It has been part of the Chinese, and other Asian countries’ culture, to butcher and serve in restaurants, dog and cat meat. It is done openly and the dog meat appears on the menu.

In the Western world it is not part of our culture to eat dogs and cats which we regard as our pets.

China has been getting more of a middle class society and with it the Chinese are discovering a love for dogs (as not as in the plate).

I noticed recently in an issue of the UK “Our Dogs” that China is now having dog shows and inviting judges from all over the world to assess their dogs in the conformation ring.

If the proposed legislation gets passed, it will be part of a larger animal bill designed to prevent animal abuse. You can read about the story here

In Barbados we have several Chinese restaurants and they are popular with most locals as well as the tourists.

I remember this joke about Chinese restaurants and a Bajan. The story went like this: A Bajan had a restaurant in Bridgetown which was doing well until a Chinese restaurant moved next door to it. The Bajan watched sadly as he saw his customers trickle in to try the Chinese food and then watched more sadly as his tables became empty.

He talked to one of his friends and they hit on a way to get his customers back. At peak meal time in the Chinese restaurant when it was packed, a scruffy looking Bajan man came in holding a struggling, thin, and sickly looking street dog. He walked into the middle of the room, and yelled “Boss man, this is the only dog I could find out there for you to cook today”.

In no time at all, the tables in the Chinese restaurant were empty and the Bajan man and his crew had their customers back in their restaurant where they assured their customers they would never be served dog! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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