The sea at Barbados

Barbados East coast

The Icelanic volcano left many tourists, especially from the UK stranded in Barbados.  Barbados is regarded as a favorite destination in particular for UK visitors.  And some visitors might actually regard Barbados as their second home as they might own property here, have relatives here or just be repeat visitors.

Nobody likes to be stranded as people would have been looking forward to returning home to their various commitments as well as to their friends and family.  But I noticed on local television, the tourists talking about having a great time on the island, enjoying the climate and the beaches, and the food and the people. Some say they could not have been stranded in a better place 🙂

I know that some of the dog show scenes overseas took a hit. Knut Andersen from Norway should have been presiding over Bouviers and stakes classics and other European judges should have been at the Working and Pastoral breeds in Wales.  Boxer, Dobe and Flatcoated Retriever clubs who had shows around the time of the volcano were also affected by the absence of the European judges some exhibitors would have been looking forward to showing under.

To me, it is healthy to bring in different judges from other parts of the world as they could have more exposure to larger and stronger numbers of the breed, and, of course, there could be less politics.

A judge who is scheduled to come to  Barbados next year, Jeff Horswell, judged the Bouviers at the Working and Pastoral breeds in Wales and he did not put up anything unusual, the Bouviers which usually win and who were entered  received the top placings.

The Working Group was judged by Dr. Monica Boggia-Black.  I have yet to see this judge place a Bouvier in the Working Group. 🙂 She judged in Barbados in 1999, I believe and put up an imported Akita as Best in Show, and then an imported Rottweiler puppy as Reserve Best in Show.

Once dogs are made up as champions, their exhibitors may become more picky about whom to show to.  Some exhibitors  will still show and participate in the show where they know their breed is not favoured by the particular judge and like the Chinese proberb I believe says “Expect nothing and when you get nothing, you will not be disappointed.”  🙂 🙂

Of course, it is a judge’s preference and once they have the judging assignment, they can do as they please.

In Barbados, as our numbers are so small, one judge will judge every breed, and the groups and Best in Show.

But clubs should always remember that it is the exhibitors who make a show and exhibitors and breeders do talk. And everybody has a choice where they wish to spend their time, energy and money.

For me, personally, once the dogs I show are made up as Champions, I would probably not be willing to show a Bouvier to any judge whom I know from their track record, does not appear to appreciate the breed I show.

I make no excuses for that as it is my money, time,  and energy and I feel my time would be better and much happier spent taking my dogs for a walk in the countryside. 🙂

I guess the UK exhibitors would have a good feel for which judges to show under with of course, a lot of choices. And the shows which do not give “tickets” to their respective breeds also see a drop in entries although the judge for the breed might be well liked and respected.

The world is seeing changing weather patterns, and already this year, we have seen a lot  human suffering though natural causes like earthquakes.

It makes sense for all of us to try and play a part in protecting our environment where ever possible.  And also trying to aid our neighbours when they are affected.

The world is large enough for everyone not to be affected at the same time and while there are places who have been affected by volcano ashes, Barbados’ air remains fresh and pure with breezes coming off the Atlantic ocean.

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