Change in German Shepherd Dogs over the years

German Shepherd Dog

Watch the video above the pix. of the German Sheperd dogs. It shows when the GSDs looked fit for their original purpose and the video traces the change in structure for the past 40 years to where it is today. To quote the video, it depicts “how breeding for fashion and show can ruin a breed”.

This breed is still one of the most popular breeds in the world.

However, its structure has changed a lot.  In the UK, “Our Dogs” recently reported that The Kennel Club and 4 of The German Shepherd Breed Club recently met to discuss the breed’s future as there has been quite a lot of criticism from within the breed’s ranks and also from outside.

The Kennel Club’s main concern was “The topline and hindquarters of the German Shepherd”.

“These two issues together produce the picture of the breed as perceived by outsiders. Taken together, the apparent roach back, low hind quarters, excessive turn of stifle, sickle hocks and hind pasterns sometimes flat on the ground when moving, sometimes associated with pacing, is the picture to which many critics of the present state of the breed point. Individual dogs appear able, when at rest, to stand with their hocks touching – demonstrating their extreme cow hocks”.

The majority of the German Shepherd breeders and exhibitors who attended the meeting agreed that the above issues would be faults, and not in their breed’s standard.

.” However the problem is mainly felt to lie with poor judging of the breed, which has allowed exhibits with exaggerations and unsound movement to achieve high awards without being penalised.”

As The Kennel Club is in the process of rewriting breed standards and has already rewritten many of the standards is will be interesting to see what will result.

In the final Barbados Kennel Club’s all breeds championship show of the year, the Best in Show winner was the German Shepherd Dog as shown above, whose picture can be also found under October’s show critique.  In October’s show critique is also a picture of the German Shepherd puppy which was awarded Best Puppy in Show.

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