In between the March 25th dog obedience trials and the new obedience training classes starting end April, the B’dos. Dog Training Club slipped in another trial on April 22nd for Novice, Open and Utility.

I was not there as Isabelle, my Bouvier Des Flandres, was in season.

Congratulations to Zoe Marshall who achieved the CD title with the Labrador Retriever, “Tilly”, owned by Susan Leacock, and to Judith St. John who also achieved the CD title with her Labrador Retriever, “Callie”. Jenny Fields was high in trials with her Golden Retriever “Honey”.

Legs of the Utility and Novice were achieved by other participants.

There were no formal dog training classes leading up to these trials so participants worked on their own and with their friends.

Congratulations to those handlers/trainers as well who passed legs of the Novice and Utility.

high jumps for utility obedience trials

Some of the jumps used at utility obedience trials in Barbados

Full classes at the basic obedience level, and Novice will shortly resume at Waterford, along with the informal classes for the Open and Utility.

And, of course, agility classes will be restarting for dogs at all levels.

Tibetan Terrier doing agility obstacle

Tibetan Terrier Ch. Araki Miss Conduct at Calliope C.D. coming through an agility tunnel

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