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Maxine on cross dog breeds

There is a lot of it around.  Check the newspapers any day and you will see people mixing pedigree dogs to get all kinds of crosses.

To be objective, this is how different breeds were created.  At some time, different breeds were deliberately crossed to create new breeds.

And there will always be some nice dogs out there, who are “rescue” dogs and dogs of a “mix”.  And some of these will also go to excellent homes and I am glad to see some of the cute rescue type dogs saved and maybe go overseas when their owners leave the island.

But when people deliberately cross and mix up breeds and these are usually people who are just looking to make some money from the home or yard dogs, they can do damage to a breed.

Years ago, I sold a male Bouvier puppy to a person who said she loved the breed.  At that time she had a mixed breed from a pedigree  Bouvier Keith Laurie had.   I did not realise at that time that the person really did not love the breed but loved breeding and making money from selling  coated puppies as she realised there was a market for that.

At one time, I believe she had as many as 3 litters (as she had several mixed breed females in her yard) and someone told me it was like a choir to go to her gate, all the litters in lines :). I  understand most of them eventually went down to the dogs’  pound.   To have between 15 to 24 puppies to get off at one time is a lot.

She would advertise the puppies as Bouviers (which they were not) and cut the coats in a Bouvier trim as I had shown her how to cut the coat of the pedigree Bouvier pup I sold her.

Some of her sales, however, lead their owners to try and get a real pedigree Bouvier as they then researched the breed thoroughly.

The bulk of the puppies did not have the true Bouvier temperaments and so people buying them because they wanted a Bouvier, did not keep them.

When you buy a pedigree puppy from a breeder who is respected as knowledgeable and dedicated to the breed, you should get what you are expecting to find in the breed.  And it is easy to research breeds.

In the above ‘net pix, Maxine said above what you might get from crossing a Bulldog and Shitzu.  It’s possibly true.

I realise people in Barbados will mix breeds and some breeders will not sell to those people, just as all over the world, breeders who love their breed are carefull to whom they sell puppies.

To me, a very bad thing about it, is when the mixed breeder tries to pass the puppies off as the real thing.   That is very dishonest. Or they will tell people, that their  puppies have various breeds in them (which might be rare and in demand) to get a puppy sale.

Walking Bouviers one evening, a lady approached me and said she had once had a Bouvier. She described it as “small, a male, weighing about 30 lbs.”.  She said she got “rid of it as it did not bark”.

Bouviers weighing 30 lbs. you have to be kidding 🙂

Even my females weigh over 75 lbs. and I have an imported male here who weighs close to 110 lbs.

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