR. A. TAYLOR’S Japanese Shiba Inu – CH CALICELESTI THE ONE N ONLY AT MASSIMA (IMP) – lovely trio


1st – MR. O. HOLDER’S Rottweiler CH. MONIFA SHADES OF PINK– very nice group



Pertaining to the critique above of my Bouvier Des Flandres dog, Ch. Chepam Valentina at Calliope, C.D., contrary to what the judge, Jennifer Miller  wrote, this dog was shown in extremely clean condition. Her total coat had been shampooed with Plush Puppy approximately one week before the show.

The evening before the show, Isabelle was shampooed again with a Plush Puppy shampoo, her head, and beard, legs and furnishing.  As I had house guests,  I also had help with blow drying her coat and combing and brushing her out.  She was also fully combed and brushed out again the morning of the show and brushed  again at the show grounds. She arrived at the show with her own towel to sit/lie on and entered and left the show as beautifully clean as she arrived.

Dog judges are people so there are good judges and there are bad judges.

Some judges are very knowledgeable, well respected and liked because of their knowledge, their integrity  and also how they treat exhibitors and the dogs in the ring.

Like people, there are honest dog judges and there are dishonest dog judges.

I believe that there are judges who come to Barbados and judge every dog shown fairly and most important, they also have the knowledge to do so, and are also pleasant to exhibitors.

Barbados only has 3 All Breeds Championship Dog shows a year and a puppy has to be at least six months old to enter a show. To date, Ch. Chepam Valentina at Calliope C.D. at 3 years, 3 months old has achieved Challenge Certificates from the following UK top well respected judges: Tom Mather, Geoff Corish, (also Best puppy in show for both Tom Mather and Geoff Corish) ) Jeff Luscott and Geoff Corish also gave her the Working Group Reserve, Dereck Smith, C. Keith Thornton,  Robin Newhouse, and Graham Hill. The above are all generally regarded as top UK dog judges, some of whom are respected enough to be on The Bouvier Des Flandres judges’ list as knowledgeable enough to judge Bouvier Des Flandres dogs at their Club shows. Some of these judges have also judged the Working Group at several Championship Shows including Crufts  and also are Best in Show judges, Crufts show included. And also judge internationally.

“Isabelle” unfortunately missed the Ann Ingham show in November, 2016, as we had Tibetan Terrier puppies here.

We, as exhibitors, can choose  whom to show our dogs to in the future. And, we as exhibitors and breeders can also discuss locally and overseas our experiences with judges. And being a blog owner, I can also share my experiences and thoughts a lot further than the average show person in Barbados.

For a judge to comment negatively on a  dog’s cleanliness when several hours were spent and a lot of work was done by an exhibitor to present a very clean and well groomed  Bouvier Des Flandres  is disappointing and says, in my opinion, a lot about the judge. And what it says is not nice!!

Good, knowledgeable judges normally look for breed type when a dog enters the ring, they also look and award good, correct movement for the breed. If a dog’s coat does not appear in good condition, a judge might comment on it and in a coated breed a judge would look for matts and missing coat. Isabelle had no matts, no missing coat areas, and most important,  her coat was beautifully fresh and very clean. I had not cut the hair on her head and ears before the show so there were no nick marks from grooming on her head and her coat was in the usual Bouvier trim that I have given her and my Bouviers over the years.


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