Several types of training activities are currently going on.

There is agility and here the dog must be trained in basic obedience and its owner be a member of The B’dos. Dog Training Club to participate. The agility here has dogs and handlers at different levels.

There are three different levels of obedience classes going on at The B’dos. Dog Training Club. One is the basic obedience class. The other two classes are the Novice (CD title) and the Open (CDX). Like agility, a person has to be a club member to do the Novice and/or Open training with the club. Even if the training is done privately, the dog still has to sit and pass the trials under The B’dos. Dog Training judges to get the title.

There is also a small group of guys doing Schutzhund training. This is not done at the grounds used by The B’dos. Dog Training Club but as some of the Schutzhund guys are also doing the Novice and the Open, some of their dogs and handlers are seen there.

I believe all dogs will enjoy agility and agility can even help shy dogs be more outgoing. Dogs might not find obedience trials fun but it is important to train dogs, especially large dogs. But all dogs are not suitable for training in Schutzhund.

The most common breeds used for Schutzhund would be German Shepherd dogs, Belgium Malinois, Black Russian Terriers, Bouvier Des Flandres, Rottweilers, and Dobermanns. And if they come from “working” lines as opposed to “show” lines, the better the chance the handler would have of succeeding with them.

Bouvier and Belgium Malinois

Bouvier Des Flandres and Belgium Malinois

Both Rita, the Bouvier, and Hydro, the Belgium Malinois in the above photo are being trained for the CDX but both have to pass the final leg of the CD title first.

Rita runs in agility and Hydro is being trained by his owner, Adrian Ward, in Schutzhund. In the pix. Rita was in a down and stay command and I asked Adrian to see if she would do a reliable stay with the distraction of himself and Hydro behind her. She was fine and did not even look around at Hydro.

Schutzhund involves tracking, obedience and protection work.

Pedigree dogs were breed to perform certain tasks and so a person seeking to have a dog perform Schutzhund should look at the dogs which were bred to perform certain working tasks. For instance, a Golden Retriever would probably be very good at tracking and is known to be very easy to train for obedience but its temperament would be unsuitable for the protection work required to pass the Schutzhund tests.

There is, of course, some dog training done privately and by some of the other trainers on the island.

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  2. BimBash says:

    Hi, would you be able to point me in the direction of some of the guys that do the Schutzhund training or where it is done? since I have been interested in the sport for a while now just I did not know the correct people to talk to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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