Rhapsody, a Bouvier Des Flandres in Barbados

Ch. Calliope Rhapsody CD

It is a long time since Rhapsody has been out for a walk.

Barbados is now in the rainy season, and we are thankful that the storms and hurricanes usually pass North of us but we have had lots of rain, and some thunder storms some evenings.

We did have a very dry first quarter so we should be thankful of the rains now.

I am now recovering from a sprained ankle. I stepped in a hole, covered by grass, and twisted my left ankle in the area of the mango trees. It did not hurt much at first. But after a few days it was too painful to walk on and I went to a doctor and also had x-rays taken to be sure nothing was broken. Annoying thing is that the guy who cuts the grass here, when I told him I had a sprained ankle, could tell me where the hole was as he has also stepped into it but because he was wearing boots, I guess his ankle had better protection then mine as I had on sandals. And he did not think about filling in the hole nor warning me about it either.

It felt great to be back in the country side walking and enjoying the sunshine and breezes again. 🙂

I suspect Rhapsody was rather glad when I stopped and set her up for the above photo, as although dogs may live on grounds where they could exercise themselves, they don’t usually. Puppies will play together, and chase and romp, but I have found adult Bouviers don’t usually create exercise for themselves.

When any of my Bouviers see a leash and choke chain, they do a Bouvier bounce with delight as they love going anywhere. Amazingly, although they very seldom visit the vet, they even seem to enjoy that outing.

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