Below is a video of Cesar Milan and Cotton, a cute 35 lb. dog.

First time I ever heard the words “canine disarming” was this week.

Cotton,  a six year old Eskimo dog was reported as having a biting problem”  🙂

And his owner after trying Cesar Milan,  and other  experts in the field, was still having a problem stopping Cotton from attempting to bite people.

So the owner paid for some dental treatment for Cotton.  The procedure, done by laser, made the dog’s teeth blunt (the inscissors besides becoming blunt also became shorter).

Well, it was one expensive way to possibly save a pet from a worse fate.  It was reported that the family had done basic obedience training with  Cotton as a puppy, purchased videos and books to help train him, hired an expensive dog agression expert, changed his diet.  She had also tried clicker training, pepper sprays, among other things.

A white, fluffy 35- lb. dog like Cotton would not appear to be as threatening as some of the large breeds but he was serious about trying to bite people who came on the property.

After his operation, he has not completely changed but at least he would not be able to do the same damage.

The problem with the procedure is that it physically changed the dog, but the operation did not appear to change the dog’s aggressive behaviour and its desire to bite.

He would still have some bite, so he would not be all bark.

I just wonder why they, as they obviously loved their pet, did not fence off a secure area of their grounds/home for him.

The video below is interesting as it shows Cesar Milan and Cotton.  The owner said that Cotton became a good dog after The Dog Whisperer’s visit but his calm and  submissive behaviour only lasted for one day.

See Cesar tame Cotton in this video:
Watch Cesar

Reading about this, you can’t help wondering where this dog started its agressive behaviour and why it did not get nipped in the bud and also why in the USA with lots of excellent trainers and experts in canine behaviour, this dog’s behaviour does not appear to be changeable.

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