Billy, winning Best in Show in BarbadosJuffther Dream Lover, known as “Billy”, was purchased from the Juffther UK kennels last year by Dr. Wayne Welch.

“Billy” came into the island as a Junior dog and he already had a very good show track record in the UK. At his first show here he was approximately 17 months and at that age, a dog’s faults and virtures can be accurately assessed. In Barbados he has won 2 Best in Shows out of a possible 3 shows. He has absolutely beautiful movement.

Most people in Barbados import puppies and hope for the best and then, of course, they have to train them.

Dr. Welch is known as someone who has a history of importing adult show dogs who are already trained and have a very successful track record.

At one time it could have been American Champion Akitas, or UK Champion Akitas, or a top Basenji, Whippet or numberous other breeds. The only groups I don’t remember Wayne owning dogs in are the Gundog and the Terrier Groups.

For several years now, Wayne says he is concentrating on just Rottweilers. Several bitches I understand have also been imported in whelp and their progeny would then, of course, be locally bred. This means that they could have top overseas pedigree lines but if they win, for example, Best Puppy in Show, they would also win Best Locally Bred puppy in show as they would be Barbadian born 🙂

The test for a breeder is to be able to improve on the lines. So the aim should be to be able to breed and produce a Rottweiler which would beat its sire and dam in the show ring. And then, of course, produce a dog which would win Best in Show and Best Locally Bred in Show.

Because of the number of top imported Rottweiler bitches Wayne has and his kennel facilities, he might also have several litters of puppies at the same time and be running on the best for the show ring.

Showing and breeding dogs is one of his hobbies and Wayne is a very competitive person who loves dogs and winning in the show ring.

There is only a market in Barbados for so many dogs.

I agree that puppies and dogs can be exported to our Caribbean neighbours or can be sent to the UK with a Pet Passport and other countries.

It is interesting that Wayne’s puppies are maintaining the European tail standard – the tails are not being docked although we can still dock tails in Barbados. ‘Billy” carries his tail curled over his back when he is on the move. I did not watch the Rottweiler breed judging but watching Rotts. with tails at local show handling classes, they do not appear to have their tails curled over like “Billy”. Other Rottweiler breeders in Barbados are leaving the tails on their puppies.

(And yep, the Boxer and Dobe people are still docking theirs 🙂 )

To me, if you have a problem with a tail set, a judge will see it more easily with a long tail than a docked tail.

For the other Rottweiler breeders in Barbados, it should be interesting to see how they fare with getting their litters of Rottweilers sold as they would obviously be competing for sales against the new bloodlines Wayne is bringing into the island on a continuous basis.

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