The Barbados Kennel Club’s October and November All Breeds Championship Dog shows are fast approaching and I expect a lot of the exhibitors will go to Waterford with their dogs for handling classes on Sunday mornings. I usually take Rita and Rhapsody and hope that there is some friendly person around who likes dogs and exercise and will run around with one of them for me. 🙂 🙂 while I run the other 🙂

Both Rita and Raps enjoy coming out to socialise and running in the sun helps prepare them for being in the ring on a hot day at show time.

Judges are from the UK and are Steve Hall (judged here already) and Jeff Luscott.

Barbados Dog Training Club Classes have also restarted. I understand they plan to issue “certificates” in agility. These might be just to state the level the dog is at and to achieve it the dog would have to be competent in performing certain tasks for the different levels. I don’t think there is anyone in Barbados who is qualified to judge agility yet but at least, this is a positive start.

Rhapsody is on agility and enjoying herself. And creating laughs at me as even when I do not signal her she seems to do the correct obstacle or jump! And she is definitely enjoying herself. I think she is at what they would call the “Novice” levels. She will do all obstancles and will also do sequence jumping. I believe there are at least 3 sets of agility classes going on.

Dogs enjoy the fun of the jumps and especially the tunnels. The see-saw and the high dog’s walk can be a bit challenging at first. And, of course, the weave poles is known to be the most difficult for the dogs to master.

Barbados Dog Training Club also has obedience classes going on. These would be the Special Beginners, the Novice (CD title) and the Open (CDX).

On the CDX class are a couple of guys who are doing Schutzhund training elsewhere but some of the exercises used for Schutzhund are used for CDX. So there is a Rott., a German Shepherd dog and a Malinois. Nice to see the speed at which they do a recall and also watch them heel.

Rita is on this class but before she can sit the trials for CDX, she has to pass the last leg of the Novice.

Lots of new things for her to work at like the dumb bell, and the drop on the recall. Because she has been exposed to agility, I expect her to do the jumps in CDX easily.

Hope to post pixs. of some of the activities later.

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