It is a very tragic situation in Haiti and it is possible that the death count could be over 100,000 people as a result of an earthquake.

In an earthquake of a magnitude such as Haiti’s, one of the most important things to save lives would be to find and save the people still alive but trapped under the collapsed buildings and structures.

On the ground, urgent help and supplies are needed for the survivors but the trapped people must be found before their air supply runs out.

Here is where trained dogs and their handlers come in.

The word is that all over the world, UK, USA, Holland, China, France, Germany and several other countries have either sent sniffer dogs or have made arrangements to send their sniffer dogs and handlers to find the buried people.

You can read more about this from Read about the dogs here

The link above is to one of my favourite sites as it supports and tries to protect our environment, please visit it and give any support you can towards Haiti.

It really is sad as Haiti is one of the Caribbean islands which has been devastated by hurricanes on more than one occasion and is regarded as the poorest of the Caribbean countries where its people are struggling and suffering.


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