Bouvier Des Flandres passes CDX leg

Ch. Chepam Valentina at Calliope C.D. with Tibetan Terriers

I am very pleased with Isabelle for achieving the first leg of the CDX title on April 12, 2017.

The CDX exercises are all off leash: free heeling with turns, stops and different speeds, a figure 8 to show team co-ordination, a drop on recall, the retrieve of a dumb bell over the flat, and a retrieve of the dumb bell over the high jump, the broad jump and the long sits and downs with the handler out of sight.

We know that we have to work on our heeling and that we are fairly strong on the other exercises. We did get first and the trophy for high and first in trials but we just scraped by in passing marks!


Bouvier des Flandres doing well in obedience trials

Ch. Chepam Valentina at Calliope C.D, with her trophy for first and high in trials at CDX competition enjoying a nap

We only restarted training approximately 2 weeks ago.

Always more challenging to make up a female as they cannot train with the other dogs or attend trials when they are in season and Barbados has just a few trials a year.

Both Bouvier Des Flandres Isabelle (Ch. Chepam Valentina at Calliope),and Tibby, a Tibetan Terrier (Ch. Araki Miss Conduct at Calliope) have CD titles and I was trying to trial them together for the CDX but I found it  too challenging to do both at the same time. So I decided to trial Isabelle first and if she is in season the time of the trials to bring out Tibby, the Tibetan Terrier.

We were away from the training grounds for over 5 long months as Tibby’s pregnancy was confirmed in October last year and I stayed away from the training grounds.

Tibby’s puppy Jolene is now 5 months old and we work on exercises off leash like sits and downs and the recall. Jolene will soon be ready to compete in CD trials. Jolene is a natural in retrieving the dumb bell already and is great fun to train.

Isabelle is pictured with her two impish Tibetan Terrier friends. Jolene on the left and Tibby on the right.

The above lovely photo was taken by Floyd Blackett on March 26th,. Floyd and his wife, Gina, who is a cousin, were my house guests at this time and Gina was also very helpful with Isabelle’s shampoo and blow drying for the show on March 26th.

There was no formal CDX class so the group of us trained on our own. I would like to thank those I trained with and whom were very supportive, Jenni Wilson, Sarah Hamilton, Sandra Manning and most of all Linda Pearson.

Thanks also to the CDX judge Jean Ray and the members of the Barbados Dog Training Club who assisted at the trials.

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