Justin and Jack at obedience trials

First set of obedience trials

I took some photos from the Obedience trials held this evening. The trials were for CDX and CD. I believe one person passed the last leg of the CD and one person passed leg A of the CD. The results were not good and I promised that I would not post any scores and individual results. Just some photos taken at night 🙂

At this time of the year in Barbados, sunset is around 5:30 pm. and the trials were in a roped off area and started after 6:00 pm. Wayne Nicholls was the first judge and Sarah Hamilton was the second judge. The poles for the figure eight came from people watching the trials.

The breeds involved in the trials were German Shepherd Dogs, Malinois, my Bouvier Rita, Boxer, Akita, Golden Retriever, Flat C. Retriever, and Papillon. I am surprised to see very few, if any, mixed breed dogs coming to obedience trial competitions.

There will be another set of trials next week.

Most dogs failed with the off leash heeling.

Here, the dogs seemed to enjoy themselves as soon as the leash came off. And they sniffed the ground, walked at their slowest speed, refused to sit and generally made their handlers wonder what they were doing to come in the ring with dogs such as they!!!

Lagging can be a sign of boredom but these dogs which usually did a brisk heel and good sits, in most cases, even refused to sit. Even on leash, I believe some would have failed as they did not sit when the handler stopped.

It was like a conspiracy on the dogs’ part. One after another. I think the people watching had a good laugh as some handlers grabbed the dog by the choke chain, and gave a jerk as if to wake up the dog and make it heel properly, some called the dog’s name loudly, some clapped their thigh and turned around to plea with the dog to come walk by their side. But to no avail. I was tempted to put some of it on video as it was hilarious. And Rita was not exempt from the lagging behaviour.

Trevor with his GSD

Trevor with his GSD

Here’s another German Shepherd Dog. This one is in the ring with his owner Rachel. He is still on his leash and doing the heel exercise.

Rachel and her German Shepherd Dog

Rachel and her German Shepherd Dog

And then here’s a photo of my favourite dog in the class, next, of course, to Rita. He is a young Belgian Shepherd Dog, a Malinois, whose name is Hydro and he is not yet a year old. People not knowing the breed may take the Malinois to be a small German Shepherd Dog as they look similiar. The Malinois breed is known as an excellent working breed. Hydro is a super fast dog.

Adrian and his Belgium Shepherd Dog

Adrian and his Belgium Shepherd Dog

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  1. lisadogtrainer says:

    Hi Margaret,

    I’m sure that this is not the first time that a “dog conspiracy” has happened. Dogs are sensitive to what is going on around them, so maybe they picked up on their handlers’ nervousness, excitement, whatever, or maybe there was some extremely interesting scent on the grounds. **** happens. Just hope next week you will all have better luck!!!

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