I would like to say “thank you” to Tramaine Worrell for helping prepare Rita for the show in November. He has Akitas which is a very different type of breed to Bouviers. Rita is the litter sister of my Best in Show Bouvier Des Flandres, Ch. Calliope Rhapsody C.D. and for anyone who has kept two litter sisters there is the challenge of making both up. Both of these females now compete against each other in the Open class.

I left Raps at home to make up Rita and am thankful to Dianna Spavin for giving Rita her third CC.

Dianna Spavin was a judge who withheld CCs from several breeds and also Champion dogs and I have a lot of respect for judges who come to Barbados and only give Challenge Certificates to the dogs in the ring that are, in the judge’s opinion, worthy of the title Champion, at the day of the show.

Rita is an extremeley fun loving Bouvier. I passed the CD title with Rhapsody fairly easily but it has taken me quite a while to pass with the fun loving Bouvier Rita.

Rita in agility, off leash, and without any command would also decide to entertain by running a full course at full speed and the more people giggled and sniggered and/or clapped, the more entertaining Rita could become. And in obedience it was the same, except that she was a deliberate lagger and she knew when the leash came off that she could play the fool. And I would know from how she looked at me when the leash was off that she was going to entertain.

A very nice Bouvier who loves children and people and is popular with the other exhibitors. Extremely fun loving.

And she is now Ch. Calliope Rita, C.D.

I would like to make up both Bouviers to the CDX title.

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  1. t-man says:

    well i think the beautiful girl has earned a spot on your website Margaret!

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