Puppies can and will be destructive when not supervised and I remember years ago a very angry new owner of two Bouvier puppies, which had come from me, called me.

The guy was furious as he was car proud and he suddenly realised one day that the puppies had been having some fun and bite games with his car’s bumper. I told the person that what he needed to do was to give the puppies something to play with like, a pet bottle which rattles when they roll and pounce on it, or some regular dog toys. Bored puppies will find things to do and can be very destructive.

But the dog in the video amazed me, and I think his owner was very lucky to get him back. A large moving car, so that dog did have some prey drive! 🙂

Hope he does not manage to get out again but it just shows how powerful a dog’s bite and jaws can be 🙂

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