This show was judged by Keith Nathan of the UK. This was a first assignment for this judge in Barbados.

I did not attend the show and neither did my friendly photographer friends, so I have no pix. of the show.

I like the idea of new judges coming to Barbados instead of the UK ones who have been here on several occasions and may feel inclined to award their “old” friends and who might look at the person holding the leash instead of the dog at the end. This happens all over the world and most exhibitors get to know and understand the politics of dog showing. And we do lose respect for these judges that do not appear to judge at the bottom of the leash and also do not write proper critiques.

I did not know all of the dogs on show, but I would know most of them and from what I read from the judge’s critique, he did a very decent job of judging and also provided a very decent critique. Of course, what is also important is how the dog moves on the day of the show and also the presentation of the dog.

In the UK, Keith Nathan  has been approved by The Kennel Club,  to judge and award Challenge Certificates to the following breeds which were on show in Barbados on March 16th, 2014: German Shepherd Dogs,  Akita, French Bulldog, Shiba Inus, Miniature Schnauzers, Boxers, Dobermanns and Rottweilers and to judge the Working and Utility Groups and also Best in Show.

Below is his critique:

Yorkshire Terrier – Dog
Open – 1st Mr. S. & Mrs. F. Drakes’ DANIEL-FIZZ UDOLI LIBERKU AT SHILOH, Imp. – He is very good size and very handsome in head with a beautiful eye and correct ears. Well constructed through out with an excellent top line and tail, good colour and sound front and back, but would like handler to move him a bit quicker. CC, BOB & Best in Group.


Retrievers (Golden) – Dog

Attractive head, but could be more masculine. He has a lovely eye, excellent front angulation, well placed shoulder and just right amount of fore chest, correct in topline and well set tail, good rear angulation, initionally he was stylish on the move but he became lame in the rear regrettably. RBOB.

Retrievers (Golden) – Bitch

Puppy – 1st Mrs. R. Ray’s NANCY DE RIA VELA AT THATCHER, Imp. – CC & BOB, lovely size and balance, super colour, very pretty in head with such a sweet kind expression. Well placed shoulder with good upper arm, excellent rib and topline and well angulated rear with well set tail, stylish on the move. CC, BOB & Best Puppy in Group.

Retrievers (Labrador) – Dog
Minor Puppy – 1st Mr. E. Maynard’s ALLENIE’S WAIT AND WONDER, Imp. – yellow, 7 months, real picture, so balanced, scored in head, eye and ear placement, super neck with correct topline and well set otter tail. Really good for size and proportion, correctly angled front and rear with fore chest, good rib & rear angulation, very sound & stylish on the move & in great coat and condition. CC, Best Puppy in Breed & RBOB.
Retrievers (Labrador) – Bitches
Puppy – 1st Mrs. Z. Gray-Marshall’s THEBERTON TITMOUSE OF ZINZARA, – black, she’s a lovely size and balance, and won this class on her very lovely typical head and eye and expression, correct fore chest and well angled front with good bone. I suspect she would benefit from some down hill exercise to strengthen her front. Correct rib and tail, nicely angled rear and stylish on the move. RCC, Best L/B in Breed & Best L/B Puppy in Group.
2nd – Mrs. R. Coghlan’s THEBERTON TURTLE DOVE AT TREVENA, 7 yellow, 10 months very lovely and just lost out to her sister today in head development, she has very similar virtues and will be hard to split once her head has caught up with her sister, correct in front and rear angles with good rib and well set tail, good coat for age, same comment about exercise is applicable.
3rd – Mr. D. Cadogan’s MARANATHA CHLOE, yellow, 9 months, and very much the baby of the class, and was giving much away to the older more developed puppies, she has a lovely dark eye and kind expression, well placed ear and good neck, she needs to learn her trade, and settle on the move but she is a very promising puppy.

Open – 1st Mrs. S.H. Leacock’s SH.CH. LINTHWAITE FANTINE OF THEBERTON, Imp. – yellow with the most beautiful head, excellent eye shape & expression, is correct for size and proportion, beautifully made throughout which can be seen in her sound movement with reach and drive, good bone and tight pastern and good feet, in good coat & well muscled through out. CC, BOB & Reserve in Group.
2nd – Mrs. Z. Gray-Marshall’s SH.CH. CROSSCROYDE CALYPSO MAGIC FOR THEBERTON, Imp. – 9 black, super pretty head with fantastic eye and expression, grand neck and outline, again well angulated front and rear with well set tail, just a little disappointing on the move, good coat and texture.

Retriever (Flat Coated) – Dog

Junior – 1st Miss A. Corbin’s CANDIDACASA WATERLOO, Imp. – Loved his temperament, good for size and balance, just a little fine all through from head to tail, well angulated front and rear, quite stylish on the move, CC & BOB.

Irish Setter – Dog
Open – 1st Mr. & Mrs. A. Moore’s SH.CH. FEARNLEY FIRE STORM OF MOORLANDS C.D., Imp. – Picture standing and delightful to watch on the move, loved his size and super balance, so typical, fabulous masculine head with outstanding eye, well defined occiput, great neck excellent front and rear angles. Good bone and feet, super coat, luxuriant deep colour, very impressive dog. CC, BOB & Best in Group.

Dachshunds (Min-L/H) – Bitches
Novice- 1st Mrs. G. Wilson’s Cupcake Candy At Wilsonby, Imp. – dapple, correct conical head, ears just touching temples, well shaped dark eye and good keel, correct shaped rib and exactly the right amount of clearance, dead level, in top line, strong rear & well set tail of correct length very sound front and rear. Lovely bitch. CC, BOB & Reserve in Group.
Limit – 1st Mrs. G. Wilson’s DARAMYDONS SPICE GIRL AT WILSONBY, Imp. – dapple, very pretty head with grand eye, well made front & rear with good rib & keel, she has a nice rump with a well set tail, however she was not keen on being handled on the table, which was a great shame, but she is sound on the move. RBOB

Rhodesian Ridgebacks – Dogs
Open – 1st Mr. O. & Master K. Holder’s CROWNRIDGE FLASH FORWARD, CC, BOB, Best in Group, Best L/B & Best in Show and 2nd Mr. P. Atkinson’s CELTIC RIVER RADIUM, RCC. Both dogs were so similar in virtues, both had beautiful masculine, clean & elegant heads, with well shaped dark eyes, both had excellent size and balance, correct front & rear angulation, deep ribs, and both were well muscled throughout, and both look eminently capable of doing a days work, both dogs were totally sound but the winner was outstanding in his movement for his freedom and wonderful reach and drive.
Rhodesian Ridgebacks – Bitches
Open – 1st Mrs. S.B. Hamilton-Outcalt’s CELTIC RIVER FIZZ, – she is outstanding for type and quality, grand size and beautifully balanced, fantastic colour, with a good ridge, she is strong but feminine in head, with a lovely eye colour. Excellent front & rear angulation, well developed in rib, strong body and well muscled all through and you can see this in her effortless reach & drive, so precise coming & going. CC & RBOB.

Akitas – Dog
Limit – 1st Mr. & Mrs. R.O. Alleyne’s HALF BLOOD PRINCE, – brindle & white with attractive markings, balanced with a good neck and top line, well set and carried tail, correct moderate angulation and a good masculine wedge shaped head and correct ears, strong bone and good feet, however just not sound enough on the move today. RBOB.
Akitas – Bitch
Puppy – 1st Mr. G. & Mrs. S. Spencer & Mr. A. Taylor’s MASSIMA’S PRIDE N JOY AT BARIMAS, – Grey and white exciting puppy, just 9 months and so much to like about her, good for size and balance, impressive out line, she has an excellent typical feminine head, already showing cheek development, correct ears moderate front and rear angulation, great feet, rib and topline, well set tail moved with precision and so sound and stylish. CC, Best L/B & BOB.
French Bulldog – Dog
Open – 1st Mr. H. Jordan’s CH. JAFRAK PASSING SHIP, Imp. – Brindle, correct and typical all over, right for size and shape, masculine head, well placed bat ears, correctly shaped eye, grand width in the muzzle, straight and well angulated front, scored in rib and correct top line for the breed. Well angulated and totally correct in rear, sound and stylish on the move. CC & RBOB.

French Bulldog – Bitch

Open – 1st Mr. H. Jordan’s CH. JAFRAK DORADA, Imp. – Fawn, she is just a picture, absolutely right for size and substance, so typical of the breed, super topline and strong deep rib, grand width in front with strong bone and neat feet, excellent feminine head with bat ears correctly placed, correct eye shape and colour, grand width of jaw, sound and so stylish on the move, really impressive bitch CC, BOB, Best in Group & Reserve Best in Show.

Japanese Shiba Inu – Dogs
Minor Puppy – 1st Mr. A. Taylor’s MASSIMA YOU CAN’T DENY IT, – only 6 months, good for size and nicely compact, correct rib & depth, well shaped head, cheeks just starting to show, well placed ears and dark well shaped almond eye, moderate angles front and rear, sound on the move.

Puppy – 1st Mr. A. Taylor’s MASSIMA NO ONE GREATER, – very stylish black & tan of good size & substance, well proportioned head with lovely shaped eye and expression, good moderate angles front & rear, and well set on correct tail. Sound both ways coat just starting to show harsh texture. RCC.
Open – 1st Mr. A. Taylor’s CH. CALICELESTI THE ONE N’ONLY AT MASSIMA, Imp. – just absolutely spot on for size, excellent neck and top line, correct for rib depth and length of leg, he has the most beautiful typical masculine head, with super expression from his lovely dark well shaped almond eyes. Correct ears, moderate front and rear angles, good deep red coat with harsh texture, sound and so stylish on the move, a lovely dog. CC, BOB & Reserve in Group.

Japanese Shiba Inu – Bitches
Minor Puppy – 1st Mr. G. & Mrs. S. Spencer & Mrs. A. Taylor’s MASSIMA PROMISCUOUS GIRL AT BARIMAS, – impressive in out line, well marked red of good colour, feminine head with a well placed dark eye of good shape and expression, super ears, correct front and rear conformation, with a grand rib and top line, correct tail, very stylish, a lovely puppy. CC, RBOB & Best Puppy in Breed & Best L/B Puppy in Show

Open – 1st Mr. A. Taylor’s CH. CALICELESTI IT TAKES TWO AT MASSIMA, Imp. – good size attractive bitch, bit too deep in rib therefore bit short on leg to be balanced, glorious head, eye and expression. Sound mover.

Miniature Schnauzers – Dog
Junior – 1st Mr. R. & Mrs. J. Anderson’s JAMROCK NATURAL MYSTIC, – lovely in outline with good neck & top line, correct masculine head with well placed neat V ears, grand eye and expression, well placed front, excellent rib & well made rear, his coat texture is good but furnishing a bit soft, but good pepper & salt colour. CC, Best L/B & BOB.
Miniature Schnauzers – Bitches
Puppy – 1st Mr. R. & Mrs. J. Anderson’s JAMROCK WHO’S THAT GIRL, – black & silver, 11 months, lovely bitch, pretty head with well shaped dark eye & correct ears, well laid shoulder, strong rib & good tail set, well angulated rear, nicely sound. CC, RBOB & Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd Miss P. Williams’ JAMROCK CORDON BLEU, – litter sister to above, with similar outline again black & silver, sound in front & rear with level topline and good tail.


Bullmastiffs – Dogs
Junior – 1st Mr. B. Lowe’s ROYCEPRIDES EPIC DREAMER AT COTTAGE, Imp. – 17 months, eyecatching dog of correct size and substance, strongly built, excellent square skull and correct muzzle, grand eye and expression, strong neck, excellent front and rear conformation, fantastic reach & drive, sound with great freedom of movement. CC, BOB & Best in Group.

Novice – 1st Mr. H. King’s KING BOWSER THE BRAVE, – good for size and balance, not quite the strength of head I would like, bit over padded in muzzle, adequate front and rear, strong rib and quite sound.

Limit – 1st Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s HOTHERSALL’S SAMSON, – dark brindle, good for size and substance, nicely compact, correct masculine head, dark eye, well angulated but needs to tighten in front, good strong rib, well bodied, with good tail set, moved with great freedom
Open – 1st Messrs. O. Holder & R. Straker’s CH. TREONE DARK SULTAN, – sound & stylish brindle, just there on size but well balanced. Attractive masculine head with super eye and expression. Excellent front & rear angles with strong rib and very well bodied. RCC, RBOB & Best L/B.

Bullmastiffs – Bitches
Junior – 1st Mr. M.J. Koeiman’s FORTESQUE ALBERTA, – very pretty & feminine with a lovely eye, correct in muzzle, good strong neck, beautifully angled front & rear with correct depth & strength of rib, good tail set & length, lovely freemoving. RCC.

Limit – 1st Mr. R. Wood’s WOODNEY DIANA WHITE, – good strong head, well shaped dark eye, good in ear, strong neck, correct rib & top line, well laid shoulder, strong bone with correct rear angulation, very stylish & sound on the move. CC & BOB
2nd Mr. B.A. Bascombe’s ZAHARA BULLS KATNISS AT NEXGEN, – attractive head with well shaped eye, strong neck, bit upright in shoulder but with good bone, low set tail spoils her topline, bit unsteady in rear today.

Dobermanns – Bitches
Puppy – 1st Mr. M. Forde’s SADDLEBACK’S APRIL RAIN, – lengthy but very fine head, and a well shaped eye, rather open in front angulation and a bit forward placed, good rib & topline, well angled rear, but unsteady on move, needs time. Best Puppy & L/B Puppy, RBOB.
2nd – Mr. M. Forde’s SADDLEBACK’S ATLANI STORM, – litter sister to above, and has all the same virtues and faults, very fine lengthy head, open shoulder angle, needs a lot of time and more training.

MAIDEN – 1st Mr. M. Forde’s FLANDERS CHANCE, – classic for size and outline, lengthy feminine head with beautiful eye, well angulated front & rear, good bone & tight feet, just a little unsettled on the move today. Best L/B & BOB.

Rottweilers – Dogs
Minor Puppy – 1st Dr. W.L. Welch’s ELTHOR DARK HEX, – handsome masculine head, grand size & balance for 6 months, outstanding on the move with great reach & drive, totally sound and free moving. Correct neck rib and bone, feet with good pencilling, correct angulation both front & rear.

Puppy – 1st Dr. W.L. Welch’s RENO VOM HAUS EDELSTEIN, Imp. – very mature 11 months, looking very nearly finished, strong masculine head with correct eye and good front & rear angulation as demonstrated by his wonderful outstanding movement, he is well made through out, strongly bodied & well muscled all through. Pleasure to judge. CC, BOB & Best Puppy in Show.

Limit – 1st Mr. R.T. Alleyne’s RICHWOOD ARRELEUS’ FIRE, – handsome good size strongly built, correct in skull with lovely eye & expression, strong rib & body, adequate front & rear angulation, very stylish on the move with sound rear but bit unsteady in front today.

Open – 1st Dr. W.L. Welch’s ELTHOR DARK UNO, – Strongly made handsome dog with correct skull and well shaped kind eye, deep strong rib, truly well laid shoulder with forechest, well angulated rear, just looses his topline on the move, nevertheless he is very sound and typical of his breed. RCC.

Rottweilers – Bitches
Minor Puppy – 1st Dr. W.L. Welch’s ELTHOR DARK HOLLY, – such a pretty bitch, a little overawed by the show and the torrential rain today but she is just lovely with a beautiful typical head & outline, fabulous expression, well made throughout and correctly angulated with very precise fluid movement with reach & drive. Best L/B Puppy.
Puppy – 1st Mr. R.T. Alleyne’s RICHWOOD BEA’S A BURNING, – 11 months, good for size & substance, strong but feminine head with correctly shaped dark eye, sound front & rear with great reach & drive from her correct conformation, strong bone good feet & level topline complete a lovely picture. A very promising puppy.

Junior – 1st Dr. W.L. Welch’s ELTHOR DARK BENETA, – in extremely hard condition so well muscled, correct for size compact but not too short, very attractive head , eye and expression, super bone & feet, good length and strength of neck, deep well shaped rib, excellent rear angulation, thrilling to watch as she is so sound fluid and free on the move. RCC.
Novice – 1st Mr. S. Howell’s KEMROROCKS KESTREL, – scored in skull, beautiful eye shape and colour, just loosing out a very little in strength of muzzle, strong neck, good bone & feet with pencilling, well shaped deep strong rib, very firm over the loin, and correct rear angulation, a picture on the move, so sound with great reach & drive.

Limit – 1st Mr. R.T. Alleyne’s RICHWOOD AKINA’S FIRE, – Glorious head, eye & expression, well placed ears, loved her size and proportions, so typical in outline, grad neck & topline, textbook front & rear angulation, just right for bone with good feet, deep in rib, hard bodied & well muscled, she is outstandingin her movement with great power, reach & drive, a joy to watch, so sound & true. CC, Best L/B & RBOB.

Open – 1st Mr. S. Howell’s CH. ELTHOR DARK JASMIN, – very attractive in head & with a lovely temperament, scored in eye & expression, well angulated front & rear with deep rib and level topline, she is sound & extremely stylish on the move.

German Shepherd Dogs – Dog
Limit – 1st Mr. R.L.A. Weekes’ THOMORA PADDOCK, – gold/black with an attractive head with well placed ears & good eye, slab sided, & too fine all through, narrow in front, open angulation, movement lacks fluidity and roaches in back. RBOB.
German Shepherd Dogs – Bitch
Maiden – 1st Mr. R.L.A. Weekes’ SHOTAAN PATSY, – very pretty with a lovely typical head, well placed ears, she is well put together with good front angulation and forechest, she would not settle on the move and it was just impossible to assess her movement today. Such a pity.
BOB & Best L/B.

Boxers – Dogs
Puppy – 1st Miss J. Wilson’s SUNDIAL’S SUN GOD APOLLO AT KAIBO, – red/ white 11 months, loved his size and compactness, has correct typical skull, good muzzle & jaw, lengthy neck super forechest well angulated in front, good depth & spring of rib, grand rear end, sound & very fluid on the move, so well bodied. RCC.

Open – 1st Miss J. Wilson’s CH. WORTHINGTONS WISH ME LUCK C.D., – Red with very clean lines, grand neck, loved his size & balance, handsome head, good skull & muzzle, great dark eye, correctly angled front with forechest, strong bone, neat feet, great rear end, excellent reach & drive & so precise both ways. Real quality dog. CC, BOB & Best L/B.
Boxers – Bitches
Puppy – 1st Miss S. Foster’s SUNDIAL SUN GODDESS ARINNA, – 11 months red/white quite flashy, and such a beautiful baby, loved her eye and expression, grand ears which she uses well, so well put together, sound & precise, effortless with great reach & drive, such a promising puppy. Best Puppy.

Limit – 1st Mrs. B. Foster’s RUGBY MULAN, – red/white very stylish with good neck & topline. Super head, well shaped dark eye, quite well angulated in front with strong rib, enough rear angulation which she used to her advantage as she has great reach & drive and is very typical & stylish on the move. RCC.
Open – 1st Miss G. Leach’s CH. WORTHINGTON’S PRETTY N PEACH, – Red, beautifully balanced of good size & substance, scored in skull, eye & expression, lengthy neck, well angulated and placed front just enough rear angulation that she used well, good depth of rib and strong topline, so sound both ways, lovely bitch. CC & RBOB.


1st Mrs. J. Ray’s SH.CH. THATCHERS STORM IN A TEACUP C.D. – Goldie, 8 years old, fell for her exquisite head and expression, so well animated, she is still sound both ways with a grand neck, topline, front and rear angles, deep rib and well bodied, such a lovely bitch.
Best L/B in Breed.

2nd Mrs. J. Fields’ THATCHERS STORM CLOUD, – Goldie dog of 8 years who is handsome & very dignified, he is a good size and with required bone & substance. Well proportioned all through, with a wonderful eye & expression, correct front & rear angulation

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