While we are waiting on Liz Cartledge’s critique of The Barbados Kennel Club’s March 21st, 2010 show, here is Ferelith Somerfield’s critique of March 22, 2009.
Unfortunately, I did not have my usual friendly photographers there in the afternoon so don’t have group pix. to share with you.

And although this critique is very late in my posting it, it will still be of interest to people who follow UK judges’ critiques.

Sometimes it is very interesting to go back, see the dogs entered a year ago in a show and see whether their owners still have them in the show ring.

Quite a few people come with some quite nice dogs but they do not return for various reasons.

Out of the relatively large number of pedigree dogs registered every year with The Barbados Kennel Club, very few of those dogs will come into the show ring and if they do, not many will be made up as Champions. It may start with the puppies where the judge picks up faulty structure, bite, lack of breed type but until a person enters the show ring because they have a pedigree dog, they may not know that they do not have a good quality specimen of their particular breed of dog.

But at the end of the day, that is their dog, and it may be a child’s pet so to be in the show ring, to me, is not that important to most people. The important thing is that the dog’s owners are happy with it. It is their dog. It probably greets them with a happy wag of the tail and also announces the presence of a stranger on their premises. So it serves the purpose for which it was purchased.

However, if a breeder sells a puppy as a “show puppy” that is very different.

I always insist that when I sell a Bouvier puppy, I sell it as a pet as I cannot predict at 8 weeks when I sell it how it will do in the show ring after 6 months. The owners might overexercise it, over or under feed it, there are so many things a new owner can do wrong with a puppy. And, sometimes, purchasers of puppies think they know a lot more than experienced breeders of a particular breed. 🙂

Here is Mrs. Somerfield’s critique:


Minor Puppy – 1st Mr. N. Harrison’s Kingdom’s Powers – shapely, r/w 6 months dog, pleasing head with nice downface, good eyes & ears, nice neck, shoulders, bone, legs & feet. CC, BOB, reserve best terrier and best locally bred. 2nd Mr. M. Cottrell’s Kingdom’s Gates – nice typical br/w, litter brother to above, one ear soft at present but made on nice lines. RCC

Minor Puppy – 1st Mr. M. Cottrell’s Kingdom’s Hope – litter sister to the boys and made in the same mould but feminine, good down face, pleasing eyes, good neck, nice bend of stifle. I would like to see her move more positively but maturity and training will help. CC and RBOB. All three need to improve in mouth.

Open – Mr. G. & Mrs. S. Spencer’s Ch. Tamedale Nistelrooy at Barindi – very good dog of pleasing size, shape and balance, good depth, body and rib, well made hindquarters with nice set on, good foreface with strength. CC, best of breed and best in group.


Junior – 1st Miss E. Blanchard’s Kingshaven Your’re My Smiffy At Hothersall – very showy sound moving r/w, good eyes and ears, well bodied, pleasing hindquarters. RCC, RBOB and reserve best toy. 2nd Miss E. Blanchard’s Hothersall’s Super Man – I liked this r/w very much, pleasing head, nice fine bone, has quality but not making the most of himself standing or moving, can do better with practice.
Open – 1st Miss E. Blanchard’s Hothersall’s Apollo – very pleasing tri, good for shape and balance, moved out well, good tail carriage, good head but could be a touch better in eye, in full coat. CC, best of breed and best toy. 2nd Miss E. Blanchard’s Hothersall’s Ares – neat r/w, wants a little more coat but it is a nice texture, could be a little better in hindquarters & movement, nice head, good eye and ears.


Open – 1st Mrs. J. Ray’s Sh.Ch. Burpham Winter Storm Of Thatcher C.D. – extrovert boy who enjoyed himself moving with drive, good head, nice depth of brisket, pleasing bone, legs and feet, good turn of quarters but could be better over the pelvic area and thighs. CC, best of breed and reserve in the group. 2nd Mrs. L. Husband’s Thatchers Stormy Knight C.D. – I liked very much but he was slightly favouring his left front leg on the day. Made on good lines, pleasing head and eye.
Limit – Mrs. J. Ray’s Thatchers Storm in a Teacup – attractive bitch, very expressive, good neck, shoulders, front and turn of stifle, very good tail action, moved out well. Bit short of coat but had that little extra length of leg in the challenge. CC, reserve best of breed and best locally bred in group.
Open – Mrs. L. Husband’s Sh.Ch. Thatchers Golden Sky C.D. – nice bitch, good head and eye, well bodied, good bone, nice strong thighs, moved well with good tail action, coat could be better. RCC.

Limit – 1st Mrs. C. MacPherson Kellygreens Aztec Super Dog – lovely young yellow, good neck, shoulders and outline, well coupled, in good condition, showed and moved well. CC, best of breed, best gundog and reserve best in show;
Open – 1st Mrs. S. Leacock’s Sh.Ch. Benatone Secret Mission Of Theberton- masculine yellow, still looking good at coming up 7 although he has perhaps lost a little enthusiasm for the moving part! Good head, very good body & rib, well coupled, very good strength in hindquarters, good tail. Reserve CC and reserve best of breed. 2nd Mrs. Z. Gray-Marshall’s Linthwaite Centaurus of Zinzara – very nice typical yearling, can still strengthen a little in hindquarters, pleasing neck, shoulders and outline.
Minor Puppy – 1st Miss F. Arthur’s Foxrush Secret Love – delightful baby, obviously needs time but everything going for her, nothing wrong at this age, did well on the move so deserved her CC. Best gundog puppy.

Limit – Mrs. B. Greenidge’s Ballyriver Tweed in Paradise – young bitch who needs maturity but true to type and should finish well, good head, pleasing neck, shoulders, outline and turn of quarters, showed well. CC and best of breed.

Open – 1st Miss E. Blanchard’s Ch. Dialynne Storm Reflection At Hothersall – nice strong typical hound, very well bodied, nice bone, good firm hindquarters, good stern, moved and showed well. CC, best of breed, hound group winner.
Maiden – 1st Senator & Mrs. P. Gilkes’ Kinola’s Cleo – 13 months baby who needs a little more practice, I hope her owner will persevere as she is very promising. Pleasing head, good front, legs and feet, nice firm hindquarters, moved out well and happily. Reserve CC.
Limit – 1st Senator & Mrs. P. Gilkes’ Kinola’s Calysta – again just needs time and practice, pleasing head, good neck, shoulders, outline and stern. Well made and moved soundly. Took my eye for her quality and won the CC and best locally bred hound.
Open – 1st Senator & Mrs. P. Gilkes’ Ch. Dialynne Astrid – mature bitch who is the dam of the two lovely youngsters (the best of breed is the sire).Typical all through but just carrying a little extra weight over her shoulders. Pleasing head and expression, very good body and rib, nice sturdy hindquarters

Minor Puppy – 1st Mr. P. Atkinson’s Ballyriver Milton – very promising dog puppy made on quality lines with that touch of elegance, good neck, shoulders and outline, already has good strong hindquarters, good ridge and crowns, coat in lovely condition. CC and reserve best of breed.
Limit – 1st Mr. A. Craig’s Kenmillix Lusaka – well grown masculine dog, good condition, good ridge and crowns, well bodied, nice bone and limbs, firm hindquarters, could be better in feet. Reserve CC.
Minor Puppy – 1st Mr. P. Atkinson’s Rottzridge Celtic Princess – lovely puppy who I made best of breed on the day on her extra maturity, it will be interesting to see which of these two lovely puppies is the best on maturity. Good brisket, chest, body, bone, legs and feet, coat in good condition, well made hindquarters, good head. CC, Reserve best hound and best puppy in show.
Open – 1st Mrs. S. Hamilton-Outcalt’s Ch. Broani Chiku At Crownridge C.D. – good head, pleasing size, front, legs and feet, falls off a little too much behind spoiling her outline but moved out well, good coat condition. RCC.


Puppy – 1st Mr. A. Taylor’s Massima’s Glorious One – neat puppy, nicely balanced, good neck, pleasing bone, legs and feet, nice tail. Not so good in hock joints especially on the right but very young.
Maiden – 1st Mr. D. Marshall’s Alsaka Boy – white, good neck, shoulders & topline, has to strengthen in pasterns and feet, and could be better in hindquarters.
Novice – 1st Mr. M. J. Jones’ Free Lance – striking br/w, scored in strength in head and ears, good neck, well bodied, nice width in thighs, good tail. Needs to strengthen in hind action. CC, best of breed, reserve best in the utility group and best locally bred. 2nd Mr. Timothy Worrell’s Like Father Like Son – I would like a more typical head, good coat, showed well, needs a little more strength in pasterns and hindquarters. RCC.
Maiden – 1st Mr. Tramaine Worrell’s Viking’s Lady – very good bone and limbs, nice tail, moved soundly. Carrying a little extra weight which spoilt her outline but she is typical and has a good expression. RCC.
Open – 1st Mr. A. Taylor’s Ch. Topaz Taboo – typical brindle, good head, eye and ears, pleasing bone and body. Little overweight which spoils her lines. CC.

Minor Puppy – 1st Mr. S. & Mrs. P. Scott’s Wildax Muddy Puddle Of Sprea – just 6 months & a touch rangy at present and also needs to strengthen in hindquarters, when this all comes together with maturity should do well. Nice typical head, very good jaw, nice neck and front.
Minor Puppy – 1st Mr. S. & Mrs. P. Scott’s Wildax Romantic Rosetti Of Sprea – neat, small, feminine, pleasing head and mouth, well made. Needs more training but has a lot of promise. I thought her delightful and despite being so young I gave her the CC. Best utility puppy.

Open – 1st Mr. R. & Mrs. J. Anderson’s Ch. Risepark Pretty Smart Guy At Jamrock – very good typical dog, beautifully balanced, nice for size and shape, well made, pleasing head, eye and ears, moved and showed well making the best of himself, in good coat and condition. CC, BOB & Utility Group. A very worthy best-in-show winner.

Limit – 1st Mrs. W. Kirton’s Calliope Rupert – very typical, good head, pleasing forehand, body and rib, well coupled. More could be made of his coat. CC.
Limit – 1st Miss M. Ashby’s Calliope Rita – well grown, very typical, good head, nice front, good coat texture. RCC. Rita’s photo is here
Open – 1st Miss M. Ashby’s Ch. Calliope Rhapsody – small bitch but very typical, well bodied, lovely shape and balance, good hindquarters, nice coat, moved well. Not too happy at being handled today but did enough to deserve her CC, best of breed, reserve in the working group and best locally bred in show. You can see Ch. Calliope Rhapsody HERE and also their litter brother Calliope Rupert.
Junior – 1st Mr. M. Wee’s Chancepixies Phantom – well grown masculine dog, just out of puppy, in super coat and skin condition, good bone and body. His movement was not co-ordinated today. I am sure he can do better.
Junior – 1st Mr. B. Bascombe’s Fortesque Tiger Blackout – nice shapely brindle, pleasing head and eyes, good body, depth and rib. Only just out of puppy and has time to strengthen in hindquarters, also in pasterns and feet.
Limit – 1st Mr. R. Wood’s Rising Son – red fawn, good head, nice strong neck, good shoulders and front, well coupled, good outline, could be a little stronger in hind action but moved out well.
Open – 1st Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Braeaaron Wallace At Ardhub To Hothersall – I liked this young dog very much, good head, eye could be a shade darker, good neck, shoulders and front, nice topline, well coupled, good turn of stifle, moved freely. Only 17 months and not yet at his best. CC, best of breed and won the working group.
2nd Mr. F. Godson’s Hothersall’s Mr. Bingley – good red fawn dog, excellent skull with muzzle to match, impressive for size, body and rib but feeling the heat today. RCC.
Minor Puppy – 1st Mr. D. Cobham’s Fortesque Yoqurt At Cedalan – attractive fawn puppy, is shapely and shows promise at 7 ½ months but needs more confidence, good eyes, nice neck and shoulders. Best puppy in breed.
Junior – 1st Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Hothersall’s Lady Godiva – lovely young red fawn, very good head and eyes, good bone, body and rib, nice width in thighs. Did not always make the best of herself moving behind but when she did looked very promising. RCC and best locally bred in breed. 2nd Mr. K. Moore’s Madam Lucky – feminine brindle, not the head of Godiva but enjoyed herself moving with good drive, nice body, good neck and shoulders. 3rd Mr.H. Leacock’s Fortesque Aquirius – better in head but not yet the strength in front or in second thigh, good neck, shoulders and topline, moved out well.
Limit – 1st Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Ardhub Strike A Pose At Hothersall – good red fawn, lovely head, good forehand, nicely balanced, good strength over the loin and rump, pleasing coat condition. CC and reserve BOB. 2nd Mr. P. Ashby’s Miss Starlight At Zahara Bulls – pale fawn, could have a little more fill under the eyes but nice skull and finish of jaw, pleasing neck, good body and rib, nice strong thighs. 3rd Mr. R. Wood’s Tajireh Tapestry At Woodney – neat fawn, good body, rib and depth, I preferred those above in head and front but moved out strongly behind.
Open – Mr. P.R.P. Evelyn Q.C.’s Hothersall’s Lady Victoria – nice red fawn, typical head with good work in it, strong neck, good body and rib. Not enjoying being in the ring today.

Minor Puppy – 1st Sir Charles & Lady Williams’ Dragonfly’s Blue Thunder – very nice blue baby, well grown for 7 months and moved soundly, made on nice lines with substance. RCC.
Open – 1st Mr. J. & Mrs. L.-A O’Selmo’s Ch. Bredwardine Blue Victory – the father of the puppies and they made a pleasing sight when he took the stud dog prize. Good head, well coupled, pleasing neck and shoulders, good feet, has bone and substance, moved soundly. CC and BOB.
Minor Puppy – 1st Sir Charles & Lady Williams’ Dragonfly’Blue Velvet – litter sister to Thunder and again well grown, pleasing head, good shape, nice neck, shoulders & front, nice feet, moved soundly. CC, reserve BOB, best puppy in the working group and best locally bred puppy in show. 2nd Mr. & Mrs. J. Pinheiro’s Dragonfly’s Blue Violet – litter sister to Velvet but lighter all through and not yet the strength in hindquarters. I would also like a darker eye, but feminine and elegant and lots can change with these youngsters
Puppy – 1st Mr. R. White’s Boldheart’s Flash Fire at Richelle – has a lot to like but was unhappy today.A feminine puppy, shapely, nice size, good skull, difficult to tell how her underjaw will finish, good colour, nice hindquarters. I hope she comes on well as she has a lot to offer

Minor Puppy – 1st Dr. W. Welch’s Elthor Dark Hero – promising puppy of 7 ½ months, good neck, shoulders & topline, nice turn of stifle, in good coat condition.
Junior – 1st Dr. W. Welch’s Elthor Dark Doc – I liked this junior very much but he still has to mature, pleasing head and eye, good neck, shoulders and topline, nice forehand, well made hindquarters, moved out well. CC and BOB
Maiden – 1st Mr. N. Braginton’s Elthor Dark Barry – typical and moved with drive, good forehand, well coupled, nice tan .Needs a little more training to fulfil his potential. RCC.
Novice – 1st Mr. S. Howell’s Elthor Dark Carl – neat smallish dog, could be a little stronger in pasterns and feet but has good brisket, body and rib, well coupled, moved well behind.
Limit – 1st Mr. R. Jemmot’s Maruga Warrior – well grown, could be stronger in pasterns and feet but well made hindquarters with good width in thighs and did his best on the move, good head, nice strong neck, good outline. 2nd Mr. R. Alexander’s Alex Alexander – felt the heat and did not stand up well today losing his topline on the move. Could be a little stronger in second thighs.
Minor Puppy 1st Mr. L. Lavine’s Elthor Dark Helen – 7 months and a real baby but has bags of character and should come on well. Feminine, nice neck, shoulders and front, good shape. Beat her litter brother for best puppy in breed.
Junior – 1st Mr. J. Harris’ Action Babe – could have stood up better to the job but very nice on the move, good body, splendid width in hindquarters, firm front. RCC.
Open – 1st Dr. W. Welch’s Cia Von Der Hansestadt Bremen – very nice bitch, well made and moved well. Naughty about having her mouth looked at and could have a little more muscle in her hindquarters otherwise everything to like and I particularly noticed her good coat and furnishings. CC.
Puppy – 1st Miss R. Johnson’s Danaman Pure Temptation – well grown puppy, pleasing head, well bodied, nice hindquarters, in good coat condition. Could be better in front angles and I would like to have seen better front extension on the move. RCC, BP and best locally bred.
Open – 1st Messrs. Worrell, Charles & Manning’s Bara Boss Von Shotaan Della Vincybar – pleasing dog, good head, nice forehand and moved well in front and going round, could be stronger in hocks, nice neck, topline and depth of brisket, good colour, coat and tail. CC.
Puppy – 1st Mrs. K.A. Allen’s Ricash Mystique – pleasing head, good body, falls off over the croup standing but used her quarters well moving. 2nd Mrs. J. Bynoe’s Danaman Shugar and Spice – feminine, I would like better movement and falls off in croup, when she makes up over the loin the picture may change.
Limit – 1stMr. M. Worrell’s Shotaan Asia at Seiunchin – pleasing head, good body, nice legs and feet, looked really well on the move, lovely temperament. Just a little soft in belly. RCC.
Open – 1st Mr. M. Worrell’s Silkenwood Posy Of Kimberland – nice mature bitch, looked great on the move, really extending and using herself well, pleasing head, good temperament, well bodied, nice outline. CC and best of breed
Puppy – 1st J. Wilson’s Worthingtons Wish Me Luck – smart moving r/w, his coat in sparkling condition, only 9 months and his head needs to break but nice clean skull and good width of jaw. Shows a lot of promise. BP.
Limit – 1st Miss C. Evelyn’s Rugby Cocktail Chancer – very nice r/w, pleasing head, good dark mask, nice neck, shoulders, front, legs and feet, good topline, nice turn of stifle, no exaggerations, moved well, coat in lovely condition. CC.
Open – 1st Miss J. Wilson’s Stillwells Prince Of Fire – nice 6-year-old, pleasing head and mouth, good body and rib, well coupled, not just so good now in back movement. RCC.
2nd Mr. J. Evelyn’s Soojon Chancer – r/w, when he showed well looked very nice but tended to give up, well bodied, mouth could be better but nice head and eye.
Puppy – 1st Mr. J. Evelyn’s Richlaird Guinevere Of Rugby – promising 11 months r/w but needs practice, was a little hesitant today, nice shaped head, good expression, neat front and limbs, well bodied for age. RCC.
Open – 1st Miss G. Leach’s Ch. Seefeld Sea Goddess Of Worthington – very pleasing well made r/w, good head, very good body shape, nice front and hindquarters .Could have a little more zip but a good bitch. CC and best of breed.

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