Rita, a Bouvier Des Flandres dog with a child

Rita at a dog show with one of her young friends, Kyusu

The first show for the year was won by an imported Rottweiler and the Reserve winner was an imported Rhodesian Ridgeback.

This is the first show since Rhapsody won her first CC at 7 months and also Best Puppy in Show that I did not have her with me. Rhapsody has won a Best in Show, and several Best Locally Bred in Shows. And Working and Reserve Working Group wins. She was only beaten by Rita on one occasion. So Rhapsody has an excellent track record and is a beautifully moving Bouvier. She is very playful at home but stacks and gaits so easily in the show ring and is not distracted enough to bounce around.

But I made the decision to make up Rita as a Champion this year, and it is a hard decision as Rhapsody is the Bouvier I prefer to show. Rita is extremely playful in the ring and on Sunday, on 2 occasions she started a playful bounce and short gallop 🙂 But Rita now has 2 CCs and so just needs 1 more to be a Champion.

And then I can go back to showing Rhapsody and Rita can still come down to the show ring and someone else who likes handling large dogs can have some fun with her. And she can continue to play with the children – she seems to love walking around with them and is very gentle with them.

Only one Challenge Certificate is allocated to each sex in the individual breeds. Rita has a long string of Reserve Challenge Certificates which mean that if Rhapsody was not in the show ring, taking the Challenge Certificates, Rita would already be a Champion.

It was nice meeting the Canadian tourist who came up and introduced herself and told me she was enjoying her holiday in Barbados so much but what she really missed were her 3 Bouvier Des Flandres dogs which she had left at home. She told me one Bouvier’s coat was grey, another was a fawn and the third was a brindle. Bouvier coats can be several colours. And she said that hugging Rita made it worse. She was interesting to talk with and I realised that one of her Bouviers was imported from the Netherlands, same country as Rita’s sire, Ch. Rick Lois From the Dogsfarm at Calliope.

Calliope Rupert (Savoy) received his third Challenge Certificate at this show so next show he will be entered in the Open class as a Champion. Rupert is their litter brother and is owned by one of my friends.

Rita is a large black Bouvier with a full beard and moustache and although it is not easy to see her eyes, children for some reason, are very attracted to her and she loves children.

I have not received the pix. yet which one of my friends took but expect to have them within the next few days and will publish them here. The critique should be also published here in a short while.

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