Mandy is lucky to have escaped from an alligator and to have a brave owner who pulled her from the jaws of death.

In Florida, where it is common for alligators to frequent ponds in neighbourhoods,  a 45 lb. Wheaten Terrier, was saved by its owner from becoming an alligator’s meal.

David Grounds lost 2 fingers to the alligator but he was able to snatch his pet from the alligator’s jaws.  He poked the gator in one eye and it let go of Mandy but then caught David Grounds’ hand.  The fingers broke off in the gator’s mouth, and the man was freed.  The 7-foot long gator (or one like it) had visited their back yard pond on several occasions but had never appeared aggressive. Animal Control officers came and caught and euthanized the gator.

After this exerience, Mandy’s walks in the back yard will be on a leash. She is the  family’s treasured pet.

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