Final agility session for Rita for the year. Only 2 Golden Retrievers and 1 German Shepherd turned up for tonight’s class and although we did a course, there were no squatter toys as prizes. I don’t think Rita minded that as she prefers other rewards and it is more my other Bouviers who like squatter toys.

We ran a good course and Rita was in a good happy mood and ran fast and afterwards was a clown in that at the end of the course did her own mini course by herself 🙂 🙂 And people there clapped which encouraged her to do it again 🙂 And she did it at full speed.

Our final run had hand signals only, no voice commands and had obstacles, like tunnels, hoop, A-frame and jumps.

It is known that dogs watch their handlers and so if we have incorrect body movement, it can send the dog to an incorrect jump/obstacle.

In Barbados, there are Border Collies around but I am not sure if they are registered with our local kennel club. The Border Collie is regarded as the top breed for anyone looking to have a top dog in agility. With most of us, because we probably do agility only once a week, a working Border Collie would probably become very bored unless we could find other active things for it to do. German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Bouviers will find other things to do and be happy to also be just laid back.

In Barbados, we are just having some fun with our dogs who usually really enjoy agility.

Here’s a video which I like showing the sport:

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