Dogs in winter time

Dogs in winter time

The above came from my friend Roy Weston, of Farleycross, in Wales.
“Jovi” one of my Bouviers came from Roy and his wife and “Jovi’s” pedigree name is “So Far so Good at Farleycross”. That is because Roy knew that I wanted a show quality Bouvier and it was really so far so good up to the time she arrived in Barbados by ‘plane and she turned out to be a very nice Bouvier, at home and at shows.

She is still the boss of the Bouviers here although she is now over 10 years old and that is how long I have been friendly on line with Roy.

Roy also has a Bloodhound and an Italian Spinioni for Bouvier company as in the above picture. What a combination of breeds.

I am told that dogs love the snow, can’t say I envy them. I can sit here and enjoy the warmth of the sun while watching them in pictures surrounded by snow. 🙂

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